Wed, Sep 16 - Fri, Sep 18 2015

Reconciliation with Israel,

Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel

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    From the time that God brought Israel out of Egypt, accompanied by a mixed multitude of those outside of the children of Abraham, there have been strangers that have chosen to follow Israel’s God and even sojourn and be one with the nation of Israel.  Those who followed the ways of the God of Israel and walked with His people received the blessings, just as He promised to Abram when He told him, “I will bless those who bless you.”  We know that promise has continued throughout the generations of Jacob, whom God renamed Israel. 


    That was not the entirety of the promise as God also told Abram, “I will curse those who curse you.”  History reveals that nations who have rejected God and His people, the nation of Israel, have reaped the fruit of their hatred and most of those entities no longer exist.  Today, however, there is a rise of anti-Semitism throughout the world once again.


    In the midst of that there is a significant turn of events taking place today.  It began in 1948 when Israel was back in her land; many Christians began to see that God’s promises to Israel are indeed valid and being fulfilled in modern times.  In 1967, when Jerusalem was once again under Israel’s control, something also happened among the Christians, as if the two were linked.  The Ruach HaKodesh began to reveal Himself in power among many Christians bringing a new awareness of the meaning of Israel, and of the Moedim and of Shabbat.  Many of these Christians began to repent for past anti-Semitism and began to pray for the wellbeing, protection and shalom of the nation of Israel.


    A conference of restoration is being held in Jerusalem of people who love the God of Israel and His people. The goals of the event are to:

    • Proclaim commitment to the validity of Israel’s existence and God's promises.

    • Correct, address and repent for the anti-semitism that permeated Christianity that has been so costly toward deeper relationship and unity with Israel.


    In the season of Yom Kippur when we are grateful for God’s acts of kaphar (atonement), repentance is on the hearts and minds of the followers of Yeshua (Jesus) who love God and Israel. Repentance is a return – and that is what is taking place today, a return to the foundation that was based on Torah and the Neviim, the prophets, as found in the Tenakh. 

    The event will take place at the Cinematheque Jerusalem.

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  • 251-500 attendees expected

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