First Inter-American Summit of Christian Content Creators

United States
Fri, Sep 27 - Sun, Sep 29 2024

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About our event

"Join the Premier Inter-American Summit for Christian Content Creators: Connect, Inspire, Grow!"

Date: September 27-29, 2024
Event Format: Fully online
Platform: A platform specialized in the creation of online events and conventions worldwide.

Event Description:

The First Inter-American Summit of Christian Content Creators is a unique event bringing together leaders, influencers, and Christian content creators from the Americas. This summit aims to empower, inspire, and connect Christian content creators with a global and diverse audience. Participants will share knowledge, experiences, and strategies to enhance their digital impact and reach on social media.

Attached Documents:

  • Statistics and Success Stories: Details of previous events with quantitative results.

Why Sponsor This Event?

  • Unmatched Reach and Visibility: Engage with a highly committed and diverse audience, enhancing your brand's visibility in a growing community of Christian content creators.
  • Exclusive Content and Thought Leadership: Align your brand with high-profile speakers and influential leaders in the Christian content creation space.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access exclusive networking sessions with key influencers and decision-makers in the Christian digital content industry.
  • Social Media Exposure: Benefit from extensive promotion across various social media platforms, reaching a broad audience interested in Christian content creation.
  • Long-Term Impact: Position your brand as a supporter of innovation and creativity within the Christian community, fostering long-lasting relationships and loyalty.

Join Us:

Sponsoring the First Inter-American Summit of Christian Content Creators is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a vibrant community and make a meaningful impact. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the future of Christian content creation. Join us on this exciting journey!









Attendees Demographics

Gender Distribution


Expected Audience


Sponsorship Opportunities

Access to a Highly Engaged Audience:

Engaging Demographics: Our core audience includes young adults (18-39 years old), highly active on social media, representing 55-75% of participants. These groups are known for their engagement and loyalty to brands that support their values.

Geographic Diversity: The event attracts participants from across the Americas, providing a broad and diverse reach.

Visibility and Brand Recognition:

Presence on Promotional Materials: Sponsors' logos and names will be prominently featured on all digital promotional materials, including emails, videos, and the event website.

Platform Advertising: Sponsors will enjoy prominent visibility through banners and mentions during live broadcasts, reaching a global audience.

Digital Marketing Opportunities:

Email Marketing Campaigns: Inclusion in our email campaigns targeting thousands of potential attendees.

Social Media Promotion: Regular mentions and posts on our social networks, leveraging our engaged followers.

Exclusive Networking Benefits:

VIP Access: Sponsors will receive VIP access for their representatives, allowing them to interact directly with industry leaders and influential content creators.

Networking Sessions: Access to exclusive virtual networking sessions where they can make valuable connections and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Social and Community Impact:

Supporting the Christian Community: By sponsoring this event, companies show their support for the Christian community and its values, strengthening their corporate social responsibility image.

Promotion of Positive Values: The summit focuses on creating positive and uplifting content, aligning with the missions of many Christian and philanthropic organizations.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Clear Success Metrics: We provide detailed post-event reporting, including key metrics such as registrations, views, social media interactions, and attendee satisfaction.

Amplified Exposure: With significant growth rates on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, sponsors can expect broad exposure and increased brand visibility.

Examples of Past Success:

Case Studies: Similar events such as the Global Leadership Summit and the Christian Communicators Congress have demonstrated high success and satisfaction, highlighting the potential for our event to replicate these results.


Supporting the First Inter-American Christian Content Creators Summit provides an exceptional marketing opportunity and return on investment. It allows sponsors to be part of a meaningful and positive movement within the Christian community. This event is a powerful platform to connect, inspire, and empower content creators, and your support will be critical to the success and lasting impact of this initiative.








Gold Package

Gold Package - $30,000 Visibility and Recognition: • Exclusive presentation. • Logo on all digital promotional materials. • Prominent banner on broadcast platform. • Special mentions during the event. Digital Marketing: • Inclusion in 3 email campaigns. • Featured posts and mentions on social networks. • Main banner on the event website. Additional Benefits: • 15 VIP access. • Exclusive virtual networking. • Promotional material on the digital platform.



Silver Package

Silver Package - $20,000 Visibility and Recognition: • Participation in online panel discussion. • Logo in digital promotional materials. • Prominent banner in specific sections of the platform. • Mentions during the event. Digital Marketing: • Inclusion in 2 email campaigns. • Mentions and publications in social networks. • Featured banner on the event website. Additional Benefits: • 10 VIP access. • Virtual networking. • Promotional material on the digital platform.



Bronze Package

Bronze Package - $10,000 Visibility and Recognition: • Logo on selected digital promotional materials. • Banner on the broadcast platform. • Mentions during the event. Digital Marketing: • Inclusion in 1 email campaign. • Mentions in social networks. Additional Benefits: • 5 VIP access. • Promotional material on the digital platform.

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Hello! I'm Angely Martinez,

I am the ideator, creator, and organizer of the First Inter-American Summit of Christian Content Creators. I am a passionate Christian committed to spreading the gospel and deeply convinced of its transformative impact on people's lives. Let me tell you why you can trust this event and my leadership.

My Background

From a young age, I have been involved in Christian ministry, dedicating much of my life to preaching the gospel through song. I founded "Parliamo di Gesù" (Let's Talk About Jesus), a ministry dedicated to spreading the gospel through music and the Christian message.

My Vision

The vision behind the First Inter-American Summit of Christian Content Creators was born from the need to unite Christian content leaders and creators across the Americas. I believe that together, we can learn, grow, and maximize our impact in spreading the gospel message. This online summit is a unique opportunity to empower content creators, providing them with tools, resources, and fostering a vibrant, collaborative community. Our future vision includes annual hybrid events, offering both in-person and online opportunities.

Commitment to Excellence

I am committed to ensuring that the summit is of the highest quality. This includes selecting outstanding speakers, planning interactive sessions, and using the best technologies for online broadcasting. My experience in project and event management, combined with my passion for the gospel, ensures that every detail is handled with professionalism and dedication.

Why Trust This Event?

Passion and Purpose:

  • Commitment to the Gospel: My primary motivation is to spread Jesus' message and support those who seek to do the same.
  • Clear Vision: This event is a mission to transform lives and communities through Christian content.

Transparency and Accountability:

  • Detailed Reports: We provide clear metrics and detailed reports to sponsors, ensuring transparency and demonstrating the impact of their investment.
  • Open Communication: I am committed to maintaining honest communication with all sponsors and participants, ensuring all expectations are met and exceeded.


The First Inter-American Summit of Christian Content Creators is more than an event; it's an opportunity to be part of a movement that can change lives and expand the gospel's reach. With your support, we can make this summit a resounding success and a beacon of light in the Christian digital world. The summit will have an immediate impact and projects a future of growth and expansion with annual hybrid events.

Trust in my leadership and the vision of this summit. Together, we can make a significant and lasting difference. I look forward to your valuable support!

Angely Martinez
Ideator, Creator, and Organizer
First Inter-American Summit of Christian Content Creators
Founder of Parliamo di Gesù (Let's Talk About Jesus)