Sun, Aug 20 2017

Summer Soirée: Pink Picnic in the Park Edition,

Marina del Rey, California, United States Marina del Rey, California, United States

  • About the event

    Sip & Dream, Inc. Presents: Summer Soirèe

    Pink Picnic in the Park Edition!

    Mix, Mingle and Maximize the Moment!

    It's time to let your hair down and connect with other like-minded individuals! This event is geared toward uplifting, inspiring and celebrating one another. It is such a rarity for people to come together and simply enjoy a good time. We are going to indulge on BBQ, sip cocktails and have an powerful discussion about the things we go through in life and business. Who do you want to be? What direction do you see your life going? Our featured speaker Nichole Lynel will be there to drop some knowledge on what it takes to be an innovator! Let's help each other get to the next level. Get those business cards ready! As the popular saying goes "Bosses don't compete with each other, they collaborate". We are encouraging you to mix and mingle with people from all different backgrounds. We are creating a beautiful environment for current and aspiring entrepreneurs to connect! This is a great opportunity to learn and build your network.

    You don't want to miss out as we have some pretty AWESOME surprises in store!

    Ticket Price includes:

    - Catered BBQ Lunch

    - Cocktails

    - Giveaways  

    - Surprise Guest

    & More!

    Why should you sponsor?

    Sip & Dream, Inc is aiming to curate a powerful Summer Soirée Event aimed at the upcoming millennial entrepreneur. This event will feature a discussion from a top industry influencer, industry activations from areas such as branding/marketing, Lunch, and a ton of resources for all of the people who normally would not have access to such beneficial information.

    Chiana Jenell, the founder of Sip & Dream, started this company with one main goal in mind.The goal is to bring millennials together and provide them with the tools and resources necessary to bring their grandest dreams to life. To be able to connect them with people that can inspire their growth and add insight to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Rather than focusing specifically on each individual craft, our goal is to expand and enrich the minds of the attendees to go out and dominate in any field.

    We are living in a time where the upcoming generation has a very entrepreneurial spirit. Sip & Dream would like to nurture that spirit and help as many people as possible on their journey toward a life they will love.

    Over the last year, Sip & Dream has managed to successfully host a few different events all geared toward the visionaries and entrepreneurs of the world. These events have led to many of the attendees upgrading various areas of their lives, from employment, credit, finances and mentality. We would love to keep the momentum going and reach as many people as possible.

    The “Sip & Dream - Summer Soirée” provides enticing public access to events through VIP tickets and general admission tickets. The sure to be smash event with feature a powerful discussion with top industry influencers with a large social media presence (TBA).


    The Benefits To You


    As your marketing partner, Sip & Dream, Inc. takes our sponsorship agreement very seriously. You make a commitment to help curate an amazing experience, and in return we promise to deliver the best sponsorship benefits. We provide a number of benefits including but not limited to the following:

    • Connect With Your Customers

    Customers are getting more and more discerning about which companies they do business with. What better way to communicate your values than by sponsoring an event that matches theirs.

    • Increase Sales.

    You’ll have in person access to attendees when you become an integral part of the All White Power Brunch through sponsorship, pop-up booths and having your product placed throughout the venue.

    • Give The Community Something To Smile About

    Companies like yours know how important it is to get involved in giving back to the community. Give the community a reason to be proud of your brand through your contributions.

    Added Value

    After the success of our previous events, Sip & Dream, Inc. has a large network of supporters in the city. As a Sponsor, you’ll have access to our extensive marketing list.The value we bring to the table includes:


    • Social Media Exposure

    Sip & Dream, Inc. has a growing instagram and facebook following. We’re highly skilled at engaging with and leveraging those connections for your benefit. We are also skilled at connecting with influencers with mass followings to increase awareness.


    • Access to a captive target audience matching that of your company

    • Access to a market willing to spend disposable income on premium consumption & life experiences.

    • Infusing your company’s branding across multiple mediums include event signage, web, social media and print.


    Sip & Dream, Inc’s Summer Soirée has carved out an impactful audience, creating a premium channel for advertisers and sponsors to effectively expose their brand. Sip & Dream, Inc. supporters are majority women but we are aiming to reach the male audience as well. Majority of our supporters are entrepreneurs with an average income of $50,000 - $90,000 who are committed to premium social experiences.

    Chiana Shipp

    Hi, I'm Chiana Jenell. I am an event producer and the Founder of Sip & Dream, Inc. What started as a hobby among friends is now a full-blown company producing empowerment, business, and networking events throughout Los Angeles. Through these events, I have managed to inspire and lead many people to victory in their personal and professional lives. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the city of dreams, I am devoted to creating beneficial tools and resources for the visionaries and the dreamers of the world. I am the proud mother of one little girl, and I enjoy creating memories with her in my free time.

    My goal is the help as many people as I can bring their dreams to life! I will continue to host amazing events, provide blueprints and vital information to help you flourish! People with written goals accomplish ten times as much as people with equal or better education! Let me help you write your vision and make it plain! Together we can get you to your desired destination.

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    10% Male Attendees

    90% Female Attendees

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