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Tue, Nov 01 - Thu, Aug 31 2017

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About our event

It probably will come as no surprise that The Short Film Show is a studio based show all about, well short films. There is a vast array of short films, many of which are award winning and produced from budgets varying from nothing to £100k plus. They have often been financed through passion, a passion to produce something that can be shared and enjoyed with others not just locally but worldwide.

We want to take the best new shorts from around the world, from film-makers of all backgrounds and budgets, and put them together in a digestible, eye-catching package.  The Short Film Show is fronted by two seasoned presenters in Kevin Harris and Jemma Forte. They will give a brief description into each film in a one hour show.  

This is something that is completely new to British television and already creating an air of excitement with filmmakers and festivals alike. 

One of the festivals we are working with is the Nottingham Micro film festival run by Nottingham City Council, to which Alex the Executive producer has been offered the roll as Film Submissions and Awards Manager for the 2017 Festival.

The Show is in Go-mode once a Sponsor has been found and looking to book 20 weeks of air time from September 2017.

A pilot show has been completed and a link can be made available on request and a quick Google search will lead to our website and socal media accounts.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Whats In it for a Sponsor?

  • We are expecting between 70 -100,000 viewers weekly.
  • Your company ident will top and tail each of the shows 4 parts,
  • The Short Film Show could even make the ident on your behalf. with the quality expected of a film.
  • Sponsors will enjoy a web presence on our website, which receives a high volume of submissions from filmmakers.
  • Awards will be named after the Sponsor “the (Sponsor Name) Short Film Show Award” or “Award sponsored by (Sponsor Name)".
  • Sponsors will be invited behind the scenes to see how the show is filmed.
  • Sponsors will also have the opportunity to hand out awards.
  • We have a guaranteed UK broadcaster for The Short Film Show. 
  • We are working with several large film festivals that will be promoting our show, your logo will be visible within any marketing shown at short film festivals.
  • We will also often tweet about our sponsors,

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Hold That Shot Ltd

Hold That Shot was established in 2012 to provide technical personnel and production facilities to the television and film industries. We produce high end corporate video productions to the corporate sector. With over a decade of experience working in main stream broadcasting services and technical management we have the core skills to easily manage any project. Our staff are trained to the highest standards of film production, camera operation, Editing, graphic design, steadicam, lighting for film and TV, audio post production, sound recording, production management, technical management and much more.

About the Short Film Show


The Short Film Show is the brainchild of Alex Doherty who’s combined knowledge the of film and television industry, discovered a gap in the market for broadcasting good short films on TV. After picking up the laptop one evening he came across a short film called ‘Operator’ and found it compelling viewing. After more searches several other films surfaced, again more superb viewing. But the challenge was how to get these kind of films out of the internet world and onto the stage of television.

After making contact with a number of the film makers themselves it became quite apparent that there was an equal interest and enthusiasm in this new born idea. Alex contacted Paul Davies who, with many years experience in TV, quickly embraced the concept and agreed to Produce and Direct the show.

The Short Film Show is fronted by two seasoned presenters in Kevin Harris and Jemma Forte. They will give a brief description into each film in a one hour show which will host up to 9 films depending on length. 

The website and social media will play a big part of the programme. The website which is currently fully working enables film makers to upload their work. They will be greeted by a user friendly platform that will explain the process for uploading their work. The website is connected to a secure payment gateway which will take payments before any film can be submitted. The website can be found under the address www.theshortfilmshow.com


The main platform for the show will be free-to-air television which represents free channels found on Sky, Freeview and Freesat. 

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