Sun, Aug 15 2021

Mega Job Fair: Jamaica Issue 1,

Elethe Mall, Mandeville, Manchester Parish, Jamaica Elethe Mall, Mandeville, Manchester Parish, Jamaica
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Zaina Williams

  • About the event

    Hi good day, I am the owner of Remedial Health Associates, a career guidance company in Jamaica. I am seeking sponsorship for an online event called "Mega Job Fair: Jamaica Issue 1," which seeks to tackle the problem of unemployment and low educational opportunities in Jamaica, by providing participants in the event with:

    100 professional cameras and video production training so that Jamaicans can start working as a freelance photographers and video producers for various companies and to sell their work online

    10 scholarships for individuals who would like to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at a University in the U.S.(valuing $5,000 USD each per year)

    10 small business sponsorship for persons who would like to start business in Jamaica, but do not have funding (valuing $1,000 USD each),

    50 leased property (approximately 50 acres) to cultivate food for 1 year, which the participant would renew each year to keep the agreement with leaser (cost for lease of 50 acres of land approximately $50,000 USD)

    40 supermarket vouchers to assist with purchasing of food for the unemployed (valuing $ 150 USD each)

    60 Amazon gift cards for people who need to purchase things online for themselves or their family (valuing $50 USD each)

    5 washing machines and 5 dryers to start a laundromat and increase employment (cost $13,000 USD)

    stove and restaurant set up equipment (costing $13,000 USD).

    We intend at the end of this initiative, to give these resources- cameras, food vouchers, scholarships, leased land/ and  Amazon gift cards- in the hands of those who need it for free in this event. We intend to have people employed as freelance photographers and video makers, farmers, small business owners, being able to purchase food and so much more, at the end of this event.

    We also intend to have the laundromat and restaurant, as business that is owned by the company and employ Jamaican citizens there. This will enable us as a business to be able to sponsor more projects that are of the same nature in the future, and we will be able to sponsor "Mega Job Fair" project expenses in the future!

    Why should you sponsor?

    The "Mega Job Fair" initiative or event is not something that we can take on as a new company. We do not have sufficient funding to create the change that we want to see in the island of Jamaica.

    The event cannot be made possible without your help! It is a great humanitarian initiative and Jamaica will love you for it!

    Zaina Williams

    Good day, my name is Zaina Williams-Crawford. I completed two years of study in Communication Studies at the Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica. I am also an author, recording gospel artiste (a.k.a. Young Mommy), song writer and business owner. I had also assisted with launching Saved Victorious Christian Ministry in Jamaica. This was a ministry that was born out of a desire to share the gospel through Bible studies as well as community outreach.

    I host gospel concerts, job fairs and numerous other productions.

    Mega Job Fair is born out of the idea that Jamaica can be more developed through increased employment opportunities and educational opportunities. I want to help to create that change and help even the youths of Jamaica to become greater contributors to society.

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  • 2501-5000 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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Your sponsorship can be more or less than the requested amount. Please feel free to email: remedialhealthassociates@gmail.com. If you sponsor this event, you will always be credited as a sponsor of "Mega Job Fair." Your logo will be on all of our subsequent event flyers. We will also promote your brand in Jamaica, as the go-to place to shop, and as a business that enhances communities locally and internationally. This type of credit will be in interviews about "Mega Job Fair," on Radio, Television or any other platform about the Mega Job Fair event. Also, sponsors and their families (up to five members) will be notified about any Remedial Health Associate gift, coupons, vouchers or free tickets in the future. Thank you for considering us. Sincerely, Zaina Williams Remedial Health Associates (Mega Job Fair Event)

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