Thu, Aug 24 2017

YS 2nd Annual Cannabis Symposium,

Lyons Farmette, Lyons, Colorado, United States Lyons Farmette, Lyons, Colorado, United States

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    We hope that you join us for Yellow Scene’s 2nd Annual Cannabis Symposium farm-to-table dinner. This is a non-consumptive event where Yellow Scene is bringing all types of cannabis users together to have an Elevated Conversation to discuss the most critical questions about the industry today. It is our obligation as part of the media to start conversations, ones that you do not have every day. This is a conversation that you can’t have with your Uncle Herman at the dinner table. Be prepared to meet with medical patients, lawyers, doctors, government officials, home-growers, law professors, and many more – all of us who are involved and active in the community in different ways with different perspectives. 

    This year, our focus is on the legalities and ramifications of the industry. We will be discussing bills that work and bills that do not. We will be talking about home grow regulations HB - 1220, child welfare, seed to sale business compliancy, DUI/DWAI regulations, the open containers law, cannabis tourism consumption SB - 184, and more! 

    Last year we talked about legitimizing the industry - changing the public’s perception from “reefer madness propaganda” by educating the public to try to take away the negative “stoner” stereo-types that continue to be thrown around. We had some amazing speakers! Yellow Scene’s publisher Shavonne Blades, Dr. Joe Cohen from Holos Health, William Porter head of marketing and communications for Starbuds Dispensary, Barbara Brohl from the Colorado Department of Revenue, and Truman Bradley from Southwest Alternative Care were all great speakers last year. 
    Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/FQzGZGGGA-o 

    Colorado has the opportunity to create regulations that are fair and that benefit everyone in order to help the rest of the country see why legalization of cannabis was the right thing to do. This is a trial and error period where we have the chance to speak up, get involved, and stand up for something that we all believe in.

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    If you would like to Sponsor the Symposium please contact us right away by emailing *****@****.*** - we have three levels for sponsorship ranging from $1500-$4000 that puts your name as a signature alongside this North Metro/BoCO event to the attendees and the hundreds of thousands of people seeing the marketing in conjunction with it. 

    Reach hundreds of North Metro people to educate them about your industry and products, while also enjoying a lovely farm-to-table dinner. This is an evening of education and the opportunity to win over consumers and industry leaders alike to your business. Plus, you’ll receive tons of exposure in Yellow Scene Magazine, on yellowscene.com, in event e-blasts, video coverage, as well as in flyers and signage. 

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    Mandey King

    Yellow Scene Magazine has been the cultural voice for Boulder Country for the last seventeen years. YS is dedicated to nothing but award winning Journalism Standards where we never cross the line between advertising and editorial. 

    YS started as a small flier printed on yellow paper in 2000 where the Publisher hand walked the flier to 4,000 homes in Erie. Now we've grown up into something cooler, sexier and more awesome than ever. Seventeen years later, YS is now the largest publication in Boulder County. 

    This dedication to journalism, as well as our in-house design agency (we provide free agency quality design for our advertisers because a good ad produces 7x the impact of a bad one!) has allowed us to grow to 70,000 and become the largest circulated publication serving the 13 communities in the county, including Boulder from 104th to Highway 66 and I-25 to the Flatirons. That means we reach about 70% of the homeowners in this area. The remaining 14,000 arent shoved in a big pile in the doorway, but rather we put less copies in more places. We are in 500 corporate and professional offices, 200+ medical offices, government buildings as well as coffee shops and restaurants. All in all we are distributed in 1,600 key places around the county where people live and work. But you have to move quick to find one, they are usually all picked up in about 4 days.

    We know the only reason advertising should ever be placed is because there is an audience. Therefore we are of the strict belief that Content is King and journalism standards must be in place. Great writers = a great following of readers. Because we seek out the best writers we can find, we have been blessed with (and sometimes challenged by) tremendous growth. We have blossomed to an award-winning publication, that has garnered interviews with everyone from Governor Hickenlooper to Amy Schumer, Jack Black, Rage Against the Machine, Louis Psihoyos, Karl Densen, SOJA and the list goes on.  We cover important topics like education, social issues, notable locals, and fun things like entertainment and food. 

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

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