Fri, Aug 11 2017

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    SAIE is an upcoming mental health charity that aims to break the stigma of mental health in African and Caribbean communities and provide support for people who suffer from mental health issues. 

    We aim to do this through reaching out to mental health sufferers through forums, motivational speak out events, counseling and therapy sessions as well as fundraising events. 

    Our objectives:
    1. To reconstruct the existing social stigma around Mental Health in the African-Caribbean diaspora intergenerationally
    2. To provide help and support within Southwark and surrounding areas
    3. To improve and encourage community cohesion within Southwark and surrounding


    Why should you sponsor?

    Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people aged 20-34 years in the UK and it is considerably higher in men, with nearly four times as many men dying as a result of suicide compared to women.One reason that men are more likely to complete suicide is because they are less likely than women to ask for help or talk about depressive or suicidal feelings. Recent statistics show that 72% of people who died by suicide between 2002 and 2012 had not been in contact with their GP or a health professional about these feelings in the year before their suicide.People with a diagnosed mental health condition are shown to be at a higher risk of attempting and completing suicide,8 with more than 90% of suicides and suicide attempts having been found to be associated with a psychiatric disorder. The highest rates of suicide were associated with depressive disorders. We believe there is a need for what we are trying to do here but we need support to start up. 

    Saida Adio-Pereira

    My name is Saidatu Adio-Pereira, I am a student studying Social Policy at the University of Birmingham. My recent Dissertation explored ' how social stigmas and parental attitudes towards mental health influence whether Black girls access mental health services'. The findings showed some interesting results which proved to me that more needs to be done by both members of our local communities and mental health institutions, this is what fervor my interest in starting up SAIE. SAIE is a mental health organisation with an aim to reconstruct the existing social stigma around mental health and provide support for suffers. I believe that at this desperate time when suicide rates are increasing a lot needs to be done to stop mental health from being a taboo subject. However, my team cannot do it alone we need people who can sponsor us so that we can get started on our mission, people who believe in us and the cause at hand.   

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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