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Wicked Outlaw Tour,

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  • About the event

    The Wicked Outlaw Tour was formed to provide solutions that were lacking in our industry. Our mission is cultural preservation and future growth of the Outlaw Super Late Model racing community.

    We are a 501(c)(3) organization focused on cultural preservation and community growth. 
    In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.  We believe in thinking differently. We believe in thinking bigger

    The way we challenge the status quo is by creating high quality experiences that provide fans a sense of belonging and acceptance into our community. Being consistent in our product time after time. Providing unforgettable racing experiences that create raving fans. We just happen to have the best looking, fastest full body cars on pavement.

    We aim to host a minimum of 10 events featuring the best short track drivers in the country. Our business model makes us the leader in our space. 

    Let's chat and see if our audience matches your companies marketing goals! 

    Why should you sponsor?

    Our audience wants sponsors and our audience wants to patronize these sponsors. How do we know?  We asked them!  In fact over 90% prefer to shop with companies that sponsor us! And over 85% said they would purchase from a sponsor even if the price was a bit higher.

    We have almost 50 data points on our audience. 

    We know who they are. We know the brands they prefer.

    We know their intents of purchase in next 24 months. 

    What does ROI mean?  Return On Interaction! 

    We provide an ROI that is better than all of the leading advertising companies.  That's not what we think, that's what multiple CEO's have told us. 
    We provide an ROI that is 200% fair market value. In other words a 2:1.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, we have a niche audience that is tuned in and dedicated to our sponsors! 

    Tyler Perry

    I am an entrepreneur with a fascination for racecars and marketing. 

    I found a very large hole in our industry and created this business to fill that hole. 

    Not because I wanted to make money. But because I don't want to lose the fellowship and camaraderie that comes with it. These are my people. These are the people I feel comfortable around. 

    Racing is unlike any other sport. Think of the NBA and the WNBA.  Women do not compete with men. And to compete, you have to have some natural ability to jump in order to be competitive. You must be a young person. Being a tall person is an advantage. If you don't possess even one of these traits, your likelyhood of succeeding just went down.

    Racing doesn't care about your age. Racing doesn't care about your skin color. Your gender, height, ability to jump, how fast you can run, none of that matters. The car levels the playing field to anyone who dares to climb inside, cinch those seat belts down, and put your foot on a pedal that controls a 600-900 horsepower engine. 

    I hosted a race that featured a 16 year old kid racing against an 80 year old man. Car racing adds a level of excitement and vigor that you absolutely cannot get from regular stick & ball sports. All while leveling the playing field so that women can compete with men. Short people can compete with tall people. The list goes on.  

    You wouldn't believe how a crowd reacts when you tell them the guy who just won is 80 years old. What other extreme sport can an 80 year old person compete? 

    These are the reasons I have invested and sacrificed the time that I have to create the best short track series on the continent. 

    My past industry experience created the business model, my brain executed the plan, the people instilled the love and passion in my heart for this community. 

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    70% Male Attendees

    30% Female Attendees

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