Sun, Aug 14 2022

First Annual Red-Carpet Award Ceremony & Masque Ball,

DeVos Place Michigan Dock Door #7, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States DeVos Place Michigan Dock Door #7, Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

  • About the event

    The VISION of ArtistGALA USA is to manifest the creative spirit of each new face within spiritual, mutual, and creative ways.


    The MISSION of the ArtistGALA USA is to train, develop, and promote new faces of the industry with authentic training agencies. ArtistGALA USA can develop its own industry curriculum or training agencies can train using their own services. We will award pros and celebs based off diversity and independence, not any other determination regarding a person or their values. We value the integrity, diversity, authenticity, honesty, and creativity of all individuals. Eventually, ArtistGALA USA will develop a union that will support appropriate business, training, and focus on diversity and independence.


    Overarching Goals
    SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC (SLMTA) seeks to be the innovator, adventurous and diversified artist management and touring company in the continental United States. Our mantra is to unleash the artist within; and to do so, we strive to achieve the following goals:

    Unleash the Artist within our Mission:
    SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC (SLMTA) encourages innovative programs to establish new creations and productions of spiritual value. SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC (SLMTA) can adapt new recruiting programs to promote and develop relationships with students and other elite community artists. SL Models & Talent
    Agency, LLC (SLMTA) will be the agency for many fine and performing artists who seeks to unleash their talents of elite performances.

    Unleash the Artist within the Journey:
    SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC (SLMTA) seeks to be the world’s biggest touring company. Our tours will include elite SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC (SLMTA) performances, professional productions, concerts,
    and exhibits, as well as other innovative programs from other local community institutions. SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC (SLMTA) seeks to take our artists on an international journey with their talents. SL
    Models & Talent Agency, LLC (SLMTA) will be the real-world cutting-edge touring company for all artists and/or organizations seeking tour management services.

    Unleash the Artist within the Communities:
    SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC (SLMTA) encourages all fine and performing artists of all walks of life to join the journey and innovations of good art. Our recruitment will not focus on one race, color, sex, gender, orientation, or any other legal matter to include those of which artists we seek in exception to the mission of SL
    Models & Talent Agency, LLC (SLMTA).

    Why should you sponsor?

    SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC's DBA: ArtistGALA USA is an international/national organization convention. Our main PURPOSE for SLMTA Sponsorship is to help make BIG BRANDS more efficient for our Apprenticeships, Models, Designers, and Talent. This means that the investment that our Models & Talent has chosen to make with ArtistGALA USA is being given back, from our Production & Publishing Division who is responsible for publishing, shooting, and producing many NEW Designers, clothes, Beauty Supplies of GREAT Value through our SLMTA STARS Magazine, BEAU-COUTURE Magazine, LIVE Red-Carpet Catwalks, Fashion Weeks, and much more where your sponsorship will have much exposure, not just locally but GLOBALLY! SLMTA wants to GIVE BACK:

    Our way of GIVING BACK is through Apprenticeships where our models & talent will MAKE A VOICE & actually get paid like a booking for doing the work that your marketing team would no longer need to stress over. We want to GIVE BACK to our YOUTH through Scholarship so they can earn another path that will proceed to strengthen their portfolio, development, and job orders that our ELITE Industry Workers are actually seeking.

    The SLMTA team is very excited to KICK OFF the 2022/2023 SEASON with a BANG of possibility for both our Models & Talent as well as the Industry Leaders seeking to make impressive marketing potential with NEW products & services available.

    We would like to see your NEW CLOTHING LINE come out in our BEAU-COUTURE Design Magazine in August. Any questions about the above packet, please do not hesitate to give me a call. We are open to provide a presentation of what we are hoping to accomplish.

    Look forward to meeting the NEXT BIG HAUTE COUTURE & FORTE in community that will build BRAND AWARENESS!

    LIVE Red-Carpet Open Calls & LIVE Red-Carpet Masquerade Ball & Expo Party

    SL MODELS & TALENT AGENCY (SLMTA)'s DBA: ArtistGALA USA presents the LIVE Red-Carpet Masquerade Ball & LIVE Red-Carpet Open Call Events with purpose that includes four business roles: 1) Demonstrating REAL fashion & talent from all ages; 2) Showcasing & promoting potential clothing lines; 3) Accorporating talent in the form of action in front of professional staff; and 4) Camera-Ready promotions. We will accomplish these roles for our LIVE Red-Carpet Events through promotion, merchandising, vending, branding, distributing, showcasing, preparing, educating, and crystalizing the art, talent, and fashion of our perspective and LIVE roster. In addition, SLMTA LIVE Red-Carpet Events has been providing the very best in artist management, development, educational programs, production, and marketing for our models and talent within nine (9) Divisions of SLMTA: 1) Models; 2) Fine Arts; 3) Musicians & Singers; 4) Worship Department; 5) Dance; 6) Photography; 7) Theatre; 8) Digital Design; and 
    9) Publishing/Productions. Our LIVE Red-Carpet Events will be EXCITING, PHENOMENAL, & APPEALING to the market of whom we share our fashion sense and talent. The GOAL to the SLMTA LIVE Red-Carpet Events focus on BUILDING BRANDS!

    This information is our invitation to you to become one of our FASHION Store Sponsors, RECORD LABELS, or Corporate Sponsors for the NEXT LIVE HAUTE COUTURE & FORTE in community and brand awareness.

    SL MODELS & TALENT AGENCY, LLC & ArtistGALA USA LIVE Red-Carpet Events support organizations specializing in the training, educating, branding of under-privileged communities that can promote nonprofit and/or arts-related organizations for families who cannot afford their child’s training, education, or branding of their artform. We also support nonprofit organizations relating to healthy lifestyles, heart-health lifestyles and/or cancer awareness in children. Finally, we would like to keep the LIVE Red-Carpet “Open Calls” ONLY free to the communities, and fifty percent (50%) of the Sponsorship will go towards helping under-privileged families the opportunity to be the NEXT BIG THING!

    Our number one goal is to empower our youth market the opportunity to train, educate, and perform/compete to bring life back to the fine/performing arts communities and to train TRUE Arts Administrators (LEADERS) the reality of our industry. Then we, as an organization in the Entertainment Industry wants to keep cost at a competitive low for our educating programs and training outlets. Finally, our organizations want TRUE DIVERSITY in our talented roster. We want to provide our youth the chance to earn good scholarships for pursuing a degree, workforce credential or certificate programs within SLMTA to become better!

    SL MODELS & TALENT AGENCY, LLC's DBA: ArtistGALA USA  is the world-renowned industry open-door policy for fashion, models, and talent. We, together can present educational programs, listed in this packet and platforms to reach our goals in empowering the teen, colleges, and under-privileged markets and diverse communities’ talent for all.

    SLMTA “LIVE” Red-Carpet Events inspire, empower, and encourage today’s teens to “BECOME” great in fashion, performance and/or fine arts.

    SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC's DBA: ArtistGALA USA  would like to develop and have relationships with Record Labels, publishing/production companies, Fashion Companies and agencies who are seeking to represent, expand, and focus on our goals at SLMTA. Based off the success, SL MODELS & TALENT AGENCY, LLC's DBA: ArtistGALA USA expects to showcase more of the store’s inventory in other communities, help increase the bottom-line of your fashions,
    and stabilize “in-store” customer shopper experience. In fact, we are going to try something new with as we start the new MOZZAFIATO LINE! We would like to showcase your designs within your stores with the BEAU-COUTURE MAGAZINE (Men/Women/Teens/Kids)! SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC's DBA: ArtistGALA USA is looking to expand the footprints in other cities.


    1. All Fashion Sponsors: Branding @Fashion Show LIVE Engaging
    2. All Studio Sponsors: Branding Artists, Work, permissive hearing LIVE of new works.
    3. All Publishing Sponsors: Showcase Authors, Titles, Bio at the table during events- depending on level of sponsorship;
    4. Sharing of Logo on advertisements;
    5. Several nonprofit organizations positioned;
    6. Live interactive audience/market;
    7. Visibility for your brand;
    8. Increase your advertising;
    9. Leverage your brand;
    10. Present your brand information;
    11. Live shopping and sampling experience at shows, festivals, and performances;
    12. The VOICE, BIG HOST, presenting your LIVE commercial;
    13. Access to the SL Models & Talent Agency Social Media platforms, Facebook Live Commercials, nationally/internationally; and
    14. Positioning in the LIVE Red-Carpet Events press releases to mainstream radio, TV, and Newspapers.

    1. SLMTA Festival Development (as Vendors);
    2. The Mozzafiato (MODA) Fashion Show(s), LIVE Fashion Events;
    3. Print the event flyer, and distribute to your clients;
    4. Position any table top signage, banner, and host or hostess;
    5. List you in the SLMTA Newsletter, Email blasts, and you can share these with your clients;
    6. Advertise and promote on radio, tv, newspaper, email, website, Social Media;
    7. Prepare your Commercial for HOST to present at our partnered LIVE Events;
    8. Prepare prizes and gift giveaways (counts toward in-kind services);
    9. Prepare company sales materials and coupons that show return on investment;
    10. Prepare your sign-up box, for follow up on new clients; and
    11. SLMTA Contract Agreements finalized all fashion and Corporate Sponsorship Arrangements.

    The LIVE Red-Carpet Events, Fashion Show(s), Festival Acknowledgements, and more brings added value to YOUR ICONIC BRAND.

    Become a Sponsor

    The SLMTA LIVE Red-Carpet Events bring that splash of color in dynamic fashion production because we unleash the Art within through a journey of building brands.

    SLMTA would like to expand our mission of phenomenal fashion works to National Malls, historically black colleges and universities to educate and to encourage men and women to be BETTER, be GREAT, be AMAZING all while entertaining attendees on the vast aspects of the fashion, cosmetics & talent industries, while representing YOUR BRAND. SL Models & Talent Agency, LLC is developing a dance studio, publishing and productions shops, and a fashion company all awhile working with industry leaders to expand their brands and even patent, serve, and represent designers to potential clients, such as Vogue, Macy, Calvin Klein, Amazon Clothes, Dillard’s, Hollister, and much more.

    Samuel Lombardo

    Born June 10, 1981, in a small town- Browns Mills, New Jersey, Samuel J. Lombardo began his career in the Greater Philadelphia area and New York. His voice range is Ab below middle C through G#7. He had over 15 years of Opera experience. He has knowledge of singing Sacred, Classical, and Baroque music, as well as several years with lyric writing, composition, and copyrighting create works. Samuel recently moved to Chattanooga, TN with the hope of finding a business sense back on November 10, 2018. Samuel performed at the Carnegie Hall for two seasons in years: 1998, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. In the same years, Samuel performed with various choruses, solos, operas, and other groups at the New York, Metropolitan Opera House. Samuel traveled to Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and many South American places within six times per year, starting in April 2002 through October 2012. He also traveled to places like France and Italy, studying the operas during its "CoOPERAtive" Program with Westminster Choir College- years 2010 - 2014. Samuel holds many credentials: Rowan College at Burlington County, holding an Associate of Science/Arts Degrees in Liberal Arts, Music, Education, and Business Administration (4.0GPA). Samuel than transfer to Westminster Choir College and Rider University where he double majored in Arts Administration: Theatre Production and Bachelors of Arts in Music Education-Voice Performance with a minor in Sacred Music (4.0GPA- Summa cun laude). Samuel graduated with his Masters at Rowan University where he studied Arts Administration: Theatre and Music Education (4.0GPA). Samuel now studies at Northcentral University with a Doctorate in Business Administration: Organizational Leadership (3.979). Samuel will make his move to Grand Rapids, Michigan to start a new life in the business where LCAC and SLMTA will become a reality after he performs Chattanooga's Top Talent on February 16, 2019, with Ambiance Models & Talent.

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  • 5001-10000 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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