About us


Peter Pöhle

Since his youth, Peter had a passion both for tech and business. Right after his studies he created his first company, active in internet development and later in film production. Step by step Peter became interested in sponsorship and discovered what all could go wrong in this area. This experience led to the creation of SponsorMyEvent. Peter is active in developing SponsorMyEvent’s vision, the execution as well as the marketing. Besides he often appears as speaker at conferences, webinars or podcast - of course speaking about his favourite topic: inbound sponsorship.

Gilles Poulles

The (not only) technical brain behind SponsorMyEvent is a seasoned CTO who always strives to be on top of the latest technologies. Gilles willingness to use cutting edge technology for the sake of making sponsorships easier is a crucial part in the development of SponsorMyEvent. But Gilles doesn’t limit himself there: his understanding of marketing, UX and bridging the gap between technology and humans make him a restless evangelist for better SaaS solutions. Gilles often compares being in a startup with preparing for a marathon (Gilles was finishing several marathons): you need stamina, discipline and the iron will to succeed.


John de la Penna

John has been a serial entrepreneur and marketer from a young age with companies and investments in Automotive, Auto Racing, Hospitality, Marketing and High Tech Industry. Board Member and team Owner in "Championship Auto Racing Teams" IPO 1997. Founder of Della Penna Motorsports, the DPM sponsor roster included major companies such as Anhauser Bush/Budweiser, Ralphs Supermarkets, Dominics, Fred Mayer, Fuji Film, DirecTV, Viewsonics, Ziff-Davis, Goodyear, Firestone, Ford Motor Company, Toyota Motor Sales USA and others.

Liz King

Liz is really passionate about logistics, timelines & partnerships. That's what makes her love the field of event planning so much. She also has a techy side that loves to explore new tools and technologies - social media, mobile apps, online communities and more. She has leveraged this interest to host social media/technology-integrated events that help attendees interact more effectively. She also blogs and speaks about the integration of technology and events.


Xavier Buck

Paul Schnebbelie