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Tantric Lovmaking,

München, Bayern, Germany München, Bayern, Germany

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    What sets our Tantra seminars for couples apart and distinguishes us from other Tantra schools?

    In our Tantra seminars, our primary focus revolves around fostering a profound sense of fulfillment within both sexuality and relationships. We are dedicated to assisting participants in forging deeper connections with themselves and their partners, aiming to heal past sexual wounds and enable them to rediscover the full joy of intimacy.

    Our approach is comprehensive, addressing various facets of human existence: the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and the realm of consciousness itself. Our overarching goal is to demystify Tantra for Western individuals and offer a holistic perspective on this ancient teaching.

    Unlike many Western providers, who often reduce Tantra to massage practices, we started our journey with a Tantra massage class, which indeed introduced sensuality into the bedroom. However, we felt the need to delve deeper into the philosophical underpinnings of Tantra, unraveling the "whys" and "hows" behind its practices.

    One of our central objectives is to cultivate awareness among our seminar participants, helping them confront and understand their personal issues and relationship patterns. We also provide practical tools that can initiate profound transformations.

    In the realm of sexuality, many people tend to be overly cerebral, striving for a perfect performance and pressuring themselves to achieve orgasm. They often become preoccupied with their own expectations or those they believe their partner has of them. Sex becomes a scripted act, devoid of spontaneity and genuine connection.

    Our mission is to reshape this perspective. Tantra is not about performance or solely pleasing a partner; it's fundamentally about nurturing a deep, loving connection. It's about transcending sex to embrace lovemaking—a journey of relaxation, conscious breathing, heart-opening, and playful exploration with one's partner, a perpetual voyage of discovery.

    This loving connection is the core focus of our seminars. We equip participants with the tools to liberate themselves from performance anxieties and conventional routines, guiding them toward this profound connection. We also help them embody their sensuality and release longstanding emotional blockages.

    Regrettably, many people carry limiting beliefs and shame about sex ingrained in them by religious, societal, parental, and cultural influences. Our seminars address these aspects as well because without awareness of these beliefs and patterns, it's challenging to transform and manifest the fulfilling love life one desires.

    What sets us further apart is our commitment to providing not just experiential learning but also theoretical understanding. While other seminars primarily emphasize personal experiences, rituals, deep encounters, and massages, we believe that a comprehensive grasp of the "why" and "how" behind these exercises is crucial. Each individual is unique, and understanding which practices align with their personality and constitution is essential. Therefore, we offer theoretical insights before guiding participants to explore the magic of breath, touch, and connection through their own experiences.

    In sum, our approach stands out for its holistic nature, both in terms of the topics we cover and the blend of theory and practice that we provide.

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    Damian Prem

    The Transformative Influence of Tantra in Our Lives

    Sexual dissatisfaction and disagreements surrounding intimacy used to loom large in our relationship. In particular, I, Meli, struggled with lower desire and couldn't fully relish mutual intimacy due to the immense pressure I placed on myself to meet my own standards of being a good lover.

    For us, Tantra became a path to healing and profound transformation. Following several massage courses in Germany, we embarked on a journey to Asia, dedicating over a year to immersing ourselves in the realms of Tantra, yoga, and meditation.

    Tantra played a pivotal role in our lives by aiding in the release of physical blockages, creating space for suppressed emotions, challenging limiting beliefs, and redefining sex as a sacred expression of love. Through Tantra, we acquired the ability to shift from the realm of the mind into the body, fostering relaxation and allowing the free flow of energies. This transformation significantly fortified the love and connection between us.

    Little did we anticipate that Tantra would not only enable us to genuinely enjoy our shared sexuality but also unveil entirely new dimensions in our relationship. These revelations ranged from forging a deep heart connection and experiencing heightened energy and vitality to moments of ecstasy, unity, and a shared spiritual practice.

    Today, our heartfelt aspiration is to guide others on this transformative journey and make the profound impact of Tantra accessible to all.

    With love and gratitude, Meli & Damian Prem


    We hold the belief that every couple is destined to revel in a remarkable sexual journey, one that continually deepens the bonds of love, fosters lighthearted playfulness, and ignites the flames of passionate ecstasy between them.

    Our core belief centers on the notion that our earthly existence is a sacred opportunity to reconnect with our highest selves and our divine essence. Achieving this requires the healing of old wounds and the release of anything that obstructs our authentic expression.

    At the heart of our philosophy lies the conviction that an intimate relationship provides the ideal environment wherein trust, safety, and loving presence can flourish, enabling each partner to heal, grow, and thrive.

    We staunchly believe in the transformative power of vulnerability and open communication, seeing challenging moments as golden opportunities for personal growth and deeper connection.

    Within our framework, we regard sex as a sacred act, a realm where magic can unfold, allowing your dreams to manifest.

    In our teachings, we firmly believe that every individual possesses the capacity to experience profound pleasure, whole-body orgasms, and elevated states of consciousness and bliss through the practice of tantric sex.

    Our deepest conviction is that mastering the art of profound love within conscious relationships holds the potential to alleviate collective suffering, fostering a shift from criticism to understanding, from punishment to empathy, and from conflict to peace.

    We firmly maintain that this transformation begins with each and every one of us making the conscious choice to prioritize love and connection over fear and self-preservation. It is through these individual choices that we can collectively create the change we aspire to see in the world.

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