Sun, Jun 14 2020

The Great Mawla Ghaati Ultra,

Kusagaon, Maharashtra, India Kusagaon, Maharashtra, India
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    The Great Mawla Ghaati Ultra

    How was Shivaray's Mawla (मावळा)?

    Shivaray's mawla looked plain naive, wild body and strong lean muscular built, face completely tanned due to the scorching heat, turban wrapped on head, wearing dhoti upto the knees on his feet and dirty messy sadra – a long linen shirt, shield on his back, swords on his waist, proud mustache on his lips; The masculine attitude, stentorian as the mighty Sahyadri!

    Without a sword in his hand and no shield on his back, there was no evidence that they are soldiers (Mawla). If enemies looked at these guys from afar, they would think that this young men, had just harvested a field and confronted him, what would a farmer face harm them?

    But when this men wished to jump in the battlefield pulling out their sword (shamsheer) and lunging in to the battlefield, swinging in his limbs, speeding like a cheetah, gazing at the eagle and with the power of a hundred elephants at his wrists.

    It was beyond the imagination of the enemy that the simple-looking men could take on such a formidable form, that within the shock, these men would have cut down more than half of the enemies soldiers.


    What is Ghati (घाटी)?

    The twisted routes throughout our mightiest Sahyadri ranges all over Maharashtra are proudly known as Ghati!

    Our Pride the Mawla used to stay in these ghati and was also known as ‘ghati’.

    This time it will be the slippery side of Sahyadri ranges which are never ran or walked by humans before! (obviously excluding our route marking team) the route of The Great Mawla Ghaati Ultra is an incredibly tall and craggiest mountain trail, with ZERO loops!

    You will compete the most highly impassable parts of the mighty Sahyadri!

    In the course of this race, you will embrace nature and feel sunny delectable.

    The race will be conducted within the limits of Bhor-Velha-Pune.

    All the 4 categories is that all of the races will be held in month of June 2020, It will be sweltering hot with the first showers during the run.

    Course Details:

    Race Name : The Great Mawla Ghaati Ultra

    Race Date : 14 June, 2020

    Starting Line: Kusgav Khind Rd, Kusagaon, Maharashtra 412205

    Finishing Line: Kusgav Khind Rd, Kusagaon, Maharashtra 412205

    Race Venue Google Location : https://maps.google.com/?cid=3459540706333588482

    Race Category details:


    Starts at 6:00 am | Ends: 10:30 am

    Cut Off: 4:30 hours


    Starts at 5:45 am | Ends: 12:15 pm

    Maximum Time: 6:30 hours


    Starts at 5:30 am | Ends: 3:30 pm

    Maximum Time: 10 hours


    Starts at 5:15 am | Ends: 23:15 pm

    Maximum Time: 18 hours


    Pre-Race Briefing + Bib Collection

    - First Pre-Race Briefing + Bib Collection

    Date: 07/06/2020 Sunday (For Participants who will reach race venue on race day or late Saturday.)

    Venue: Indian Sports Revolution

    Address: Kirti Gardens, Pashan-Sus Road, Pune,

    Maharashtra 411021.

    Time: 04:00 pm onwards.

    Google Location : https://goo.gl/maps/1ucghe8drhA577zN6


    - Second Pre-Race Briefing + Bib Collection

    Date: 13/06/2020 Saturday (For Participants who will reach race venue on Saturday.)

    Venue: Kusgav Khind Rd, Kusagaon, Maharashtra 412205 (Race Venue)

    Address: Kusgav Khind Rd, Kusagaon, Maharashtra 412205

    Time: 04:00 pm onwards.

    Google Location : https://maps.google.com/?cid=3459540706333588482


    Registration Privileges:

    Each runner will get T-Shirt

    Bib number with timing QR code

    Display of results on website post-trail run

    Well stocked Aid-Stations

    Finisher medal

    Podium Finishers get Trophy

    Post race meal

    Accommodation Host:

    Paid Camping facility is available at minimal cost at the Race Venue(Kusgaon).

    Participants are free to choose other nearby Hotels for accommodation.

    Aid stations:

    Aid stations (Time scanning stations) will be at 08 set locations plus 07 water stations.

    Aid stations will provide drinking water, electrolyte drink, sweet snacks, glucose biscuits, salted snacks, fruits, ice, primary first aid, recovery/resting tents.

    Please plan to run with at least 01 or 02 litres of water with/on you, and some food for self-support.

    Please note this is an ITRA Race which means semi support.


    Parking will be available at Race Venue.

    Parking Address: Kusgav Khind Rd, Kusagaon, Maharashtra 412205

    You will have to reach and park your vehicle on the 13th June 2020 Saturday before 8:30 pm in the designated parking space at the race venue.

    Parking at owners risk!


    Email - *****@****.***

    Phone number – 8007865822 | 9518790662 | 9158595468

    Office address – Indian Sports Revolution, Kirti Gardens, Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021

    Why should you sponsor?

    As Trail Running And Ultra Running is increasing in India and We at 'Indian Sports Recolution' are building Ultra/Trail Running community.
    Also, We organise International Races only! All our Races are ITRA - International Trail Running Association certified races. And we also get our races tobe UTMB (The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc  is a single-stage mountain ultramarathon first held in 2003. It is a race of the Ultra-Trail World Tour) Qualifying races 2020 from India. 
    Other than this our routes are 100% trail and zero % tar road in it! for which we are one of a kind in India. Our routes are evaluated by Trace-de-trail / Trail connect only.

    Adinath Naik

    Know about us : https://thejumpinggorilla.com/about-us/

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  • 251-500 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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