Fri, Oct 02 - Fri, Oct 30 2020

The State of Security Conference,

Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona, United States Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

  • About the event

    The State of Security Conference is an annually held event planned to begin in 2020 and hosted by BlackShield Cyber Inc. which is a critical infrastructure cyber warfare firm located in phoenix Arizona. Branded The S.O.S conference or S.O.S.C, this event is targeting director, VP, and executive corporate and government level representatives within the 16 critical industries defined by the Department of Homeland Security. These representatives will be coming from small to medium enterprise firms (100 - 1,000 Employees) and government entities at a local, state and federal level. 

    The S.O.S conference is where business leaders from our critical industries can come together to collaborate, learn, and advance the security of this country and economy by securing the 16 industries. Attendees coming to this event will get a world view of what is going on in their industry as it pertains to cybersecurity, as well as the ability to collaborate with other industry leaders in how to keep their business and entities safe. There will be workshops, events, speakers, and labs designed to help develop attendees’ capabilities in not only defending their business but also building security practices that support business operations and contribute to the bottom line. Attendees will get to see what resources and products are available to them in the cybersecurity and general security realm so that they are able to expand their horizons in capabilities and growth. Last but certainly not least, many of the critical infrastructure industries rely heavily on each other, so cross networking is a very natural and valuable occurrence at an event such as this. For example, the chemical industry relies heavily on the transportation systems industry, and it would be very beneficial for two companies who maybe weren’t aware of each other to be able to meet and collaborate on how they can make both of their business more productive and safer in today’s technology-driven world.

    S.O.S.C is set to occur during the dates of Oct. 26th to Oct. 30th, 2020  at the phoenix convention center.

    The location is set to be the city of phoenix for the foreseeable future, but this will largely depend on growth. All the venues currently being assessed can handle tens of thousands of attendees, so we don’t foresee a move soon. The conference itself is in the beginning stages of being development. A formal business model and pitch are in the works, and preliminary number calculations shows it can be very profitable.

    The mission statement of the SOS Conference is “Security In Unity”, and this is motto we are using to guide the conferences direction. Most cyber and general tech conferences are favored towards a CTO and technical crowd. While this is helpful, we believe cyber is a business conversation first, like any other risk or investment. Technology is the means to implement and maintain it, meaning other members of the executive and leadership team must take charge as well. This is what makes the S.O.S.C so different from many other conferences in the field, attendees learn not just the technical means of security, but they are also given the information and resources needed to apply that in a business environment as well.

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    Dioly Alexandre

    BlackShield Cyber Inc. performs penetration testing and cyber warfare protection capabilities to the 16 critical industries defined by the Department Of Homeland Security.  Our Ideal client size is defined as a small to medium enterprise organization with 100-1,000 Employees, with a “Sweet spot” being 250-750 employees. Our focus on a clientele base that is very susceptible to cyber attacks and is critical to the general safety and operation of the country makes us highly knowledgeable in what it takes to protect the most sensitive of environments. In a world where security is uncertain and businesses are being shut down by cyber attacks, BlackShield Cyber  ensures that “The Future Is Well”.

    BlackShield was started in 2016 by Dioly Alexandre, a Haitian immigrant with an uncanny ability to navigate even the most secured computer systems and networks. Over time, Dioly developed one of a kind methodologies which have withstood the test of time when it comes to security, one of which predates much of modern technology itself. Dioly possessed a very extensive background in working with state and federal agencies to secure the nations most sensitive environments, and used much of these skills to build what is today BlackShield Cyber  Inc. Originally  founded in San Antonio Texas, Dioly Decided to move the company Headquarters to Phoenix Arizona in order to launch the companies initiative in working with the private critical industries that support our US economy and security. Mr. Alexandre believes in a world that can be safe, and the companies motto “The Future is Well” embodies that in 4 simple words.  BlackShield Cyber  is committed to protecting their clients and ensuring they do not lose data in the face of adversity, in addition, the company ensures clients are aware of their vulnerabilities and are able to react as needed. In order to do this, BlackShield Has defined It’s value to their clients in 3 simple but incredibly effective methods of securing infrastructure and information.

    1. Continuously Harden systems the RIGHT way, preventing attacks and breaches 

    2. Actively defend against attacks, ensuring malicious actors are met with overwhelming force when attempting to breach your systems

    3. Ensure business continuity, disaster recovery execution, damage remediation and ETC. to ensure your business continues to operate even after the most harrowing of incidents.


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  • 501-1000 attendees expected

    75% Male Attendees

    25% Female Attendees

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