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Televised (1.5M Viewers) Royal Induction Ceremony,

Mount Kenya, Nyeri County, Kenya Mount Kenya, Nyeri County, Kenya
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  • About the event

    This is an ELITE spiritual event made possible by the 12 Seers of Mount Kenya via their messenger Mr. Samuel Kamitha (The Man in the Video). He is the messenger for the chief of the 12 Seers. The last man to be inducted on this Sacred Mountain was Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya's first president). The aftermath of his induction was him becoming president of Kenya decades later. The 12 Seers are the Kikuyu Tribe's Highest elders from the Wanjiru Clan. They are the ones responsible for keeping the sacred artifacts and wisdom passed down by their ancestors.

    The twelve seers are the highest initiates or leaders to the people historically known throughout antiquity as the "Essenes"...They normally do no interact with society which is why this event is special. They have approved through their messenger to induct 3 American men (One of the men are a royal King recognized by the US Government). This induction is will be nationally televised in Kenya because two of the 3 men come from families who played an intelgral role in Kenya's independence and the life of Kenya's First President, Jomo Kenyatta.

    Essentially, the event is an induction ceremony that will elevate the spiritual level of the three men on the mountain. These are steps that are being taken from the 12 African wise men to assist in bringing world peace for humanity. This is a RARE and UNIQUE event that sponsors should take advantage of as there will never be another opportunity to be associated with something of this magnitude in the future.

    Ultimately this all is leading to the world finding out that Mount Kenya is Mount Zion and that the sacred african tablets (Known to the western world as the ark of the covenant) was taken there for protection in 1210AD from ethiopia. The 12 Seers are intervening again with society in this manner because it is now necessary for the world to take a spiritual pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountain to pray for peace.

    you can review our website for more into. www.SacredMountKenya.com

    (the website has not yet been updated to include the King's informaton, but will be soon if you have any questions just call me. 9103036272)

    Here is the article wirtten about the event in july (Before the King got involved), once the king got involved the event was postponed to November 3, 2016


    (The reporter made some mistakes and misquoted me a few times, but no major harm. Once again this article was before the King got involved)

    Why should you sponsor?

    This event will be recorded in all fuutre history books due to the aftermath of this Royal Induction. The Kkuyu Tribe are going to present sacred artifacts that they have protected for thousands of years (after the King is inducted.)  The artifacts will be presented by the 3 men, but they must first be ELEVATED SPIRITUALLY in order to be found worthy of dealing with these sacred treasures... hence the purpose of this induction ceremony... You don't want to miss this one time opportunity to sponsor this event.

    Saint Michael

    Saint Michael


    The terrible day that brought a 3,000 year old Ethiopian Dynasty to an end in 1936 was quietly transmuted into a very positive day exactly 50 years later by the birth of Saint Michael, a Jamaican baby born in America who would later be inducted on the Sacred Mount Kenya in East Africa by the Kikuyu Tribe’s college of seers, becoming an essential factor in the cultural and economic renaissance of Africa and her scattered children worldwide. Born as Knox Saint Michael Ewers II on May 2, 1986, he was the third child of his mother’s and the second child of his father. Saint Michael was born into “truth” because his very birth fulfilled the meaning of his first name. Being born on the hills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, Colorado, his first name “Knox” meaning “from the hills” was instantly validated. That Friday evening, his father who was a DJ and Radio Personality Announced the birth of Saint Michael over the mountain airwaves for all to hear since his son was bornduring his 3pm-7pm radio show.

    Saint Michael was destined to be a journeyman because two weeks after his birth in Colorado, his family moved 5,500 miles aways to Misawa, Japan where he spent the first three years of his life. From Japan, his family moved to Germany and lived there for almost 13 years. It was there in Germany that he developed a momentous passion for the art of Songwriting, Music Production, D.J.ing and Crowd Motivation. This not only earned him favor among his peers, but also a paid contract with the United States Air Force Youth Services to DJ youth events at the tender age of 12 years old. A contract he kept for 4 years. Although those days for him was about being a free spirited young entrepreneur and having fun, the skillset and experience he developed would open many doors to opportunities and relationships for him that everyday people are not privileged to.

    After beginning his professional career in the entertainment industry at 12 years old, he used the following 15 years of his life to expand his skill set to include Audio Engineering, Event Promotion, Television Production, Screenwriting, Video/Motion Picture Production/Editing, Marketing Consulting. His ability to perform in these areas added well known names to his resume. The first was Juvenile (Ca$h Money Records) at 18 years, but he continued working and eventually expanded his resume to include, Jim Jones (Dipset), Roc Mob (Round Table) Young Jeezy (C.T.E.), JR Get Money (Grand Hu$tle), Scotty McCreery (American Idol), David Leathers Jr. (American Idol), Gabriella Da Silva (Heat Wave), Kilenna (Diddy Dirty Money), DJ Unk (Its A Go), Kennedy Atkinson (Arrested Development), Obba Babatunde, an endless list of multi-platinum producers, record labels, managers and clients through his spectrum of expertise.

    Although Saint Michael found a degree of success and accomplishments in the entertainment industry that many of his peers didn’t, he faced many challenges that always seemed to keep him one step away from being a major hit. Between the years of 2010 and 2013, it all began to make sense why because the entire course of his life changed drastically after three essential factors took place. The first was that he began to take notice of the extreme deterioration in society’s moral values as the reality TV and Social Media era came into full blossom. Growing up with the powerful oral traditions from the Rasta community of Jamaica, he immediately rejected the direction which society was being influenced in by the entertainment industry that he was apart of. In fact, he began to learn that the mainstream entertainment industry itself was affiliated with elite organizations and agendas to influence humanity’s self-destruction. He decided to change his stage name from “J-malice” to his birth name, “Saint Michael” and decided he would oppose these agendas by channeling more energy of Rasta into the world.

    Almost immediately after changing his stage name to Saint Michael, the second essential factor kicked in. His life took a sharp turn upwards into the highest echelons of society after being introduced to the discrete world of global commodities trading by a friend/Multi-Platinum Songwriter, Just Shawn. At this point Saint Michael was 24 years old and had consistently given his full energy into the entertainment industry for 12 straight years. He was ready to expand his corporate reality so he instantly welcomed the idea of exploring the commodities trading arena. He learned that In the world of commodities, one has the potential to earn hundreds of thousands or even millions from one single deal. The money he seen as a tool he could use to not only bypass the need for major labels, but more importantly fund projects for uplifting humanity, which was one of the highest values Rasta promote. He seized the opportunity to increase himself and dedicated thousands of hours to “hands on” learning in this new world of commodities, global economics consulting etc. This experience brought him directly to the doors of high level finance consultants, Investors, Gold & Diamond Buyers / Mine Owners, Patent Owners, Royal Families, Head of State Governments, Developers etc. He was even eventually appointed as a project manager for a Gold Refinery in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Having obtained high level relationships and hidden knowledge about global economics, it was now clear to Saint Michael that he had a higher purpose in life. He was now dead set on living up to his name for all of humanity. By 2013, he developed a reputation for being a viable resource for progressing high level business deals because of the connections he proved himself to have. In his personal life however, he had grown significantly with his spirituality. After acknowledging the fact that his Religious faith was filled with inconsistencies, half truths and changed information by European powers who invaded Africa, he let go of christianity and drew closer to Nature and the Universe for mental and spiritual rehabilitation between 2011 and 2012. He rejected anything written and depended on his intuition for guidance. He began to pay closer attention to the stars and world around him, using the environment/nature to reason and philosophy with friends about life and what’s wrong or right. Most notably on December 2, 2011 he witnessed what appeared to be the reflection of the Sun on the Ozone layer, which by all means to him looked like two suns in the Fayetteville, North Carolina sky. Due to a recent conversation he had with G-Terra (The other half of his Music Duo “Emperor”) he interpreted this to mean that a new day was upon humanity. That the time of wicked people was over with and that it wasn’t the end of the world, it was the end of their world, as in the end of evil rulership.


    The third essential factor occurred on March 20, 2013 which was his third year of being in the commodities network in the third week of the third month. It was a strange cultural spiritual experience that came as a phenomenon to him at the time, baffling his mind and changing him forever because he now knew through experience that there was in deed a power unseen component to our reality we call life. This experience set him on a path to find more answers. This quest for answer was the true path of his becoming, his spiritual evolution.

    He woke up one morning shortly after that strange experience compelled to know where evil came from on earth. Through his intuition and reasonings by observing nature, Saint Michael was convinced there was a time where evil didn't exist on earth, until someone came along and unleashed it. He wanted to know the name of these people. To find that out, he knew he would have to investigate occult information online, which his Christian upbringing normally would have prevented him from doing, but that was no longer a factor. He was ready to observe the world of secret knowledge, but knowing the amount of misinformation online he said a special prayer to the universe asking for guidance to truth. Within the hour he found some information that commanded his attention. A griot (Tribal librarian) from the Batswana tribe in Botswana posted the history of the black nation starting with the first generation of ancestors to ever exist. He was intriguied by what he read, not knowing it was exactly what he was looking for until later on in the year when we made it to the batswana record of who the people known as the “Israelites” really are according to the wisdom of Africa. The knowledge was preserved by the custodians of secret wisdom for the batswana tribe. This wisdom was so powerful and extensive covering nearly every aspect of black culture and life one could inquire about. He gained so much knowledge of his roots and culture as a black man that his pride in Africa shot through the roof. His vision to help humanity became narrowed down to mainly helping black people because he now understood that the world wouldn't get better until black people were restored to their rightful place in society.

    Saint Michael became instantly motivated to share message about the divine nature of blackness according to ancient traditions. He gained a clear understanding concerning the true nature of all struggles faced by black people within the past 6,100 years. He started searching tirelessly for archeological, oral, scientific and other tribal connections to validate the batswana wisdom, eventually finding very compelling evidence. Enough evidence to keep him rooted on the esoteric path of his African Roots & Culture. That path led him to being introduced to the Imperial Crowned Princess of the Batswana Kingdom later on in 2014. She became his spiritual mother and introduced him to her cousin Adrian Bogopane. Before meeting him he didn’t know how to rationalize that strange, but powerful experience that happened to him on March 20, 2013. Saint Michael described the experience to him and the Prince informed him that what took place was a not a mystery at all. It was known traditionally as a partial possession. This differs from a full spirit possession because with partial possessions the Gods do not possess the person's body, they only project their energy towards the person for a particular reason.

    This divine contact happened in perfect timing 43 days before he turned 27. As a black man in America, having a cultural and spiritual awakening can be a very intense phase in life. This was the case for Saint Michael who had taken to his social media platforms to inform the world about the divinity within the black nation and every other controversial subject matter you can think of. He didn't care what people thought he only wanted to inspire his people to be stronger, wiser and more confident in their self which he knew he was capable of doing.

    in August 2013, he was introduced to Hershel Daniels Junior, Chairman to the Friends of the African Union. It was through Hershel Daniels Junior he learned that the African Union legally united all black people in the world by creating the 6th Region of the African Union. This was done in preparation for a historical jubilee year that would never come again, known as the Year of the “Global African Renaissance”, marking the 50 year jubilee of the African Union’s formation on May 25, 1963. He had never heard of the African union before, but the 6th Region legislation to Saint Michael was prophetic fulfillment of the batswana knowledge to which he was diligently soaking in. Additionally, when he learned the African Union was created by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Selassie I, he was excited to help because his biggest music influences praised the Emperor of Ethiopia.

    On October 20, 2013, what would have been Jomo Kenyatta’s 122nd birthday, Saint Michael founded Saint Michael Solutions, LLC. It was founded as a high level consulting company dedicated to paying homage to the ascended and descended victims of Maafa (Black Genocide) by empowering business plans that will encourage unity and progress for black people. Just like Marcus Garvey, Saint Michael was 27 years old when he founded this organization. Interestingly October 20, 2013 was exactly 7 months from March 20, 2013, the date Saint Michael had the spiritual experience that activated him on his path towards Africa.

    Over the next 3 years after starting his newest company, Saint Michael focused his talents, skills and resources solely on liberation and rehabilitation efforts for the global African community, especially those in North America and the Caribbean. He secured strategic partnerships with global funding programs for sustainable development, He developed business strategies to create social platforms for cultural enlightenment, resource pooling strategies for financial empowerment, He made groundbreaking discoveries in the field of archeology & linguistics that prove the ancient nationality of black people, he connected essential reports in the field of quantum science to the ancient traditions of Africa, He spoke on the panel for W.A.D.U.’s Africa Liberation Day forum on Women’s and Youth Empowerment in the African Union Building at the United Nations in Manhattan May 22, 2015,  He organized Gold/Diamond mine owners for trade with African Americans to ensure funds were available for community development, He gathered a portfolio of strategic relationships with advanced technology developers to implement more efficient components in our development strategies, He recruited African American professionals with the experience and qualifications in community development, agriculture, He wrote and released tribute songs to honor ancestors on days of important astrological alignments, He spoke prophetic words that are documented which came true and spent thousands of hours working under the radar with limited support from the community or his peers.

    On July 16, 2015 a lesotho friend of Saint Michael’s named Monokoa Monokoa showed him a cultural connection between the Batswana and the Kikuyu tribe of Mount Kenya. A once secret ritual known as 3 days death where the initiate is put into a herb induced coma for 3 days. This information immediately peaked Saint Michael’s interest in the Kikuyu Tribe because it validated the traditions of the Batswana. Fortunately, the Kikuyu identified a specific elder named Mr. Samuel Kamitha as the one responsible for bringing this knowledge to the public light. Saint Michael desired to meet Mr. Kamitha, but couldn’t travel at the time.

    Finally in December of 2015, Saint Michael formed a partnership with a Nigerian Prince who brought a business opportunity in the gold industry to Saint Michael’s attention. The opportunity required one of the two to travel to Kenya. Although Saint Michael wanted to travel to Kenya he didn’t want to go for business purposes, especially for gold business. However it was apart of his destiny to be the one to go because his partner couldn’t travel there in time to seize the opportunity. Saint Michael secured an investor for the business transaction and flew to Kenya. The gold business turned out to be filled with scams and didn’t go according to plan. Instead of staying 5 days he ended up having to stay for almost two months going through many trials and tribulations with con artists there. Business went terrible, but his resilliance and tough skin throughout the extended stay afforded him the opportunity to contact Mr. Samuel Kamitha and arrange several meetings with him. The meetings were very positive. Mr. Kamitha analyzed Saint Michael’s spirit and intentions, ultimately approving of Saint Michael. After developing a prophetic rapport, Mr. Kamitha appointed Saint Michael as the Diaspora Messenger for the purpose of connecting the world with Mount Kenya and the College of Seers, who are the 12 Seers. The tribal keepers of the Sacred African Tablets known as Managi to them, but known as the ark of the covenant to everyone else, even attested to by the Hopi Tribe elders of America.  

    Saint Michael was now officially the diaspora messenger of Mount Kenya, a truly holy mountain of the black nation where the ark of the covenant was laid to rest in 1210 AD. The mountain that was held sacred even to the ancient Egyptians who referred to it as Ta Neteru or Ta Ntore. His middle name “Saint Michael” was now validated by his new role as a messenger.

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