Thu, Mar 15 - Sat, Mar 17 2018

SXSW Gaming Festival 2018 - Scrub Budz Booth,

Austin, Texas, United States Austin, Texas, United States

  • About the event

    SXSW Gaming saw over 46,000 paid attendees in 2017, and 2018 looks to be even bigger. It's a festival celebrating all things gamer, from console and tabletop games, indie developers, artwork and merchandise, contests, and booths / appearances from major players in the industry.

    Last year, we had a booth there and it was amazing. One of our projects, a Let's Play series on YouTube called "Scrub Budz," was a perfect fit, and we decided to set up shop by creating a 90's living room feel to that booth, inviting gamers of all ages to play their favorite titles from all time periods with us, and recording a few live shows in the process.

    It was our first year doing the project and having a presence there, but our booth quickly became one of the busiest and most talked about at the event. Other booths wanted to know what we were doing and were a bit confounded about how a Let's Play project could garner so much attention away from product and game demos - it's because of our passion. The Scrub Budz booth is just a lot of damn fun!

    Gaming is our lives, and we love to share that passion with everyone else. Whether that be playing a game with them, sharing our embarassingly deep knowledge of the history, our collections of files and related music, and bringing partners together, we put our heart and soul into it.

    We're ready to bring our booth back to SXSW Gaming Festival 2018, and we would love your help in making it better than ever!

    Why should you sponsor?

    Your company or project should sponsor us because we are excellent, professional partners and we will get the word out about you and what you do. If you truly love our goals and mission and want to back us, we would be happy to work with you!

    We are only interested in sponsorships that make sense - in other words, gaming gear and controllers, video game / tabletop game / comic shops, electronics businesses, tech companies, things of that nature. If you think our passions could be shared amongst our shared audiences, let's do it!

    We do, of course, offer perks as well. We will only accept one sponsor this year, so we will work with the first offer to one of these tiers at the highest tier level offered, if our projects make sense to come together.

    Thanks so much for helping us spread the joy of gaming and giving us more opportunities to archive and share everything related to the industry.

    MadHatter McGinnis

    We are the Scrub Club Collective – a not-for-profit and open source music, gaming, and art tribe.

    Currently, we have these projects on course to be in full force this year:

    Scrub Budz: A comedy Let's Play series on YouTube, currently with over 150 episodes! We recently celebrated the show's one year anniversary with a party and events at the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, TX.

    Earworm Arcade: A retro gaming podcast that features talk centering on one genre per show with about 45 minutes of game music to download alongside it.

    Retro Deep Dive: Our upcoming site that will host the most organized online game collections in the world, the most in-depth reviews of classic games and their universes, and downloadable themed packs of game music collections.

    Live Events: We love doing events IRL! Whether it's playing games with folks and recording live episodes with guests and fans, or hosting trivia or "name that tune" style game shows, we love being up close and personal with our supporters and raising money for the Extra Life and other charities.

    Music Performances: Scrub Club hosts several Nerdcore legends such as Kabuto the Python, MadHatter, 2 Mello, King Pheenix, and the Soup or Villainz, and have years of live music events under their belts.

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    54% Male Attendees

    46% Female Attendees

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