Thu, Dec 14 - Fri, Dec 15 2017

World record event longest shot 4800yards,

United States United States

  • About the event

    I served a couple years in the military till I got hurt and was discharged. Upon my discharge I was homeless with my wife and two dogs, I have always enjoyed extreme long range shooting, to me it is truly a peaceful event. What I hope to achieve is to break he longest confirmed shot on a 36-inch Target at 4800 yards making it the most extreme long range shot ever in history. Not only do I believe I will break this record I also am under the impression that I would be considered the youngest shooter to ever achieve such a distance therefore making me break two consecutive World Records. I'm doing this to raise awareness about homeless veterans and families who have sacrificed all for this country and prove to some people that you may have a dream and sometimes people can try to rip it away from you but you can always take it back. even the underdog can sometimes rise up to the top. Upon the completion of this event I do not plan to seek any Financial gains from this event however with the coverage that would come in following after the event I would be very vocal in Sharing not only my story but other veterans stories who have been affected in their Journey to recovery I am also trying to set my team up with combat wounded veterans and other veterans alike I would like to see veterans come together for a team where they know that they can succeed together and hopefully we can bring enough awareness so our veterans can be better taken care of and recognized for their outstanding service

    Why should you sponsor?

    The reason why I asked for people to support this event it's because not only is it a good thing to do in supporting your veterans who have fought for the right for us to have such luxuries but it's also free advertising for just a small cost we're not searching for financial gain we are just looking to send a message and to help us spread that message we are willing to put our sponsors names on our names to show in good faith with such a big event there will be coverage potentially from around the world.

    Dakota Wright

    I'm a prior service Marine with years of experience in shooting I personally have a passion for it I've also been shooting prior to the military extreme long range shooting has always been a passion and is always meant the most I'm currently doing this because I've have a background that is equal to what some veterans make goes through I was homeless when I got out of the military but thankfully I was rescued Buy Local Veteran's Help Organization so for me this event is extremely personal because I would like to raise awareness of veterans know there are guys like me out there who are wanting to spread the word so people can reach out and help

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  • 51-100 attendees expected

    86% Male Attendees

    14% Female Attendees

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