Sun, Jun 24 - Sat, Jun 30 2018

Tokyo SmartTech'18,

Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan

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    The Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) definition, in simple, is the technologies that are capable to adapt automatically and modify behavior to fit environment, senses thing with technology sensors. It also capable of learning that is using experience to improve performance, anticipating, thinking and reasoning about what to do next, with the ability to self-generate and self-sustain. This is a diagnostic method originally developed by IBM and introduced with the ATA-3 specification that at that time referred as Predictive Failure Analysis. The SMART technology basically monitors and analyzes hard drives, then checks the condition of your hard drive and lets you know if there are any problems. The main purpose of SMART is to keep your hard drive running smoothly and prevent it from crashing. This technology was initially developed for IBM mainframe drive to give advanced warning of drive failures. Based on this diagnostic, Compaq announced IntelliSafe, which was submitted to the ATA/IDE standard committees, and the resulting standard was named SMART. SMART analyzes many of the mechanical attributes; over time, some failures can be predicted by detecting if the hard drive is moving out of tolerance. While the SMART technology can detect upcoming issues, not all hard drive failures are predictable.

               Going on with the SMART technology definition, our environment needs immediate recoup from natural disaster especially flood problem. With the help of SMART technology, one can reduce flood problem and improve the public safety as well. Today developed as well as developing countries are turning to SMART technology to secure the environment from negative impacts. The SMART technology definition explained here basically gives you an idea about the messing up of the environment due to human intrusion and unpredictable climate exchange and the important need to control and manage the problem. By adopting SMART technology wisely, we can predict the upcoming natural disaster and act early before it getting worse. Malaysia has the biggest potential in executing SMART Technology due to the rise of natural disaster such as flood and landslides across the country. If something is not done today, the future may fade but this effort is a start to create awareness and overcome the obstacle that may appear in the future.

             Japan is well known as a leading nation in SMART Technology for innovations, technology and research studies activities. Additionally, there is the mutual partnership between Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology with University Teknologi Malaysia. With this existing partnership, the revolution of innovation and high impact solution will be implemented. On top of that, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have a high reputation in their technology development in SMART technology.

          We should be aware of the global consequences that occurred around us and we need to find alternative ways to cope with the extreme situation. We need to develop strategies that ultimately will encounter natural disaster phenomenon. We need to equip ourselves with enough knowledge and outstanding technology to be relying on so that our local experts can predict the best solution in helping our neighborhood and leading Malaysia to a brighter future.

         Therefore, we would like to gain new knowledge from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology on their project about SMART technology performed by Department of Computer and Information Science. We believe that with this new knowledge will allow us to dive deeper into SMART Technologies and allow us to implement it into our future development product.

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    amylia ahamad

    My name is Amylia Syazwani from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Skudai taking Bachelor Degree of Computer Science (Software Engineering) as the president of Tokyo SmartTech'18 committee.  

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