Celebrating EMMY Awards: Harvest VIP Lounge and gifting event!

Beverly Hills, California, United States
Thu, Sep 12 2024

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Beverly Hills, California, United States Beverly Hills, California, United States
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About our event

The event in question is the Emmy Gifting Lounge, which typically takes place celebrating the Emmy Awards ceremony. It is a luxurious and exclusive gathering where celebrities, influencers, media personnel, and industry insiders come together to celebrate excellence in television and entertainment. The lounge offers an opportunity for attendees to experience high-end products and services, often including fashion, beauty, technology, lifestyle, and wellness brands. It serves as a platform for brands to showcase their offerings to a highly influential audience, garnering attention, creating buzz, and potentially forming partnerships. Overall, the Emmy Gifting Lounge is about glamour, prestige, and networking within the entertainment industry.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Unparalleled Exposure: Our event provides sponsors with unparalleled exposure to a highly influential audience, including celebrities, influencers, media personalities, and industry insiders. This exposure can significantly enhance brand visibility and recognition.

Targeted Marketing: The attendees of our event represent a specific demographic that aligns with many sponsors' target markets. Sponsors can effectively reach and engage with their desired audience, leading to increased brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Networking Opportunities: Sponsoring our event grants sponsors exclusive access to networking opportunities with key figures in the entertainment industry. These connections can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.

Brand Association: By associating with our event, sponsors can enhance their brand image and credibility by aligning themselves with the glamour and prestige of the Emmy Awards and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Return on Investment (ROI): Our event offers sponsors measurable ROI through various channels, including brand exposure, lead generation, product sales, and customer acquisition. We provide comprehensive pre-event and post-event analysis to ensure sponsors can track and evaluate the success of their investment.

Customized Sponsorship Packages: We offer tailored sponsorship packages to meet the specific goals and objectives of each sponsor, ensuring that their investment aligns with their marketing strategies and business objectives.

Overall, sponsoring our event presents sponsors with a unique opportunity to elevate their brand, expand their reach, and capitalize on valuable networking and marketing opportunities within the entertainment industry.



Sponsorship Package

INCLUDES: Brand Exclusivity Available (guaranteed to be the only brand in your genre) Social Media Campaign - Pre & Post Event, 8 Weeks Receive an Exclusive Sponsor Video Interview for your company to use for promotional purposes One 4-ft table (premium location within venue) Access to Staff Photographer Access to all Celebrities and Media Covering the Event Post Media Wrap-Up of all Placements Access to Post-Event Professional Celebrity Photos, available via online links for download Lunch Provided, Open Bar Corporate Identification / Acknowledgement on all event Advertising, Invitations, Press Releases, and Step and Repeat.



Gifting- Gift Basket Only

Your Products will be included in our VIP Celebrity Gift Bags which will be handed out to celebrities, celebrity stylists, and elite media. Your products will be included in all Press Releases pertaining to VIP Celebrity Gift Bags, to over 20K media outlets. You will receive a post-suite photo of contents of VIP Celebrity Gift Bag. Sponsor is required to provide approximately 500 pieces of promotional product to include in the VIP Celebrity Gift Bags (product does not have to be all the same item).

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