Tue, May 23 - Sat, May 27 2023

Trail Run 4 Recovery,

Ripton, Vermont, United States Ripton, Vermont, United States

  • About the event

    TR4R is an annual fundraiser created by Chip Piper to raise awareness of Substance Use Disorder, the need to support and raise funding for recovery organizations like the Turning Point Center of Addison County and Jenna's Promise in Johnson Vermont. 

    Chip created the event in memory of his son, Michael, who lost his life to substance use disorder in July of 2020. In 2021 Chip chose to donate money he raised during a previous marathon to TPCAC because it's a place that Michael used to come when working on his recovery. It's a place he always felt accepted, comfortable, and supported there.

    Just before Michael's passing he started hiking on trails and did a great portion of the long trail with his close friend Adam. Chip recalls Michael telling him how good it felt to have that healthy activity, he saw how good he could feel without substances and looked forward to joining Chip in more frequent outings.

    When Chip came to TPCAC with his donation, told the staff his story and his idea to do more fundraiser marathons they did not hesitate to jump on board to support and grow his event. The first year was so successful, Chip raised over $23,000 for TPCAC! He planned to raise $20,000 and blew it out of the park! Probably the largest donation, from an individual's personal fundraiser, TPCAC has ever received. He went on to trail run 36 miles of an 88k (54.6 miles) and conquered over 3,000ft of elevation! That's 36 miles non-stop, even in the dark! 

    Jenna's Promise is a non-profit recovery organization as well, providing several recovery services in the Johnson area of Vermont. The Tatro's founded Jenna's Promise after losing their daughter, Jenna, to substance use disorder, specifically opioid overdose, just like Michael. Sadly, Vermont is one the smallest states yet has one of the highest numbers of opioid related deaths in the country. 

    Bringing the Piper & Tatro families together is creating a powerful force of recovery support throughout central and northern Vermont. It's absolutely beautiful.

    This year Chip raised the bar and wants to raise $50,000 for TPCAC & Jenna's Promise! Won't you join us? 

    Why should you sponsor?

    If you, a family member, friend, or coworker has ever been touched by substance use disorder (SUD) or mental illness you can understand the excruciating need for recovery organizations that can offer support for all paths to recovery.

    Turning Point Center of Addison County holds space for an array of support groups such as 12-Step Meetings, Parent & Family Support Groups, peer-to-peer Recovery Coaching, sober events, as well as offering harm reduction approaches like providing harm reduction bags that include life saving Narcan and Fentanyl Test Strips. TPCAC also offers resources for all needs such as housing & food insecurity, rehab/detox needs, employment needs, counseling needs, and much more. 

    Vermont is deeply in the midst of a severe crisis, not only due to opioids such as heroin but now fentanyl and xylazine are ruling the streets.

    Fentanyl is 50% more potent then heroin and 100% more potent then Morphine. It's even being found in pills, which people think are safe from being laced. Xylazine is an animal anesthetic that extends and increases the effects of Fentanyl. Both of these drugs are being marketed to kids in a variety ways, one being making the pills look like candy such a Skittles, and coincedentially around Halloween! 

    A high school student in southern Vermont took what she thought was an Adderall pill to stay awake and study for exams, it's the first and only time she ever used a substance like this. Sadly, she didn't make it to her exams, the pill tested for Fentanyl. 


    Nichole Bachand


    Our Mission

    Peer guided enhancement of recovery

    Providing peer-based recovery support to all; we seek to enhance the spiritual, mental, physical, and social growth of our community affected by substance use disorders and addictive behaviors.

    *Turning Point Center of Addison County (TPCAC) recognizes and respects diversity in its many forms: race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, ability, class, faith, age, veteran status, genetic information, gender identity, sexual orientation, and experience.

    Our Vision

    cultivating hope, support, and success

    We focus on cultivating hope, support, and success for all people affected by the challenges of substance use disorders and addictive behaviors, and we envision a future where stigma and stereotypes are overcome by an empowered community.


    Jenna's Promise

    We will strive to create pathways for patients to reassimilate into society by supporting the transitions from this disorder to recovery to independent living. Finally, we want to make this journey easier for people with substance use disorders and their family members.

    To accomplish the mission of Jenna’s Promise, we must surround each affected individual with all the support, kindness, and role-modeling that a community can provide. We must tear down the stereotypes associated with addiction and realize each person is a human being that needs help. That help starts with providing infrastructure, innovative thinking, guidance, and funding for treatment facilities, housing agencies, support professionals, donors, and parents.

    Vermonters living in recovery can face a very long and winding road, and wherever that road takes people, Jenna’s Promise is here to support and guide you through the potholes.

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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