Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Fri, Sep 23 - Sun, Sep 25 2022

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Washington, District of Columbia, United States Washington, District of Columbia, United States
#Film, Media & Entertainment  #Gaming  #Conference

About our event

Sporcle is hosting the biggest Trivia Event ever. Regardless of your skill level, join us on September 23-25 in Washington D.C. for quizzes, prizes, and fun!

SporcleCon brings together amazing communities of trivia fans and influencers in one place to compete for cash and other prizes, raising money for charity.

If you love testing your knowledge, trivia hunts, and pub quizzes – you’re not alone. There are literally millions of Sporclers who share your passion for knowledge.

SporcleCon is the place to experience all of this delight and wonder in real life. Parties, quiz competitions, prizes, celebrities, live podcasts, and more - all in one incredible event.



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Sponsorship Opportunities

Each week, Sporclers play 11 million quizzes online and attend over 600 live pub quiz events. The inaugural SporcleCon will bring thousands of highly engaged and passionate fans, professionals & creators together.

We are excited to introduce the Sporcleverse to terrific products, services, and content they might enjoy. We have unique ways to feature brands that nobody else can do. View the full sponsor package at https://www.sporcle.com/events/sporclecon/sponsors

Let's make your brand a part of SporcleCon!



Unique Custom Sponsorships

SporcleCon is the largest trivia conference in the US. We have several unique opportunities from pub quizzes to event sponsorships. https://www.sporcle.com/events/sporclecon/sponsors

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Sporcle is the leading trivia and quiz entertainment provider on the web, mobile devices, and in-person and virtual events.We believe in making knowledge fun for everyone. 

What makes Sporcle truly special is the diverse community of people who make up our quiz community. Online, an average of over one million quizzes are played daily. Offline, over 15,000 people participate in our live events each week. For every Sporcler, our purpose is to create mentally stimulating diversions that bring them together.