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Asia Contest PMU Festival,

Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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  • About the event

    Welcome to the world of Asia Cosmetology Permanent Federation (ACPF), an esteemed organization that serves as an international platform for cosmetologists to showcase their skills, network, and elevate their careers. ACPF has emerged as a renowned entity not only in Malaysia but also across Asia, gaining recognition for its commitment to excellence in the beauty industry.

    One of the key highlights of ACPF is its record-breaking participation in beauty makeover contests, captivating the attention of professionals and enthusiasts alike. Through these contests, cosmetologists have the opportunity to demonstrate their artistic abilities and innovative techniques, propelling them to new heights of success.

    What sets ACPF apart is its dedication to providing internationally certified education services. With a focus on enhancing skills and knowledge, ACPF collaborates with renowned beauticians and institutions, enabling aspiring cosmetologists to gain practical experience through internships. By offering these valuable opportunities, ACPF paves the way for individuals to excel in their chosen field.

    Moreover, ACPF organizes bi-yearly competitions that create a level playing field for delegates to upgrade their skills and gain recognition. These competitions foster an ecosystem that encourages continuous learning and professional growth, ensuring that participants are equipped with the latest trends and techniques in the ever-evolving beauty industry.

    In essence, Asia Cosmetology Permanent Federation (ACPF) is a dynamic organization that not only promotes the talent and skills of cosmetologists but also provides them with the necessary tools and opportunities to thrive in their careers. With its focus on education, collaboration, and empowerment, ACPF is at the forefront of shaping the future of the beauty industry across Asia and beyond.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Sponsoring the ACPF competition offers numerous benefits and opportunities for sponsors. Here are several reasons why a sponsor should support the ACPF competition:

    1. Exposure and Visibility: As a sponsor, your brand will receive extensive exposure and visibility among a targeted audience of beauty professionals and enthusiasts. Your brand will be prominently featured throughout the competition, including in marketing materials, event signage, and digital platforms, allowing you to increase brand awareness and reach a wider customer base.

    2. Industry Leadership: By sponsoring the ACPF competition, you position your brand as a leader and industry supporter. It demonstrates your commitment to the growth and advancement of the beauty industry, enhancing your reputation and credibility among industry professionals and consumers.

    3. Networking and Connections: The ACPF competition gathers cosmetologists, business owners, manufacturers, suppliers, and educators from the beauty industry. By sponsoring the event, you have the unique opportunity to connect with key players in the industry, fostering valuable relationships, and exploring potential business collaborations.

    4. Product and Service Promotion: Sponsoring the ACPF competition allows you to showcase and promote your products or services directly to a targeted audience. You can engage with participants and attendees, providing them with firsthand experience and information about your offerings, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

    5. Brand Alignment: The ACPF competition represents excellence, creativity, and innovation in the beauty industry. By associating your brand with the competition, you align yourself with these values, enhancing your brand image and attracting like-minded customers who appreciate quality and innovation.

    6. Supporting Talent and Education: The ACPF competition provides a platform for cosmetologists to showcase their skills and gain recognition through prestigious awards. By sponsoring the competition, you contribute to the development and growth of talented individuals in the beauty industry, supporting their professional journey and nurturing future leaders.

    In summary, sponsoring the ACPF competition offers significant marketing opportunities, industry leadership, networking prospects, and the chance to support talent and education in the beauty industry. It is a strategic investment that can yield positive brand exposure, customer engagement, and business growth.

    Susanna Ng

    Sponsors should trust you based on several factors:

    1. Experience and Expertise: As the co-organizer of ACPF and the CEO of Our Journey Pte Ltd, you bring valuable experience and expertise to the table. Your previous role as the Director of Idyllic Cosmetology Pte Ltd demonstrates your deep understanding of the beauty industry, its challenges, and its potential. Sponsors can trust that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully organize and execute the ACPF event.

    2. Track Record: Your involvement in previous beauty-related ventures showcases your track record in the industry. Sponsors can have confidence in your ability to deliver results and drive success. Your past experiences demonstrate your commitment, dedication, and ability to overcome challenges, which instills trust in your capabilities as a co-organizer.

    3. Regional Perspective: Your presence as a co-organizer from Singapore provides a regional perspective and adds diversity to the team. Sponsors can benefit from your insights and connections in the Singaporean market, expanding the reach and impact of the ACPF event.

    4. Shared Goals and Vision: Your statement about recognizing the great potential of the ACPF platform and your desire to assist the organizers in reaching more business owners aligns with the sponsors' objectives. Sponsors want to support initiatives that have clear goals, a strong vision, and a commitment to growth. Your involvement and dedication to the success of the ACPF event demonstrate that you share these common goals and are actively working towards achieving them.

    In summary, sponsors can trust you based on your experience, track record, regional perspective, and shared goals and vision. Your role as the co-organizer, along with your previous positions in the beauty industry, showcases your qualifications and commitment to making the ACPF event a success. Sponsors can have confidence in your abilities, expertise, and dedication to delivering value and positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    30% Male Attendees

    70% Female Attendees

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1) Advertisement on ACPF Social Media Platform, FB, IG and website. 2) Half page magazine publication on ACPF annual edition in-house magazine. (highly browsed by beauty industry players) 3) 2 entrance tickets for daytime competition spectating includes lunch.

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1) Advertisement on ACPF Social Media Platform, FB, IG and website. 2) Full page magazine publication on ACPF annual edition in-house magazine. (highly browsed by beauty industry players) 3) Logo appear on event display board 4) 2 entrance tickets for daytime competition spectating includes lunch. 5) 2 dinner tickets

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