The Goblin Market

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Sat, Apr 13 2019

Sponsorship Pitch

Atlanta, Georgia, United States Atlanta, Georgia, United States

About our event

The Goblin Market is a rare event in that it mixes real vendors selling their real wares alongside fake vendors (our own volunteers) giving away tokens and trinkets, but not accepting money at all. 

Fake vendors (aka the goblins) request something of the attendees in order to get the item. Whether it's as simple as their favorite color, or the eye color they've always wanted all the way to confessing a regret or a dream they've never fulfilled but had a chance to. 

We have 3 rooms set up with vendors and goblins, musicians playing as well, and an overall atmosphere of otherworldly and in the spirit of fun and games. No souls will be accepted.

Pre-registrations receive swag bags with tokens from us (to be used with the goblins) as well as your coupons, postcards, or business cards. At-door sales will have availability to the promotional material as well at the registration table. 

Attendees Demographics

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Our event is a change of convention culture. We capture two different audiences: those who attend weekend long conventions and those who don't have the time/money to attend weekend long conventions. 

Goblin Market ran before in NJ under a convention, and it has a success in Dallas as well. We're bringing it to Atlanta with the intention of growing it further next year.

Our audience ranges from South Carolina to Alabama to Florida... we've had ticket sales for this event in all of these locations. We're expecting up to 1000 people. 

Who wouldn't want a goblin promoting them? :) 



Adopt a Goblin

Name a Goblin (7 available): Each of our goblins are currently without a name! If you choose this item, you can name your goblin any thing you please! At the event, your goblin will have a name tag that says, “Hi! My name is _____. Thanks to ____ for naming me”. Also your business name will be on our website, social media, and a poster at the event.



The Goblins Asketh

Each of our goblins have tokens that our human attendees want or desire, but they won't take money... they want something else. Some will want your favorite color, others will want a dream you once had, and maybe another want a secret. Do you have a good suggestion? If you choose this item, let us know what the goblin needs to request of the human. “My friend at (your biz name) needs to know..(insert your request) – What say you, human?” Your info/logo will also be included in our program at the event (also posted on our website and social media after event) and our "thanks to sponsors" poster!



The Goblins Giveth

Add your coupons, postcards, or business cards to be given to every single attendee including added to swag bags: We will be happy to add whatever promotional material you have to our swag bags and also on our registration table for every attendee. Your info/logo will also be included in our program at the event (also posted on our website and social media after event) and our "thanks to sponsors" poster! Please send promotional material and business card sized ad for program and poster.



Sponsor a Goblin!

Sponsor a goblin table: We have 7 goblin tables (those are run by volunteers). Would you like to sponsor one? If so... our goblin will do an obscene amount of bragging about your business, a sign will be on the table saying who the sponsor is. - Your info/logo/ad will be in the program - You'll be on the “thank you” poster! If you attend the event.. we will even make a special sash for you and your guests that you're #1 and the most VIP that TGM has to offer. You can wear it with Pride (sinful!) and be the Envy of others (double sinful!)

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We are Time Travel Events, ran by Suzanne and Erin. By day we are office managers and by night we run historical and off-the-wall events. We help manage sci-fi and fantasy conventions in Atlanta as well, but wanted to throw one day events through-out Atlanta. 

We've developed a professional and very positive reputation with vendors and attendees, and we find that to be just as important as our profit margin. 

But we do need help in things other than operating costs. We fully support the community we base our events in and always want to give more. We'd love to gift our volunteers because in the convention world, they are severely underappreciated. 

Our inbox is open any time! Get to know us! We don't bite. Well.. Erin maybe? 

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