Fri, May 26 - Sat, May 27 2023

Rocking to Heal Little Hearts,

Bloomsburg Fair, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, United States Bloomsburg Fair, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
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D.R. Ray Productions
Katrell Young

  • About the event

    As the medical field advances we find that in some areas such as childhood cardiac issues, the advancement has not progressed near as fast as the young children desperately need. 

    It is our commitment in bringing the Rocking to Heal Little Hearts concert to life in a true effort to raise much needed funds for the Geisinger's Janet Weis Children's Hospital and their Cardiac Surgery units. 

    It is our hope, that by bringing five amazing rock bands together on one stage, for two nights only, we as a community can open our hearts not only to the sounds of rock-n-roll, but to the sounds of little hearts beating for years to come because of your donations, ticket purchases and so much more. 

    Together, we as a true community can help our children's hospital in their time of need. Together, we can help march cardiac surgical advancements well into the future.

    Together, we can HEAL LITTLE HEARTS!



    The Jack - AC/DC Tribute

    In most circles of Rock-n-Roll influence, AC/DC is largely considered to be one of the very best live rock and roll bands of all time. “The Jack” is the Ultimate and true to life AC/DC experience that will indeed leave you “Thunderstruck” and screaming for more!!

    The seasoned professionals that make up The Jack are very passionate about re-creating AC/DC’s iconic sound and stage performance right before your very eyes. Their attention to detail, the sound, the notes, the look… it’s all there.

    This high energy, full on stage performance never stops. Crowds all across America just can’t get enough of The Jack.

    Here their music: https://tadmgmt.com/talent/the-jack/


    7800 Fahrenheit - Bon Jovi Tribute

    7800 Fahrenheit– A tribute to Classic Bon Jovi was formed in 2015 by Jay Orrell and John Young. 7800 Fahrenheit stays true to the classic Bon Jovi days with the look, sound and energy.

    If you miss the good old days of the sound, hair & smiles, then you will not be disappointed!

    Bon Jovi’s career spans 30+ years and over 130 million albums sold worldwide. Another milestone that the band has achieved is that they have tracked 14 Billboard top ten singles of which 8 of those went straight to number 1, 7800 Fahrenheit believes that Bon Jovi has the right kind of song catalog, especially the classic songs, that really lend itself to being performed live as well as fitting into a broad age range that makes for the perfect club atmosphere.

    Here their music: https://www.7800fahrenheit.com/about-7800-fahrenheit/


    Other Bands in the Works

    • Jack Russell's Great White
    • Lita Ford
    • Derek Saint James - Voice of Ted Nuggent
    • DILF USA
    • D-Snyder Quiet Riot
    • 7800 Fahrenheit (Poison Tribute) - CONFIRMED 

    Please note this line-up is subject to change as the planning phases of the event progress.

    Why should you sponsor?

    1. Brand Visibility

    Studies say it takes 7 to 11 times for somebody to see your message and actually remember it. One of the best reasons to sponsor the Rocking to Heal Little Hearts event is the number of people that will have eyes on your brand, (10,000+). This is an opportunity for your business to either solidify your presence in the market, or to start working on brand recall or introduction while tapping into a new market. Plus, our event will add sponsor logos to T-shirts, banners and other take-home goodies, so your brand visibility will live on long past the event.

    2. Build Relationships

    Sponsoring the Rocking to Heal Little Hearts event is yet another area where your business can build trust with potential customers. You’ll form relationships in our community with attendees, other event sponsors and the event production team. If business is a world of connections, this is your chance to expand your network.

    3. Targeted Reach

    Choose an event with attendees who would make the ideal customer for your small business. While our event doesn’t have to align exactly with what your business does, our event should hopefully have the same target demographic or a new market you are trying to reach. Your Rocking to Heal Little Hearts event sponsorship is a great opportunity to get in front of an audience you may not otherwise have the chance to reach.

    4. Generate Leads

    With event sponsorship, attendees will be a mixture of potential customers who have already heard of your business and some new potential leads. The sponsorship will put your name top of mind for those prospects who are closer to making a purchasing decision.

    If “out of sight, out of mind” is true, this puts your brand front and center. 10,000+ attendees, 10,000+ more new potential leads for your business.

    5. Positive Image

    Sponsoring the Rocking to Heal Little Hearts event can help show what your business is all about, and that’s a good thing. While creating positive public perception shouldn’t be the sole factor behind sponsoring our event, it’s definitely an added benefit. 

    Derek Ray

    We have teamed up with the Jackson Family and Janet Weis Children's Hospital to bring this event to life. Our goal is to walk away with a sizable donation to present to the children's hospital to further their advancments with children. 

    On Tuesday, February 21st, we had the wonderful opportunity to join Geisinger's, Janet Weis Children's Hospital in a tour of their facility. This meeting allowed for us to gather a much better understanding of how the funds raised from this event will be put to use. 

    It is with great pleasure that we share a few ways funds will be used in order to better serve these amazing children and their families. 

    • Early Childhood Cardiac Screening Programs 
    • Educational Advancement Symposiums
    • Childhood Cardiac Summer Camps
    • Children's Library (on-site)
    • New Advanced Medical Equipment
    • And so much more...

    In attendance where:

    Glenn Bernius, Systems Director Women & Children's Institute Geisinger
    Dr. Shuping Ge, MD, FACC, FASE - Investigator 
    Dr. Frank Anthony Maffei, MD - Pediatric Critical Care Geisinger 
    Derek R. Ray - Chief Executive Officer for D. R. Ray Productions
    Desiree Johnson - Mother of Baby Alexander 
    Charles Jackson - Grandfather of Baby Alexander & Event Co-Organizer 
    Wendy Jackson - Grandmother Baby Alexander & Event Co-Organizer
    David Gonzales - Grandson of Charles & Wendy Jackson & Photographer 

    We step up where others step away. Here at D.R. Ray Productions, we strive to go beyond our clients needs and expectations. 

    We are a web solutions and event planning, design, and marketing firm that helps businesses and non-profits and other charities increase their income by planning, designing and marketing creative websites, emails, and events based on each individual clients needs and styles.

    It is the obligation of D. R. Ray Productions is to help relieve the stress of raising funds for your organization when you need it most. We find that it is our duty to remove the middleman when it comes to creating, managing, and marketing a truly successful event. We work with you, for you.  

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    67% Male Attendees

    33% Female Attendees

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