Thu, Apr 04 - Fri, Apr 05 2024

Blurred lines,

Ibiza-stad, Balearen, Spain Ibiza-stad, Balearen, Spain

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    Embark on a journey into the extraordinary at our Blurred Lines underwater magic. 

    As the sun sets, the boundaries fade, and the venue transforms into an underwater dreamscape—a canvas for your most seductive fantasies. Submerge yourself in the depths of Blurred lines, adorned in enchanting underwater attire. Feel the seamless blend of reality and fantasy, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and allure. In the heart of Lilicious, respect is not just a rule—it's the heartbeat. 

    Connect with like-minded spirits, exploring passions in a safe space where fantasy and respect dance together under the sea. 

    Elevate your Blurred Lines journey with our exclusive VIP package, offering exclusive seating with a panoramic view of our underwater spectacle and enhance your pleasure. Let the lines blur and allow the shadows of secrecy to dance, let Lilicious escort you through this magical night! Nothing is obligated, all is possible. 

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    Why should you sponsor?

    Why team up?
    1.     Exceptional exposure: Lilicious is expected to attract a diverse and classy audience, offering sponsors an opportunity to show their brand to a highly desirable demographic.
    2.     Engaging content: our event will generate content through social media (influencers), websites,  photography, and videography, ensuring lasting exposure for our sponsors on suiting channels. 
    3.     Networking opportunities: our events provide a unique opportunity for sponsors to network with other prominent brands and influential individuals who emphasize elegance and style.

    Partnership opportunities
    We understand that each brand has unique needs and goals. We can discuss how we can create a partnership (package) that aligns perfectly with your brand. Consider the skills of our key collaborator, Jean-Luc Grassere, which include logo animations and other motion graphic designs. 

    What we're looking for
    We invite potential sponsors to join us in creating an extraordinary event. A option is an  financial contribution, at your chosen level, to ensure the seamless execution of every detail, from decorations to top-notch entertainment. Another option is merchandise, services, or other valuable contributions which add a unique touch to the event experience. What sets our sponsors apart is not only their financial or in-kind support but the option for active engagement and collaboration with our team. 

    Contact us
    To explore partnership opportunities or discuss a customized package, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are eagerly anticipating the possibility of collaborating with you to make Lilicious an unparalleled success. Your questions and inquiries are more than welcome; feel free to ask anything or seek additional information.
    We look forward to the prospect of creating something extraordinary together.


    Picture a night where desire dances in the air, where every touch, sound, and sight awakens a new level of passion. I'm Lilly Ibiza resident since 3 years and an passionate event organizer with extensive experience and a network cultivated through events in the Netherlands. This is my first own event on Ibiza. My key collaborator, Jean-Luc, also resides in Ibiza, contributing his skills as a VJ, motion graphic designer, and 3D artist.
    As an organizer, I am determined to offer an unforgettable experience to attendees while generating positive publicity for the people I collaborate with. I envision attracting a classy audience, that aligns with the elegant and stylish side of Ibiza. Our dedication is to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    40% Male Attendees

    60% Female Attendees

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⦁ Recognition on event materials. ⦁ Complimentary tickets for your team. ⦁ Social media mentions. ⦁ Collaboration opportunities with the event team.

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⦁ Logo placement on event materials. ⦁ Complimentary tickets and hospitality for your team. ⦁ Social media exposure. ⦁ Collaboration opportunities with the event team.

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⦁ Exclusive naming rights (e.g., "[Your Brand] presents [Event Name]"). ⦁ Prominent logo placement on all event materials. ⦁ Extensive pre-event and on-site visibility. ⦁ VIP access and hospitality for your team. ⦁ Social media and press coverage. ⦁ Collaboration opportunities with the event team.

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