Wed, Feb 01 - Sun, Dec 03 2023

Fund Raiser for Live and Virtual Musical Events By KalaKrut Platform Community,

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • About the event

    A Series of Events, Live Streams and Community Meet-ups are in planning for by KalaKrut Platform that has 90+ Artists, 10 Associates and an Extended Community of 300+ Artists, Services, Facilities and Venues, to Propagate Sustainability of Artists, Services and Businesses within Ecology of Musical Events and Music Industry. 

    The Live and Virtual Musical Events would focus on Vocal and Instrumental Indian Classical Music, Folk and Fusion (of Indian Classical Music with genres mainly Jazz and World with respect to Indian Context) including Interviews of noted Contributors. We do have pages to accommodate all Genres. Upon positive responses from sponsors, we would provide details of the events to their satisfaction.

    We are a Nacent Initiative that Started from Mumbai India, however, have Larger Goals and Deeper Ambitions to Reach the Initiative to Indiawide and Worldwide.

    Looking Forward To Your Benevolent Support !

    Why should you sponsor?

    Centrality of Artists in the Music Industry is an Undisputed Fact. Sustainability of Artists is our Prime Goal. Artists preserve Art, Art-forms, Culture, Traditions, Genres and Contribute to the Development of Massive Industry that Impacts Economic, Social, Environmental and Well-Being of the World. 

    We started KalaKrut Platform as a Zero or Self-funded Initiative to Develop a Sustainable  Community. The Community aims to Synergize the Benefits to the Industry Ecology based on its Growth by Supporting Artists as well as Facilitating Collabs for Excellence in Education, Creativity, Technology, Business, Services, Place Makings and Audience Awareness.

    While, few of the Platform Services form a part of Revenue, we seek Benevolent Contributions from the Extended Community for us to Offer Free/Affordable Services, Conduct Regular Platform Events and Meet-ups, PR and Awareness Campaigns, Subscribe to Softwares and Online Resources and Services, Register at Industry and Government Organizations, Obtain Permissions / Licences in Various Locales, etc. 

    KalaKrut is a Proprietorship based Hybrid Social Enterprise Modeled Community based Initiative whereby our For-profit Activities Support our Non-profit Goals. 

    Support our Mission !

    KalaKrut Platform

    KalaKrut is Wishing You A Great, Musical Year Ahead !

    KalaKrut Platform

    KalaKrut is Proprietorship based Hybrid Social Enterprise Modeled Community Initiative For All within Ecology of Music and Musical Events Industry whereby our For-profit activities support our Non-profit Goals. 

    KalaKrut Community Aims To Include Artist, Bands, Writers/Poets/Lyricists/Comperes, Actors, Dancers/Choreographers, Stage/Sound/Light Services,  Production Services, Venues & Event Companies.

    KalaKrut Wishes To Build, Manage, Scaleup and Promote Robust Community With A Prime Goal of Sustainability of Art, Art-Forms, Artists & All Associated.

    Join Us. Pl. Fill Relevant Forms from Either Artist Survey Form I 
    Events Tie-Up Form

    KalaKrut Offers Following Community Based Online/Offline Services Based Workflows:

    1. Community Surveys & Community Building, PIN/ZIP Coded Databases & Data Analysis

    2. Management of Community, offering open source/free/fremium tools for community, Free & Paid Promotions of Various Genres of Music, Events, Event Companies, Concepts, Contents, Artists, Bands, Choreographers, Dance Groups, Writers, Poets, Comperes, Actors/Standup Comedians, Models, Voice-Over Artists, Events Related Services Like Sound/Light/Stage, Production Services Like Recording/Videography, Event Venues Like Grounds, Theatres, Studios, Party Halls, Hotel Resorts... 

    3. Music Distributions, Creative and Business Collaborations, Lead Generations (Social Media Promotions, Job Postings, Festival Submissions, Platform Events, etc), Merchandising, Monetization for Community Members and Platform, Music Related Buy/Sell & Medical Support To Community Members

    4. Event Related Email/Online Ticketing 

    5. We Seek Benevolent Support, Donations, Sponsorship, Funding or Grants from Friends, Individuals, Volunteers,  Event Companies,
    Corporates, Start-Ups, Brands, NGOs, Charitable Organizations, Trusts, Foundations & Governments.

    6. Sponsors Shall Get Representations on the Event Promotion Stack & Various Other In-kind Benefits. 

    7. We work on No Commissions policy, Light Weight Retainers for Consultancy, and Service Charges For Paid Promotions & Ticketing on Advance Payment Terms. 

    Multi-link Bio:



    fb/kalakrutagn (Main page)

    fb/kalakrutbands (Bands & Western Genres)

    Fb/kalakrutconceptminers (Renowned Artists)

    Blog Websites:  



    YouTube Handle:



    @KalaKrut, @kalakrutconceptminers, @kalakrutslack


    @kalakrut, @kalakrutbands

    @kalakrutunique( for Worldwide Artists & Unique Contents)

    G page:





    KalaKrut Community Platform is Artists Services of ConceptMiners.

    We Are GST Compliant.

    Looking Forward To Your Kind Support.

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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Mentions of Individual Name in the Post Texts, Event and Live Streaming. 3 VIP Entry passes or Ship 1 Event Merchandise. (Per Event In-person Audience is 100-1000, Around 12-15 Events are Planned per Year, Audience of 10000+ is an aggregate of In-person + Online Engagements per Event)

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Logo Appear on All Posts, Media and Walls, for Pre-, Peri-, Post Event Promotions in the Sponsors Strip. Mentions of Business Entity or Brand in the Event and Live Streaming as Sponsors. One Paid Promotion for Your 1 Product / Service (if not in conflict with KalaKrut Policies) 10 VIP Entry Passes and Merchandise for 3 members of your team. (Per Event In-person Audience is 100-1000, Around 12-15 Events are Planned per Year, Audience of 10000+ is an aggregate of In-person + Online Engagements per Event)

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Gold Sponsors are Main Event Sponsors for Each Event. Mentions as Gold Sponsors with 1 Business Entity, 1 Brand & 5 Products. Logo on Posts, Media and Wall as the Sponsor for All Social Media Pre, Peri, Post Event. Year Round Paid/Organic Promotion for Your 5 Products / Services (if not in conflict of our platform policies). Free Entry Passes and Merchandise shipped for 5 members of your team. (Per Event In-person Audience is 100-1000, Around 12-15 Events are Planned per Year, Audience of 10000+ is an aggregate of In-person + Online Engagements per Event)

10 available

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