Sat, Jun 08 - Sun, Jun 09 2024


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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    Recognizing Resilience: Beyond the Screen: TV Channel employees experience high levels of stress because of strict deadlines and the need to multitask. From anchors reporting breaking news to producers overseeing complex productions, the demand for high-quality content is constant. Technical crew members must promptly address equipment issues, while editors operate under strict time constraints. In this fast-paced environment, long hours, sleep deprivation, and stress are common occurrences. Despite challenges, many people find fulfillment in sharing stories globally.

    The ‘Media Cricket Championship‘ organized by the Shwetan Sports Foundation is a commendable initiative aimed at recognizing the efforts of TV channel employees in the field of sports.” It offers a platform for individuals to showcase their talents, promotes work-life balance, and fosters camaraderie. By organizing this event, the Foundation motivates professionals, celebrates their contributions, and emphasizes the significance of acknowledging media professionals beyond their work duties.


    Teams & Players Portfolio: detailed profiles of all participating teams and their players, featuring information about team captains, key players, achievements, and previous performances. Get to know the cricket talent that will be on display throughout the tournament.

    Matches & Event Statistics: Stay updated with the latest match schedules, results, and event statistics. Access comprehensive match reports, including scores, highlights, and player performances. Track team standings and player rankings throughout the tournament.

    Live Streaming: Don’t miss a moment of the action! Watch the Media Cricket Championship 2024 live on our website and YouTube channel. Engage with fellow cricket enthusiasts through live chat and social media integration during the live stream.

    Highlights & Replays: Catch up on all the highlights and replays of the matches. Relive the most exciting moments, best performances, and game-changing plays from each match. Share your favorite highlights with friends and fellow fans on social media.

    Interactive Features: Engage with the tournament through interactive features such as polls, quizzes, and fan voting. Participate in contests, predictions, and giveaways for a chance to win exciting prizes. Connect with other fans, share your thoughts, and join the conversation using our social media platforms and dedicated event hashtag.



    Inauguration Ceremony: Witness the official kick-off of the tournament with a special inauguration ceremony attended by team captains and representatives from prominent media entities.

    Jurcy Distribution: Experience the excitement as Jurcy kits are distributed to team captains and representatives, marking the beginning of the tournament.

    Pre-Event Dinner: Join us for an evening of networking and camaraderie with participants, sponsors, and stakeholders before the main event.


    Event Day: Enjoy morning breakfast and sumptuous lunch during the event, with refreshments provided during the tea break.

    Final Match Celebration: Celebrate the conclusion of the tournament with a special ceremony honoring all participating teams and presenting gift hampers as tokens of appreciation.

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    Brand Association:

    Affiliation with Excellence: Aligning your brand with one of the most anticipated cricket tournaments of the year reinforces your commitment to excellence and quality. By associating your brand with the Media Cricket Championship 2024, you position yourself as a leader in your industry, enhancing brand credibility, trust, and authority among consumers, employees, and stakeholders.

    Marketing ROI:

    Tangible Returns: Sponsorship of the Media Cricket Championship 2024 offers tangible returns on your marketing investment, including increased brand visibility, recognition, and engagement. Benefit from extensive media coverage, social media exposure, and direct interactions with target audiences, driving brand awareness, customer loyalty, and business growth.

    Long-Term Benefits:

    Lasting Impression: Your sponsorship of the Media Cricket Championship 2024 creates a lasting impression on event attendees, supporters, and stakeholders. By engaging with audiences through memorable experiences, meaningful interactions, and impactful brand activations, you leave a positive impression that extends far beyond the duration of the event, contributing to long-term brand loyalty and advocacy.

    A Special Note to the Patrons of Media Cricket Championship 2024

    Media Cricket Champianship has always helped our partners / sponsors generate quality leads, amazing business opportunities, and build a strong and deep relationship with key customers, by spending quality time of the day and networking with focused target audiences who matter.

    We look forward to your valuable participation and support to the 1st edition of the Media Cricket Championship 2024!

    Sponsorship Benefits: Brand Visibility

    Logo Placement

    Your brand's logo will be prominently featured on various event materials including banners, backdrops, promotional materials, and digital platforms.

    On-Ground Branding:

    Gain exposure through on-ground branding opportunities at the event venue, ensuring maximum visibility to both on-site attendees and online audiences.

    Digital Presence:

    Your brand will be showcased across digital platforms including the event website, social media channels, and live streaming, reaching a wide audience before, during, and after the event.

    Sponsorship Benefits: Recognition

    Promotional Materials:

    Receive acknowledgment as a sponsor in press releases, event brochures, newsletters, and other promotional materials distributed before and during the event.

    Social Media Mentions:

    Your brand will be featured in social media posts, ensuring recognition among our followers and creating buzz around your involvement in the event.

    Public Acknowledgment:

    Enjoy public acknowledgment during event announcements, speeches, and ceremonies, reinforcing your brand's association with the Media Cricket Championship 2024.

    Sponsorship Benefits: Networking Opportunities

    Industry Exposure:

    Connect with industry leaders, influencers, and decision-makers within the media, sports, and corporate sectors, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships.

    Exclusive Events:

    Gain access to exclusive networking events, VIP lounges, and hospitality areas, providing valuable opportunities to engage with key stakeholders and build meaningful relationships.

    Sponsorship Benefits: Corporate Social Responsibility:

    Community Impact:

    Showcase your commitment to corporate social responsibility by supporting grassroots sports development and community engagement through your sponsorship of the Media Cricket Championship 2024.

    Positive Brand Image:

    Demonstrate your brand's values and commitment to social causes, enhancing your reputation and credibility among consumers, employees, and stakeholders.

    Employee Engagement:

    Engage employees in meaningful volunteer opportunities, team-building activities, and corporate social responsibility initiatives associated with the event, boosting morale and fostering a sense of pride in your organization's contributions.


    Nandraj Bhovad

    Shwetan Sports Foundation (SSF)

    Shwetan Sports Foundation, your gateway to the vibrant world of local sports talent in India. Discover the passion, dedication, and spirit that fuel our commitment to nurturing athletes in sports like Hard Tennis Cricket, Box Cricket, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, and many more. Join us on our journey to celebrate athleticism, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence.


    Our mission at Shwetan Sports Foundation is to be the catalyst for positive change in the Indian sports landscape. We strive to create a vibrant community that celebrates athleticism, teamwork, and fair play. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to elevate the standards of grassroots sports, offering comprehensive support, training, and exposure to talented individuals. Our mission is rooted in the belief that every aspiring athlete deserves a chance to shine, and we’re committed to providing the resources and guidance necessary to make their dreams a reality.


    At Shwetan Sports Foundation, we serve as advocates for local sports talent by offering a multifaceted support system. We serve our athletes by providing them with access to top-notch training facilities, expert coaching, and exposure to competitive events. Additionally, we serve as a bridge between aspiring athletes and opportunities, fostering connections with sponsors, mentors, and platforms that can further their careers. Our commitment to serving the sports community extends to promoting inclusivity, fairness, and the values that sportsmanship embodies, creating an environment where talent flourishes and dreams are nurtured.

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  • 251-500 attendees expected

    75% Male Attendees

    25% Female Attendees

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Logo placement on event banners, backdrops, and promotional materials. Recognition as a Gold Sponsor in press releases and promotional materials. Social media mentions on event platforms. Opportunity to display company banners at the event venue. Option to include company merchandise in event giveaways. i) Player Jersey: * Left above chest ii) In Stadium: * Perimeter boards: 4 nos * Banner at venue iii) Mass Media: * Promotional shoots (3 players for a shoot) iv) Online Media: * Official website advertising * Social media shoutouts v) Trophy: * Runner-up trophy & player medals

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