Thu, Jun 10 - Wed, Jun 30 2021


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • About the event

    The Project

    • Production Type : INDEPENDENT- UNITE

    • Project Length : 3 Hrs 30 Mins (Un-Cut)

    • Total Lenght : 3 Hrs 45 Mins (Including titling)

    • Project Format : 16:9 HD

    • Production Company : SPLIT MIRROR PICTUREZ

    • Project Genre : Thriller

    • Project Theme : Suspense

    • Director : Rahul Singh

    • Producer : Rahul Singh & Siddhart Bharti

    • Shooting Location : Delhi /  UttarPradesh

    • Shooting Dates : 10 June - 30 June, 2021

    • Shooting Duration : 4 hrs. (in a day)

    Project USP


    • 3hrs 30mins... a complete movie in single take. Record Breaker

    • An attempt to break The Guinness World Record of making an uncut feature film. Widest Audience

    • With most of the people still avoiding the gatherings because of CoVid-19 and binge watching at home, they have set their mind for Entertainment to watch on over-the-top (OTT) video platforms as well.

    Award Winning endeavour

    • To be eligible to get nominated for OSCAR, entering film festivals and winning.


    • A CBI officer is challenged by an intruder to catch him in a limited time otherwise his whole town have to pay for this. Officer accepts the challenge and intruder add some clues to see how updated and smart the CBI officer is and chase begins...


    A young CBI officer is worried and sitting next to some newspaper cuttings. All the pieces have one thing common that is the face of a man. Suddenly he got a call from an intruder . The intruder challenges the CBI officer to catch him if he can . He also adds that he will help him out to reach by himself by giving the CBI officer clues . he says that there are some men somewhere in his town that they are going to do a massive attack and if he is smart enough he will manage to stop him.


    • This Uncut Feature film Wants to break the world record. In this film we want to attempt the making of film with a single take & camera on. We have done twice attempts of a 3 hrs 30 mins uncut feature film as in practice & we noted down our first attempt time was 3 hrs 47 mins & second attempt was 3 hrs 55 mins.

    • A young CBI official is concerned and sitting near some paper cuttings. All the pieces make them thing typical that is the substance of a man. All of a sudden he got a call from an intruder . The gatecrasher challenges the CBI authority to get him in case he can . He moreover incorporates that he will get him out to reach without any other individual by giving the CBI official snippets of data . he says that there are a couple of men some spot in his town that they will do a tremendous attack and if he is sharp enough he will make sense of how to stop him.


    As of past years, India is the tenth largest market for OTT in the world with overall revenue standing at Rs. 4,462 crore.

    You know a show is a hit in today’s digital world when it spawns internet memes, listicles and T- shirts with dialogues from the show.

    Why OTT Has A Bright Future In India?

    • Data Boom - For OTT streaming to thrive, data has to be easily accessible and cheap, especially in a market with a huge population such as India. India delivered on this front after the launch of Reliance Jio in 2016 and with this other telecom companies are forced to dropped their prices and India’s data consumption also skyrocketed after 2016.

    • Economy Grows - The increase in per capital income and consequently disposable income from 2013 to 2016 also played a major role in Indians embracing OTT players.

    • Smarter Devices - Along with easy access to 4G data and cheap data plans, affordable 4G handsets pushed India’s consumption even higher. The India smartphone market shipped 142.3 million units in 2018, registering a healthy 14.5% YoY growth, according to IDC data.

    User Growth - India has close to 500 million Internet users, with a mere 20% rural penetration. The increase in the number of smartphone subscribers and the growth rate projections for this metric are a good omen for the OTT streaming industry in India. An ASSOCHAM-PwC report says India is on track to be the tenth-largest market for OTT in terms of revenue in 2022, with mobile internet subscribers set to grow to 805 mn in 2022.

    Another major factor is the growth of smart TVs in India as opposed to regular TV sets. According to IDC, the video entertainment category which includes smart TVs and streaming sticks grew 81% year-over-year in 2018.


    We intend to sell the film outright on a big digital platform after breaking the world record. As they will spend a good amount for publicity and would be able to release it for huge audience. We have already spoken to a couple of Digital Platforms like Amazon prime, Netflix, MX Player etc...who have shown interest to buy the series. In either case if we are not going to break the world record we will publish our film on MX Player. Starting from online to creating pre-release buzz, we shall think of effective ways to reach out to people. Our main focus is online, as it is the cheapest and effective one. Also as our target audience for the film are primarily youngsters aged between 18-30, social media are effective mediums.


    Why should you sponsor?

    Branding Opportunity

    • Placement of logo
    1. On screen (5 sec)

    2. On the backdrop in the press


    • Brands/Products visibility. In-film (3-5 min )
    • Video advertisement - Extraction of scenes highlighting your brand/product


    • As we SplitiMirror Picturez producing an uncut feature film series of Thriller-crime-action genre for millenials. Your product fits our Script perfectly as our Protagonist is an environmentalist besides being sincere and principled and an avid user of your product. Along with this, in our whole uncut feature film, your product will be highlight in OTT Platforms.

    • We will provide product placement videos clips from the movie that could increase product selling.

    • If you are start-up companies then it will definitely help you to reveal your Brands and Products infront of huge audience and it will help to make a Brand.


    • How about promoting your service? In this fast-paced life, we all are looking for quality service providers. Customers believe in experiences shared by others. And we are going to showcase it via our uncut feature film which will also promoted on Digital Platforms.

    • Your Product with its services will be absorbed in the scenes as if they are authentically present there defining your brand. For example, promotion of ‘Maruti Suzuki Ertiga LXI’ in the Movie ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti‘.


    Gaurav Tandon

    Executive Summary

    • SplitMirror Picturez is a dynamic film production and distribution company formed with the objective of producing genre driven films and working with young talents to bring new energy to Indian cinema.

    • A new generation of film professionals with background in marketing, production, post- production, media and extensive network connections both locally and internationally, SplitMirror Picturez aims to combine creative talent with alternate resources in financing & distribution, and produce quality titles suitable for worldwide audiences.

    • The organized and extensive has given us the ability to create epic movies without needing an epic budget.

    Vision and Mission

    To produce a successful movie that will be sold worldwide that will show-off new film making, cost effective and state of the art methods to create a trend in movie making style. Taking film entertainment to a new level, with the depth of character, and richness in visuals and sound that the audience crying out for. Independent cinema is about to see something breath-taking. ‘To organize Indian Cinema’.

    We at ‘SplitMirror Picturez’ don’t have any typical “Vision and Mission” apart from entertaining and providing good cinema according to the audience taste. This is our only vision and mission.

    What we Have

    Network of 10+ well known directors with more than 15 years of experience in Media Industry with Production houses, artists, pre-production, production and post-production artist, Music directors, line producers, art directors, animation director, executive producers, costume designers, singers just name a few are associated with SplitMirror Picturez.

    We invite all talents related with this industry for easily accessible and better business/job opportunities. Writers, Directors, Cinematographers, CreativeTalents, partners, collection agencies and the people linked in this chain help us executing the projects more smoothly and efficiently which gives us an added advantages over other.

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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