Sun, Oct 11 2020


Pune, Maharashtra, India Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Trimurti Stone Metal Co.
B.K. Khose
K D Sonawane

  • About the event

    We at TEDxPICT work for the sole purpose of bringing together an event that prioritises the sharing of ideas, stories and innovations that benefit the world at large. The sharing of ideas is crucial for the survival of a society that promotes progress, and TEDxPICT plays its part by providing various speakers a platform for the same. Encouraging free thought on issues many barely speak about, shedding light on hidden stories and bringing forth a surge of inspiration, energy and enthusiasm is what we're known for.

    Why should you sponsor?

    • TEDxPICT reaches out to its audience to establish a relationship based on trust and intellectual connect.
    • Through the years, we have made it our goal to never shift focus from our ultimate aim : To create an inspiring and worthy platform for our speakers as well as our viewers. This has enabled us to significantly strengthen our bond with our audience, the fruits of which we share with our partners, who get a chance to build great relationships with potential customers. We want our partners to make the most out of this brilliant opportunity.
    • Our deliverables have left quite the positive impact on our previous and existing partners and their businesses, and it’s our aim to continue doing the same for all future partnerships.


    • 23,000+ footfall at college fests
    • 13,000+ instagram followers
    • 40,000+ reach on facebook during branding campaigns
    • 300+ followers on twitter 
    • Branding for partners across various colleges in the city

    Aashna Khater

    Student at Pune Institue of Computer Technology working for the partnerships team of TEDxPICT. 

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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