Sat, Jul 29 2017

Your Experiences Shaped Your Life: It Was Necessary,

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
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    This event is about being set free from life bondages, and hearing the testimonies of others that have overcome their adversities. They will be fed spiritually as well as physically. We are a christian based group. They can meet entreprenuers, and others from different walks of life to become empowered, encouraged and have the chance to accept salvation.

    Why should you sponsor?

    A sponsor should support my event because I desire to bring change to the lives of young ladies and Women that need that extra encouragement it their lives.  Also with the scholarships we'll be able to bless some young ladies to help further their education as well as help in the financial burden of student loans. They're sponsorship will make the world of difference for this event.

    LadyConstance Hamilton

    My Name is Constance Hamilton, I'm 47 years old. I'm very familiar with being broken not just spriritually but physically as well. On ecember 7, 1995 I was in a fatal car accident where I broke my neck at a c-2 level which was is a hangmans fracture, broke both bones in my left arm, broke my left femur, lower bone n my left leg and ankle, broke both bones in my right leg, crushed my right ankle til my foot turned backwards, a boxers fraction in my right hand and I died in the car.  I shared that because I need you all to know that I'm passionate about seeing women healed, delivered, encouraged and empowered.  I started Good Girlz Talk Godly & Positive 7 years ago in Detroit, MI.  I'm a mother of 4 beautful children my oldest Son is a United States Marine, my 2nd oldest is E-5 Navy Sailor, My 3rd son attends the HBCU North Carolina A & T where he's plays the 1st chair in the Trumpet section and lastly my daughter who will be a 2017-2018 Senior when she goes back to school as well one of 2 seniors in GGTGP Scholarship Receipients. My husband is a Persian Gulf War Navy Vet and Pastor. I'm an at home mom that went back to school in 2011 and graduated 2013 from ITT Technical School.  I'm wanted the ladies to see that no matter what we face in life we can overcome an obstacle. I love to see women that thought couldn't do something and through being a part Good Girlz Talk Godly & Positive, They've evolved like butter flies. The first graduate a few years ago, parents were lad off and couldn't afford anything for her Prom an the ladies got together and it wasnt cheap without an sponsorship. The 2 young ladies that are graduating in 2018 are the oldest of our young GGTGs that are in school and will be the 2nd & 3rd receipients of a GGTGP Scholarship. My daughter wants to be a Midwife and the other young lady wants to be a Lawyer.  My life is dedicated to seeing women free from bondage, lack, poor mindset & poverty. They no longer talk or look at life negatively. Some now are in Detroit, North Carolina where I now reside, and in Houston and Fort Worth Texas.  They attend events coming to NC as well as Detroit. One of my goals is to make it to Texas!

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  • 51-100 attendees expected

    18% Male Attendees

    82% Female Attendees

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