Fri, Aug 16 2024

Sis Wear Your Crown,

Pavilion Venue Walthamstow, England, United Kingdom Pavilion Venue Walthamstow, England, United Kingdom

  • About the event

    Last year they were calling it the 'Muslim Met Gala!' So this year we want our sisters to come out in full gala attire and show them how we turn it UP!

    Welcome drinks on entry & a 3 Course meal to follow...
    An interactive panel discussion...
    Spoken word poetry by Tayeeba from The Ukhti's Amanah...
    Inspirational keynote from NHT London founder Ameenah Shaw...
    A charity auction to raise money for Creative Change...
    Stalls showcasing Female run businesses...
    Best dressed competition...
    AND THE FINALE a modest fashion & creative hair show.

    By sharing the unique hair and beauty experiences of black Muslim women, we want to empower black Muslim women to lead in breaking down the walls of uncomfortable discourse, that come with teaching and learning cultural competence. We also want to celebrate the diversity of beauty within the Muslim community, with emphasis being on Black representation.

    This year the panel discussion will be interactivehonest and vulnerable - Just like last year, there will be no surface level conversations. We will explore questions like:

    Why do many Black and mixed race Muslim women fear that they will be rejected for their hair type by men from other races or cultures after marriage?


    Why is Bilal Ibn Raba (RA) always used to silence Black muslims from talking about racism and unconscious bias in the muslim community?

    The modest fashion show is the finale of the evening, show casing a diverse set of women, who will be wearing Muslim fashion brands followed by a Creative hair show which will showcase hair designs inspired by the elements of water, fire, air and earth.

    Why should you sponsor?

    For most if not all Black women, our hair has never been “Just hair!”, because our hair is one of the most defining things about our identity.

    For most if not all Black women, our hair is a sensitive and personal topic, because when we are conscious of other people, especially from other races looking at our hair with expressions that signify shock, disgust or humour, it invokes feelings of discomfort.

    For most if not all Black women, we have at some point experienced a struggle with making sure that our hair and our beauty fit perfectly into a box confined by the margins of the European beauty standard, because not fitting into that box aligns with being judged, being considered less desirable and being told directly or indirectly that we are unattractive.

    This space has been created, for non-black muslim/women to sit with us, hear us, resonate with us and share their own experiences too.

    We are in a time now when difficult conversations are on the table, vulnerability is a requirement if you want to be part of the conversation and respresentation, diversity and inclusion are a necessity if you want to be taken seriously by your audience. This is a opportunity for your organisation to be at the fore-front of steering change of attitudes within Muslim communities.

    Mary Poppins said: "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down", this is the perfect analogy for this event and the huge message that it is set to deliver. Your support will help to deliver that message.

    Ameenah Cheryl Shaw

    My name is Ameenah Shaw.

    I'm a TEDx speaker, TV presenter and the founder of Naturelle Hair Treats London Ltd.

    After having worked as a hairdresser for over 20 years, in 2020 I began focusing on delivering educational workshops and programs to teach about afro hair-care and self-love.

    I aspire to empower women to challenge their perception and beliefs surrounding beauty, by coaching them through a holistic approach to haircare, with a focus on helping them establish a deeper self-awareness of their unconscious negative self-talk.

    As a black and Muslim woman, I wanted this event to highlight, reflect and celebrate the perspective and lived experiences, of black and Muslim women and stay true to what that looks like. No hiding away and feeling scared to talk about the awkward stuff. Black, Muslim, female, I dont have a choice of one existing without the other.

    We have to be the change that we want to see, for the future generations and this is my motivation.


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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    0% Male Attendees

    100% Female Attendees

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