Learn Leverage Launch: The Black Entrepreneur Homecoming Con

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Thu, Sep 08 - Sun, Sep 11 2022

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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About our event

This event is designed for highly skilled and trained entrepreneurs who want to

✨ learn how to position their authority in the marketplace.

✨leverage their highly profitable skillset; and

✨launch your programs and events with structure and a more than ready audience.

This is the biggest MOVEMENT of the year for brilliant black influencers, educators, and expert-level entrepreneurs.

At B.E.H.O.E.’s Learn Leverage and Launch 2022 event, we go beyond conference culture to dive deep into the truth about running a six-figure business that is prepared to generate 7+ figures in less than a year, starting from within the entrepreneur. We work our way up to learning all the elements of launching new programs, products, services, and events without having to experience the countless failures that most business owners have when they don’t know the highly guarded information we will be sharing all weekend long.

Are you ready to join the movement?

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsors are advocates for closing the equity gap between black entrepreneurs and equal access to:

  • Integrated System
  • High-Performance Software
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Expansive Funding Opportunities
  • Office Spaces
  • Financial Services
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Wellness Products
  • Real Estate
  • Legal Counsel
  • Corporate, Government, and Global Contracts

Advocacy is a verb. We encourage culture-forward strategic partnerships to connect with the Organizer for this Event at 706-719-7199.





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Vision-to-Profit Business Coach. Sales Influencer. Black Entrepreneurship Thought Leader. Community Maximizer. Gerontologist. While these are just a few of the titles Jalynn A. Jones is known by, a more fitting description might simply be: Revolutionary.


As Founder of Ecosistem Global Solutions and its sister organization, Black Pretty and Paid University, Jalynn has made it her mission to guide emerging and experienced Black entrepreneurs through the twists and turns of building profitable businesses and achieving sustainable success.


A fearless innovator and expert in organic sales, business development, and community-based businesses, Jalynn is well-versed on how to use timeless strategies and methods to rise above the noise in the crowded, ever-evolving marketplace.


In just 7 years, she went from working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, making $7.25 an hour to earning a six-figure salary in corporate healthcare sales and business development to stepping into the CEO role and launching a profitable coaching business. Without paid ads or extensive community outreach, she grew her company to $100,000 in just 18 months.

To date, her coaching practice has supported over 1,500 entrepreneurs on their journey to multiple six-figure incomes, positioning many to generate their first $5,000 month in less than 60 days – a game-changer for Black-owned businesses.


Only 29 years old, Jalynn has already racked up an impressive list of personal and professional accomplishments. Among her most notable achievements is the launch of her first HBCU-inspired business conference, The Black Entrepreneur Homecoming Experience, which generated $60,000 in its first year.


When it comes to revolutionizing how ambitious entrepreneurs do business, no one does it better than Jalynn A. Jones.