Fri, Apr 19 - Sun, Apr 21 2024

Model United Nations,

Punjab, Pakistan Punjab, Pakistan

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    The Institute for Art and Culture (IAC) is thrilled to announce the IACMUN, An extraordinary event dedicated to fostering the development of future leaders in the realm of arts and culture, By enhancing their public speaking skills and diplomatic acumen. This three-day conference promises an immersive experience at the intersection of art, culture, and global affairs. IACMUN aims to provide a platform for intellectual discourse and cultural exchange, Fostering an environment that encourages diplomacy, Collaboration, And the development of critical thinking skills. Our conference promises an enriching experience for all participants, With engaging committee sessions, Insightful speakers, and ample opportunities for networking. WHAT IS IACMUN? WHAT IS MUN? Model United Nations, often known as MUN, is a educational simulation that teaches students about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. In a Model United Nations (MUN) Conference, students take on the role of a Nation, Organization, or Individual and collaborate with Global delegates to nd a solution to a problem. In addition to Critical thinking, teamwork, and Leadership, MUN trains members in Research, Public speaking, Debate, and Writing. MUN aims to involve students and provide them the opportunity to have a deeper awareness of global politics and concerns. We are delighted to extend an invitation to you to attend the inaugural IACMUN session, which will be conducted in Lahore starting on (date), On behalf of the Secretariat, The Organizing Team, And the Model United Nations Society of Pakistan. More than a thousand student delegates from all across the world will attend IACMUN. The Secretariat for IACMUN, which aims to be the biggest and most culturally diverse conference hosted in the nation, is made up of the most accomplished and seasoned people from around the globe. The theme for IACMUN is "HARMONY IN DIVERSITY". Given the present developments surrounding political and regional instability, As well as the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, It is necessary to assess the gap between our current progress and the goals. The current state of affairs makes it clear that we are far from achieving regional peace and stability given the ongoing political unrest in the Middle East and Asia, Which is also causing obstacles to the fullment of the Millennium Development Goals and Universal Human Rights. For all of these reasons, The current situation necessitates redening global development and security policies in a way that isappropriate and exible enough to take into account recent global events.

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    DIGITAL: IACMUN has a large online following, and sponsors can use our digital assets for conducting surveys, setting up discussion forums, or putting up their messages.

    STUDENT NETWORKS: Participants at the MUN are highly likely to be intellectual among their social circles, Positive word of mouth generated via the conference hence allows you to tap into a nationwide network of students. MEDIA COVERAGE: Our media partners Express, Duniya, City 42, Bol extensively cover the conference on a daily basis, Sponsors, Especially title sponsors, Get a lot of mileage in terms of free airtime.

    MARKET RESEARCH: As our sponsor, You will have unique opportunity to conduct focus groups and survey with students fromsocio-economic classes a, b and c

    Ghalib Ahmad

    nstiture for Art and Culture IAC is a Federally Chartered University, which has worked to provide students with an arts education that emphasizes cultural and linguistic diversity through interdisciplinary study, in order to tackle the difculties of our social and cultural progress. This aids in students' understanding of human history and its relevance to modern society, enabling them to solve problems through the study of art, science, and culture. Students are given the chance to develop their critical listening, questioning, logical thinking, clarity in communication, creative acting, and skills to conduct themselves professionally. In order to maintain a solid foundation for achieving excellence in a variety of multidisciplinary fields related to arts, culture, and technology, the Institute for Art and Culture aims to engage and incorporate a diverse group of students, community members, faculty, and staff, in order to foster aneffective, creative, critical, and artistic way of thinking. This institute's mission is to foster excellence in teaching and research by providing a range of academic programs and approaches that enable students to engage in intellectual discourse, investigate innovative practices in performance and creative work, and advance the interdisciplinary integration of the arts, cuture, and technology via innovation in technology, creativity, and critical thinking. EVENT OVERVIEW: Noteworthy events hosted by the Institute for Art and Culture include Tamasha Festival, Nuqta, Film Festival, showcasing the creative prowess and innovation of our students. Below, you'll find comprehensive details, Sponsorship options, and associated benefits tailored to align with the artistic and cultural essence of IACMUN, aiding in your decision-making process.

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  • 1001-2500 attendees expected

    49% Male Attendees

    51% Female Attendees

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