Sat, Oct 16 2021

The Pumpkin Patch,

Montague, Massachusetts, United States Montague, Massachusetts, United States

  • About the event

         Halloween is a long time favorite holiday for children and adults alike. An opportunity to be creative, dress up, step out of your day-to-day and live in fun and fantasy. .  Trick-or-treating is, for most kids, what Halloween is all about. To get out into the neighborhood and be greeted with treats everywhere is such a fun and exciting experience for kids. Unfortunately, through the years there has been a slow decline in homes participating in candy giving. Throughout most neighborhoods the number of homes displaying the well known symbol welcoming treaters (the front light on) has declined. Many parents are driving their kids because there are often several dark doorways between the lighted ones. With Covid-19 people are even more hesitant to partake. The possibility of trick-or-treating being canceled is a very real concern. For children, it is heartbreaking. This is why Bliss Life Foundation is reaching out to the community to help us with an exciting new adventure!  We are already working with the residents of the patch to create an organized, safe and fun trick-or- treating destination: 2021 Pumpkin Patch! This will be a free public event, all children will be welcome! Given the lack of options in this area we are anticipating families coming from all over Franklin County to check out the new 2021 Pumpkin Patch. Although it will be a new concept to our community, similar events are hugely successful in many other similar cities and towns across the nation!  With hard work, collaborative planning, community participation, and local government and sponsor support, we are confident this will be a huge success; ensuring a fun-filled Halloween while keeping our community safe AND connected.  The tradition of Halloween will survive covid!


    What is known as “The Patch” in Turners falls is a small strip of land between the canal and the Connecticut river. It is basically an island, with two bridges on and only one of those can be used to drive off.  The neighborhood is small, with quant houses built close together and in a grid-block layout. It is easy to find your way, and nearly impossible to get lost! It is a quiet and safe place, and many families with children live there. It is already a favorite neighborhood for many trick-or-treaters, and with more homes participating this year, it is a perfect one and done trick or treat destination. Going through the whole neighborhood should take 1-3 hours to complete trick or treating. Kids safety and low risks for spreading any virus will be insured via clearly marked one-way sidewalks, sufficient lighting throughout the patch, mask requirements, and all homes and residents participating in the event will be informed and notified to follow the most recent CDC guidelines for safe candy distribution. We will also be working with local officials and experienced event coordinators to ensure we have a seamless, fun, and successful Pumpkin Patch kickoff


    Preliminary Event details/ideas

    -Check in/ Beginning checkpoint near both entrances/ bridges. Give out  informative literature including a map, rules and guidelines, general information, a schedule if applicable, and express gratitude to volunteers, contributors and sponsors. Tally guests.

    - would like to give out Trick-or-Treating bags. Custom designed with space reserved for our top contributors. This will also aid in accurate reference numbers in preparation for the following years.

    -The  map for parents and kids will include participating houses, directional indicators, landmarks, and an exit plan. The participating houses will also be visibly marked.

    -We are planning a well lit one way route through the neighborhood. Children will be guided  via colored spotlights. They will see green if they walk in the right direction. Red will be facing the other way to indicate the wrong direction.

    -The entire patch will be similarly decorated, with the streets having festive matching Lighting throughout the entire patch.

    -we are fortunate to have full endorsement from Scott Kuzmeskus (co-founder of The Pumpkin Festival). He has also offered to give his very valuable and truly priceless  time and expertise as a consultant to the planning and realization of the 2021 pumpkin patch. 

    -An information meeting  for residents, contributors, and volunteers will be held next week (date/location/time TBD)


         The following list will depend on funding as well as CDC & local regulations/restrictions

    -We would like to assist residents who want to participate but may have difficulty affording candy.

    -We would like to assist those who may need help (financially or physically) with lighting and decorating their homes.

    -We would like to include an enchanted woods trail from 12th street to 13th street.

    - A designated area for vendors, entertainment, socializing

    -A stage

    -Live music/ entertainment/games

    -Snacks, beverages, face painting, balloons, magician, circus school?



    -A rag-shag parade with costume competition


    Why should you sponsor?

    Many familys will be coming for our trick or treating because of the safe one way sidewalks and close homes.

     advertising opportunities that go home- bags and coupons

    helping children be able to have a fun halloween

    this is the first pumpkin patch, it will be back every year and get bigger! as a thank you for helping us have our first year, we will include your business in the advertising for next years event as well!

    event is hosted ny a nonprofit 

    misty jacques

    My name is Misty jacques, I am the co-founder of Bliss Life Foundation. We are a brand new non-profit. Our mission is to bring more joy into peoples lives, bringing people and the community together, encouraging individuality and acceptance of one another. we do this by creating and hosting unique, fun, uplifting events and happenings that otherwise wouldnt happen. 

    I have found what makes me happy. networking, planning and pulling all the details together for an event, and then its awesome and a success! eveidenced by the smiles and hearing "that was the best time ever!". Its what makes my heart and soul fly. I know im making the world better.

    I care about people. I care about the world. most importantly, I can say I love myself. I know what makes me happy and im doing it. And i will work every minute of my waking day to ensure i succeed. So, if you sponsor this event I can garantee it will be a success. Remembered by all who attended as a wonderful night for the whole family, and they will definately come back next year!

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  • 501-1000 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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