Fri, May 22 - Sun, May 24 2020

to Serve and Connect,

Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

  • About the event

    To serve and connect is an event to bring together Wives and Girlfriends of First Responders from all over!

    During the 2 night retreat spouses of First Responders will connect with others that are navigating this unique lifestyle. You will be given the opportunity to step out of your comfort zones with other participants to challenge yourself to try new and fun things - like 100 foot swing, and high ropes.

    Its not all about doing crazy things - it is about connecting with yourself and others. We will have yoga, a pajama party and some mini workshops to pass the time. I promise this will be one of the best things that you have ever done for yourself!

    The role of a first responder partner comes with its it own unique challenges. Challenges only others that are in the same boat could possibily know about. You take on extra - juggle schedules - spend a lot of time alone - and take a larger responsibilty that most of us could have ever imagined. And on top of that we have the concerns for the job that your partner does - their mental health and their ability to keep going even when you know they are struggling. Building resilience, self care and time management will be the forfront topics of the retreat - promoting community, creativity and fun!

    We are getting better at assisting our first responders through conflict, distress and crisis. But we fall short when the couple or the family are not involved in the proactive practice of creating a safe place for the member to land, seek help and feel supported.


    Why should you sponsor?

    This event IS the event to sponsor because first responder spouses are the most loyal, dediciated and serving individuals that you will ever meet. To ask them to take a weekend to connect with themselves and others would mean that they have to be "shelfish" - but we see it as a weekend that benefits them, their relationships and their families. May of these participants don't necessarily have the awareness that they need to be trained in this role - develop strategies and gain knowledge to make the rollercoaster ride a little smoother. We want these women to reassess, readjust and reconnect to the unique lifestyle. Offering workshops in time management, relationships, mindfulness, connection and self care - we will give them skills to serve themselves and their partner. We have the theme as "she wanted a hero, so that's what she became" - showing these women that they are strong, they are appreciated and that they can navigate anything when they have the community, the resources and the connections. 

    Lauren Cleveland

    Lauren is the wife of a police officer, an ex-corrections officer, a trauma navigator, a personal development lover, a public speaker, a Transformation Weekend Master Trainer and an Achievement Club leader. Lauren is a mom, a multi-business owner and event production manager for individuals like Rachel Hollis and Tony Robbins.

    Lauren has recognized through her personal first responder journey that there are resources, courses, workshops and retreats for First Responders but we fall short when it comes to supporting the spouse and the family! 


    Lauren believes that it is imperative that services support their members in all aspects of life because the career of a First Responder offers unique lifestyle, dynamic stressors and increased instability. Lauren struggled with trauma as a result of her career in corrections. As she attempted to navigate it on her own - she turned to substances to numb the pain, distracted herself by staying so busy that the feelings and emotions had no way to surface in the chaos, and distances herself from the people that loved her the most. During this time, Lauren husband was not a police officer - and had no idea how to handle Lauren and the things that she battling. Ill equipped to deal with all of it, he just let her spiral out of control. He continued to be a safe place for her to land, but was unsure of how to support her through this time. 

    When the roles changed hands Lauren made it a mission to get better, find more resources, seek out support, read books, talk about her experience - and through all of that Lauren has connected in the First Responder world in a huge way. The one thing that gets asked all the time - is how do I get my spouse to understand? Sometimes is not about understanding but approaching the issues with compassion and awareness.

    As the wife of a police officer, I recognize how important it is to have a village of support, goals, fun and information to make the unique lifestyle work for you and your family! Lauren wants to be the person that supports, loves and creates community that others can lean on!

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