Fri, Sep 16 - Sun, Sep 18 2022


Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

  • About the event

    • National convention that allows urban artists to promote their technical ability and express themselves through the exhibition in authorized spaces with the art of graffiti. The public will be able to experience an experience of entertainment and impromptu art, contributing to the redevelopment of urban structures of high interest. It promotes the awareness of the community towards the most urgent social issues, favoring the achievement of a quality of life.

    • The event is made pleasant and usable also thanks to the presence of some of the most significant disciplines of urban art. in addition to being a convention with talented artists, it is also a relationship between institutions, associations, youth communities, entities with which culture is created and produced.

    • McLuc Culture, for some years, has been looking for collaborations with partners who have respect for the environment and the salvation of the planet among their ethical principles. Since 2022, a partnership has been created with Tag Colors as an official supplier of professional graffiti sprays. The components that tag colors uses are of low environmental impact. TAG Colors is one of the most Eco-Friendly sprays on the market for both humans and the environment, its formula does not contain heavy metals, lead-based pigments or hexavalent chromium considered harmful to health. The solvent used is acetone, less dangerous than the solvents used by other brands on the market. TAG Colors also complies with the strictest European and American regulations in the field of volatile compounds in the environment (VOC), much lower than the established limits. The gas contained does not attack atmospheric ozone and the materials of which the spray is made are 100% recyclable.


    • Exhibition of graffiti and other urban disciplines: the area of ​​the route between via Reggio and Ponte Europa with its railway underpass that connects via Spinelli. (former home of urban signs 2018)

    • Support and incentives for artists have always been two fundamental aspects of Segni Urbani. From the 2022 edition, the organization intends to launch the Urban Art Award and assign a cash prize to an Italian or European urban art artist. An internal or specially appointed commission will designate the one who has particularly distinguished himself in both production / quality and social commitment through the message and the contents of his artistic expression. In the field of graffiti. The intent is to make the prize periodic, making it grow and expand gradually. If the 2022 initiative is successful, the urban art award can be repeated annually or every two years with the possibility of increasing the range of prizes and awarded artists. The organization will equip itself with a regulation with guidelines for the correct and transparent performance of the prize. The launch of the award in 2022 will be considered experimental for any future editions.

    • Segni Urbani with the urban art award will be hosted by the Verdi Off Festival. annual review of collateral events at the Verdi Festival organized by the Teatro Regio di Parma. Consolidated collaboration thanks to the successful 2021 edition with the Verdi Graff Contest and other experiences in previous years. The project has the ambition of being able to involve artists on a European scale in the future.

    Why should you sponsor?

    • Because it is an event that is the result of Mcluc Culture's experience in the field and is the result of numerous initiatives carried out over many years, the organization of multidisciplinary cultural events, shows, performances, artistic promotion. In this way, it was possible to create a strong interest in this art and a community of users and admirers with a strong prestigious and cultural impact, capable of qualifying the image of the partners and strengthening their reputation;

    • Contribute to making Parma a city increasingly open to contemporary artistic expressions, experimentation, contamination between different disciplines, between the past and the contemporary, to talented artists, to greater national prestige, to a better education of the public and of young people in 'use of urban creativity for a positive development of social reality

    • To encourage collaboration between associations and cultural operators with different, consolidated skills. Promote participation from below and develop proposals, ideas with the introduction of work tables that are useful for promoting inclusion, involvement, experiences in the field, training. to improve the urban space in which we live, reduce vandalism, the sense of frustration and isolation. Improve the quality of life. Making the city a more livable environment, less gray and anonymous, more colorful and more beautiful.

    • To give space to talents and stimulate everyone to have a fun and educational relationship with art and new languages ​​that are now completely rooted in contemporary society.

    • To increase the notoriety of the partners thanks to the strong visibility and roots of the event in the national territory.

    • To reach new target audiences, thanks to young people, to the users of art and cultural activities, to their promoters and to the artists themselves and men and women interested in culture, to improve the relationship with the public, who will perceive their commitment to promoting of culture and art in the area.

    Fabrizio Maci

    • McLuc Culture. is a cultural and social promotion association active since 2005 with headquarters in Parma. Committed to promoting and supporting urban creativity, raising awareness of the correct use of the practice of writing, the dissemination of its correct knowledge and creative education as a form of social development and for the recovery of spaces for art. It organizes national multidisciplinary urban art events. He collaborates with a network of artists at national and international level, with institutions, associations and individuals. It is a member of the international wallspot network made up of associations spread all over the world with the same objectives. Member of the ACU (associations of urban creativity), promoted by Inward the national observatory on urban creativity. Collaborate with other organizations, associations, companies, local and private entities.

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  • 2501-5000 attendees expected

    57% Male Attendees

    43% Female Attendees

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