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Frequently asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    It’s entirely free of charge to sign-up for sponsors and organizers.
    SponsorMyEvent takes a 15% commission on each successful sponsorship made on SponsorMyEvent.
    Organizers can upgrade from the free package add additional features to their event profile and to gain more visibility towards sponsors.
  • Can you guarantee that I find a sponsor?

    We would love to, but unfortunately not. It’s always the sole decision of the sponsor whether to sponsor an event or not. Yet there are many things that organizers can do to increase the chances of getting sponsored. Here are some resources that will help:
  • How will I know that a sponsor is interested?

    You will be notified by email as soon as a sponsor either wants to sponsor your event or asks for more information.
  • How do I tell the sponsor what I’m looking for?

    When completing your event profile, we’ll ask you to fill out the pitch section which is divided in 3 distinct parts:
    • About the event
    • Why you should sponsor
    • About the organizer
    Especially the “Why you should sponsor” section should detail what makes the event compelling to sponsors and how the event organizer plans to give visibility to the sponsor.
    Besides that, the sponsorship-packages give a clear overview over what the sponsor can expect.
  • Is it only for events?

    Simple answer: yes.
  • Why should the sponsor make the payment for a sponsorship through SponsorMyEvent?

    Sponsors can pay the sponsorship right away through SponsorMyEvent. We accept most credit/debit cards. The advantages are:
    • It’s safe: we use Stripe.com as a payment provider. This ensures that the recipient’s (organizer) identity has been verified in order to avoid fraud
    • It’s convenient: don’t lose time with banking transfers, just as easy as shopping online
    • It’s organized: keep track of your sponsorship on one place
  • How do I get the money?

    To receive money from sponsors, organizers need either to connect an existing or create a new Stripe.com account. Stripe.com is the payment provider we are using. It has an excellent reputation for being very safe, reliable and is trusted by brands like Twitter, Kickstarter, Shopify, Pinterest, Lyft and many others.
    As soon as the Stripe.com account has been created or linked to the profile of the organizer, the sponsor can make payments directly to the event organizer.
    Important: the money will never end up on SponsorMyEvent’s banking account, but is instead being transferred directly to the organizer.

    Creating a new Stripe.com account is easily done within 2 minutes and can be initiated from within SponsorMyEvent.