TKO in Tijuana

Salón Mezzanine S.A. de C.V., Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Fri, May 13 - Sat, May 13 2017

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Salón Mezzanine S.A. de C.V., Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico Salón Mezzanine S.A. de C.V., Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
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About our event

Lion Heart Boxing Productions is seeking sponsorship for a new monthly boxing series produced by Lion Heart Boxing Productions, Ltd in association with Tijuana’s own Borizteca Boxing Promotions. TKO in Tijuana, or TKO in TJ, features world class boxing and will be televised in North America. Sponsors have the option of sponsoring one or more events.

TKO in Tijuana is the rebrand of the “World Class Boxing” series that the Promoters have been producing in Tijuana, Mexico for the last couple of years. The events are held at the 2,700 capacity Salón Mezzanine to sold out and standing room only crowds. 

The inaugural event (Genesis Episode) will be held on May 13, 2016 and features Boxing Prospect and the Heir-Apparent to the Mayweather Family's boxing legacy, Justin Mayweather Jones (3-0). Justin Mayweather is the second son of boxing great Floyd Mayweather Sr. and the sole brother of Floyd Mayweather Jr, pound-for-pound champ and arguably the greatest boxer ever.

The Genesis Episode of TKO in Tijuana will be followed by monthly events on the second Friday of each month. Additional episodes can be added as necessary, up to a weekly frequency. Each TKO in Tijuana episode is a freeform or structured coverage of a TKO in Tijuana boxing event.

Each TKO in Tijuana episode has quality fights as follows:

  • A quality Main Event
  • A quality Co-Main Event
  • Feature Fight (Justin Mayweather or other very hot prospect)
  • Swing Bout(s) as a fill-in in case of early stoppage above
  • An experienced promoter, producing fights over twenty years
  • An experienced TJ promoter, over two years of fights in TJ
  • An experienced production team including 3 Emmy winners
  • An experienced matchmaker for evenly matched fights
  • Great audience: a sell-out crowd at the 2,700-capacity Salón Mezzanine, Tijuana’s premier fight venue
  • A proprietary format that ensures exciting fights

The Broadcast Team is anchored by Fernando Paramo, a 4-time Emmy winner and Marcelino Avila, a 3-time Emmy winner.  Hot up-and-coming television star Liz Diaz completes the Main/Spanish broadcast team.

An optional English Broadcast Team is anchored by 2-time Emmy Winner Jordan Jay Adams, award-winning sportscaster Ronnie Duncan and two-time Heavyweight Champion Chris Byrd. Announcer is Pablo Flores.

Currently, the events are televised in Spanish on LA TV, broadcast in Los Angeles, Mexico, 27 US States and Puerto Rico. Coverage in the United States is 42.5 Million households. TV rights are offered to LA TV with no fights fees and there are no other broadcasters involved other than a small television network that covers Tijuana Mexico and parts of Baja California, Mexico. We are seeking television partnership to broadcast, distribute and/or syndicate the TKO in TJ series in North America and the rest of the world, as feasible.

Why is TKO in TJ good for business?

  • TKO in TJ is proven. It rebrands a successful World Class boxing series.
  • TKO in TJ can be repeated. Boxing content is never dated. Episodes can be repeated as needed, syndicated worldwide and/or used as standby, which in turn allows your company to get more exposure!
  • TKO in TJ is quantity. 12 monthly episodes. Alternative 26 weekly shows.  Promoters can even provide a weekly frequency (48 Episodes if desired).
  • TKO in TJ is sustainable. Mexico and the USA have boxers in abundance.
  • TKO in TJ is the only TJ boxing series televised, locally or internationally.

Attendees Demographics

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Associating with a high profile boxing event such as TKO in TJ is an appealing means of attracting customers and generating goodwill. Sponsoring benefits include:

  • Diversification of entertainment for clients and employees
  • Actual foot traffic and direct customer sales
  • Branding
  • Venue Visibility (sell-out crowds at the Salón Mezzanine)
  • Worldwide exposure via ESPN3  (Title, Gold and Silver packages only)
  • Targeted US TV exposure (over 100 million homes) (Title, Gold and Silver packages only)
  • Other USA and Worldwide Television exposure (Title, Gold and Silver packages only)
  • Media Coverage (Title, Gold and Silver packages only)
  • Advertising Exposure (Title, Gold and Silver packages only)
  • On Site Sales Opportunities (Title, Gold and Silver packages only)

Extra Value of Sponsorship: In addition to the usual (listing on programs, hanging banners and inclusion on promotional materials), we will also give you premium tickets as “lagniappe” (a little extra). Each sponsorship package provides the sponsor with tickets that can be used by employees and clients to attend the sponsored fight. 

Most importantly, Lion Heart Boxing Productions always puts on one heck of a show. TKO in TJ shows will be no exception.  Do not let your company miss out.

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Lion Heart Boxing Productions is a global Boxing Promotions and a Sports Entertainment Company started in 1993 in New Orleans, LA and now based in Kinnelon, NJ.  We have three units: (1) Lion Heart Boxing, the jewel of the company and the promoter of big-venue and televised fights, casino shows, and high profile international events; (2) Thursday Night Fights, Ltd., the promoter of the Thursday Night Fights series and club level shows; and (3) Underdog Boxing Club, operator of amateur programs, gyms and health clubs.

We are an integrated and full service company set up for the sole purpose of providing top quality events with highest entertainment value. Lion Heart not only has a reputation as a producer of high quality fights, but is respected for its fair treatment of fighters and firm commitment to fighter rights. With fights promoted in four continents (Africa, Asia, Australia and North America), Lion Heart is global in reach. We are proud to be the promoter of the first-ever live professional boxing event in Abu Dhabi history as well as the first non-UAE company to successfully stage a professional boxing event Dubai. Our Thursday Night Fights series is the oldest continuous boxing shows in the USA and has been help in top cities all over the world.  

Our associate Borizteca Boxing is the top promoter in Tijuana. 

Please see the attached link below for a sample episode and the documents page for a presentation on the series!