Women Crossings:Mission to End Domestic Abuse

New York, New York, United States
Fri, Apr 14 - Sat, Apr 14 2018

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New York, New York, United States New York, New York, United States
#Performing & Visual Arts  #Musical  #Festival or Fair

About our event

People visit and live in NYC because there's always a chance to stumble upon magic there. The theater isnt just on stage, its in the pulse of the city. Sponsors benefit from this magic and international appeal. 

Four or five singing performance teams make their way through to the city performing a song from "Women Crossings" a play opening in NYC in 2017. Like a flash mob a PopUp event is a surprise, however it is staged for less annoying disruption, such as impeding traffic. Instead it moves with pedestrian flow to engage attention. 

This is a Green Popup event that embodies the bootstrap entrepreneurial spirit, the ambitious talent and innovative theatrical culture of New York City. The call back auditions for a stage play (that is core of domestic abuse prevention/intervention program) are taken to the streets for a joyful word of mouth buzz inspiring happening. Sponsor destinations will customize the exact route.

Our stage cast hopefuls are eager to celebrate your business as one of our Dream Maker sponsors. They will be singing and playing on the street in route to Times Square for this auditioning performance. All part of an unfolding story of art and culture like those that inspired many of us.

This is a demonstration of eco friendly event marketing as a relevant online and street marketing campaign that drives traffic to new event website featuring sponsor presence. Teams will wear tshirts w/ sponsor logos & url and on scratch cards. Passer-byers will see your logo on the street and in photos and video of event, including project documentary.

Also opportunities to include messaging/optin attendees after event.
Sourcing details made hasslefree with tshirts blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic, eco-friendly imprinting, recyclable scratch cards w/soy inks...pedestrian event that avoids interfering with traffic. Perfect for socially responible businesses wanting to connect with socially concerned consumers. 




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Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in doubling sales and seeing a better than 50% increase in customer retention?

Unlike a typical event sponsorship this event provides anchor content for up to 6 month education marketing campaign where we share content about distinctive aspects of your business, products or services.

Increase awareness of your business for months, even years to come because:
 53% of travellers will not commit to book before reading a review. 
 73% of travellers, are already using photos of other TripAdvisor users to 
support them in their decision making process.
 77% always or usually look at reviews before a hotel is booked. 
 44% do the same when booking or choosing attractions 
 and about 50% of all travellers reference reviews before choosing a 

Art & Cultural sponsorships (over 50%) outperform sports sponsorship (under 40%) in terms of encouraging brand loyalty and trust.


   * Hassle free marketing campaign (no strain on your staff) that makes a difference, 
   * Exposure to millions over months at a fraction of traditional advertising costs,
   * Meaningful brand distinction with inspired education marketing approach,
   * Technical features made understandable  for non technical potential customers,
   * Demonstrate power of individuals collaborating by leveraging participant networks, 
  * Generating customer leads for months, even years to come.

Sourcing details made hasslefree with tshirts blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic, eco-friendly imprinting, recyclable scratch cards w/soy inks, etc. Collaborating sponosors get design and content approval. 

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Innovative customizable event marketing based on leading edge research. Popup events are designed to be flexible and adapt to situational adjustments. This one stands out as part a magical NYC narrative that engages the audience over time. This event is an introduction. 

Specialist in eco-friendly socially responsible strategies. Your business benefits from hassle free social responsibility where I do all the sourcing research. Our teams are made up of talented people and social media mavens with followings  that include our target audience:


Theater lovers, creatives, potential entrepreneurs, small business owners, cause advocates and tourists - Men and women ages 25-55


Great value add for your rebranding, brand marketing, and existing or future internet marketing campaigns. Studies show that people give more weight to recommendations within their networks (professional and personal) over traditional advertising. Today and in the future social media will play an important role that also demands time, attention and resources to create interesting positive online content about your business.

Those are a few things my.events help our sponsors solve.

Women Crossings is a stage play that explores the romantic and financial realities of womens lives as they age. It also sheds new light on financial literacy in the prevention of domestic abuse. 

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