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"YWBTBE" Teen Fashion Show,

Norfolk, Virginia, United States Norfolk, Virginia, United States

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    My name is Brianna Long and I am currently a senior at Granby High School and also the coordinator of the "You Were Born to be Exceptional" Teen Fashion Show. In the year of 2016 our generation has already been labeled as powerless. Those born in the so called “enlightened generation” believe that because our generation is so “consumed” with technology, we do not have the capabilities to live up to their standards.  There are a lot of exceptional teens in our community who are being hindered from the ability to demonstrate their creativity through not only fashion, but also other talents like photography, cosmetology, music, and more. Some of these teens may feel as though they are limited to certain opportunities because they are not located in a place where they can exercise these gifts.


    The “You Were Born to Be Exceptional” Fashion Show will expose the power that is held within each and every individual participating, while increasing their confidence by providing motivation and a platform for each individual to utilize their inner magic. Not only will this event be beneficial for those participating, but it will also inspire young boys and girls of every shape, size, and color to strive for the best and to not limit themselves to their surroundings.

    This fashion show really means alot to me because for a long time I had dealt with a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. It was not until I began to realize the strength, power, and beauty internally, that I was able to exude such qualities externally. From there, I was able to build myself back up and develop impactful ideas such as a Teen Fashion Show.  As stated before, not only will this event act as a boost of self-love and encouragement for myself or anyone else that may be involved, but also for the youth who may be watching, searching, and waiting for someone to recognize their individuality.

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    Brianna Long

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    Your support, sponsorships, and donations would significantly ease the process of funding for this event. These endowments will help finance definite fixed expenses such as the renting of the venue, DJ, the cost for both clothing and accessories, and so much more. My team and I would be tremendously grateful for all of  your  support because without your donations and sponsorships, a lot of the ideas that we may have in mind will not be able to come into fruition. I too ,like the rest of you want to see the young Kings and Queens of our communities grow and conquer this earth, and without self-empowerment events such as this, that vision is consequently fragile. Each and every single sponsor will recieve both recognition at the show case of the fashion show and a thank you letter to dedicate a token of our thanks and appreciation towards your support. Nothing that you all will do for this event will go unnoticed and we will forever be grateful.

    Brianna Long

    My name is Brianna Long and I am a senior in High School. Every since I was a little princess, I have always had both an eye and a heart for the world of art, fashion, and business. Having  grown up in a financially unstable single parent household, I was always searching for something to prove to the world that I was not their sterotypical African American female, but a strong, resilient, and powerful young lady who had been destined for greatness. Growing up under these circumstances motivated me to work harder towards my dreams, aspirations, and goals in life, and even though I experienced several hardships and trials along the way, I still always managed to keep myself grounded on the very sole foundation that made me the individual that I am today. I am now academically excelling in school with a 4.0 cumulative grade point average and I actively participate in several community service projects and clubs to both help build my character and prepare me for the life I plan to have in the future. My hunger, my thirst, and my drive to become the "Oprah" of the fashion industry has motivated me to coordinate such an event as the "You Were Born To Be Exceptional" Teen Fashion Show. I want to encourage and inspire the teenagers in my community to not put a hault on the power that resides within them, but to utilize it and show this world what they have been blessed with--no matter what the circumstances may be.

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  • 251-500 attendees expected

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