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World's Longest Concert Competition,

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  • About the event

     A 24/7, live music marathon happening simultaneously in cities all over the United States, for no  less than 16 days...and potentially much longer.

     The event begins on Saturday, April 1st, 2017, at 9pm ET.

     At 16 days, the world record for World's Longest Concert (as verified by Record Setter) will be broken by every venue still hosting live music in accordance with the rules of the event.

     After 16 days, the competition becomes a question of which venue(s) can keep the interest of their community the longest.

     At the competition's end, the venue(s) who are last to keep hosting live music will win the new world record for World's Longest Concert and a cash prize which grows larger every day the competition continues.





    Why should you sponsor?

    Do you want a direct line into the lives of both amatuer and professional musicians from coast to coast?

    What about local music scenes, promoters, and venues?

    What if you had a way to get almost every musician and live music lover in America interested in your product?

    That would be pretty cool, right?

    Unfortunately, you can't just snap your fingers and have access to people like that, though. These things require a lot of legwork. Time. Money. 

    Perhaps most of all you need a really good idea. One that draws everyone's attention and interest. Prefferably, one that has already proven itself viable through practice and execution.

    We are offering up that opportunity right now, through this project.(see video link)

    As Director of World's Longest Concert, I have personally organized the top two longest concerts in world history. Each effort involved hundreds of acts, weeks of non-stop live music, and an entire community rallying behind a common goal.

    Both concerts tripled business for the venues involved.

    The first one was named the local story of the year, 2015, in Chico, CA.

    The second one was mentioned in USA Today.

    I have devoted the entirety of 2016 towards building this event up to be big success in April, perhaps even into May.

    The cash prize to the winner(s) will be funded by a large percentage of a "Stay-In Fee", paid daily by the venues to remain in the competition. 

    It is my hope to have enough accrued after 16 days, that venues redouble their efforts to keep going at that point...well past the world record.

    Right now, I have enthusiastic dialogue going with promoters and musicians about their participation in this competition is over 10 cities, with a final goal of 30 cities by the time the event actually starts.

    Every time I've asked around in a region, either in person or online, I have found interested parties very quickly.

    What I need now is the support provided by a sponsor who wants to put their name on this historical musical event!

    A good metaphor is that I've spent years setting up an elaborate array of dominoes, and I've gotten (already) the attention of hundreds and thousands of people across the country before we set it all off.

    Currently, the dominoes are blank.

    No sponsors, no logos.

    With just a figurative snap of the fingers, your company could be that support.

    We want to partner with the right sponsor. One who is as on-fire about this nationwide event, and the future, as we are.

    ...because next year, we're going international.

    Do you want to come with us?


    Julian Ruck

    Music and community are what keep me motivated!

    As an artist, I've been performing my own original music (bands and solo) for over two decades.

    In recent years I've flipped the script and started promoting the music of my friends and the local scene in Chico, CA, as a whole.

    In 2014, I organized a local-artist super group, Electric Canyon Convergence, which won the "Best New Band" CAMMIE for that year. We recorded and released 3 albums in 2 years of playing together. 

    I Directed a local music documentary, "I Play in Chico", which was screened publicly in March, 2015, and can be viewed on YouTube now. This documentary brought the Chico music community together in more ways than one. The Facebook group that came from that project is now called, "We Play in Chico", and is the largest musician-based Facebook group in the region at over 2,000 members.

    In April of 2015, I organized a non-stop, 34 day long concert.

    That event was called Chico Breaks the Record and,, though the attempt ultimately went unverified by a world record agency, it more than doubled the established world record for "Longest Concert Featuring Multiple Performers" at the time.

    Over 900 musicians, comprising over 300 acts, played over 11,000 songs...for over 800 hours straight. Well over 10,000 people attended the event as well. 

    The project was my idea, and I spent 6 months organizing it before it began.

    Chico Breaks the Record was voted the #1 local story of 2015 by readers of The Chico Enterprise Record.

    As a testimate to how I don't quit until a job is done, after being denied verification for our efforts, I organized a second attempt for the same world record.

    This time the event was called Chico Strikes Back and the concert lasted for 16 days, exactly.This time we posted our evidence on our own website. This time we submitted to a differenet world record agency, Record Setter. 

    This time Chico Strikes Back was verified by Record Setter as "Longest Concert Featuring Multiple Performers" just a few days after submitting our evidence.

    Both concerts made tens of thousands for each venue, tripling their business. Both concerts were an artistic and commercial success.

    Chico Stikes Back has now set a verified standard for "World's Longest Concert" and this upcoming competition. 

    In preparation for this nationwide event, In 2016, I spent 6 months traveling over 18,000 miles of US roads, stopping in over 40 cities, connecting with musicians, promoters, and venue owners face-to-face about this competition.

    Over the past several years I have done all the legwork, including working every side job I could to fund my research and travels, along the way.

    It has all been worth it. I have well over a hundred new contacts, and the list grows daily. People are really liking this project!

    The World's Longest Concert Competition begins on April 1st, 2017, at 9pm ET. 

    If you want your name on it...the reason you also want me to be the guy running it is because I'm the most experienced person for the job, I've got all the passion needed to make it happen, and I won't quit until it's done right.

    I guarantee it.

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

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