Sat, Jul 14 2018

Summer Social,

The House, Durham, North Carolina, United States The House, Durham, North Carolina, United States

  • About the event

    The event is about starting something new for the 30+ crowd that follows my music and social happenings. I've done a lot of cookouts, parties and social gatherings that always exceeds my expectations. I recently was apart of a small warehouse party where I bought a bunch of alcohol beverages including liquor, beer, wine, etc.. it was supposed to host about 50 to 75 people but instead ended with a crowd of about 150 people, which is where I get the total of about 100 to 200 occupants for the event. I decided to do a day party because the small events I had always felt like one. There a few reasons why I prefer wine or champagne for the sponsorship. One reason is the bar in the establishment offers everything from bottom to top-shelf liquor. Another would be its a day party so it's not exactly a time that people partake in a large volume of alcohol. Also, a large part of my following is of the female gender. Very classy women between the ages of 25+ that love to do wine tastings and things of that nature. Finally, the establishment has a corporate room that I would dedicate to only you and your product. This gives you the advantage of communication directly to the consumer.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Honestly, If you don't have a popular product that you may want to give a boost too. Or maybe you have a beverage that you put on the market that didn't do so well that you feel deserves a second chance. Or maybe you want to promote a new beverage. This would be the perfect opportunity to catch a good amount of consumers at one time where the expectations are at a minimum but opinions would be at a max. If you have a product that you're trying to target the older crowd with, this would definitely be a great opportunity. Also with the volume of the crowd expected you wouldn't have to forfeit a lot of your product. You can dispense the amount of your leisure.  

    Eddie Mangrum

    I'm a 36yr old 6ft African American that's in his prime. The music or the following I present to society it's not harmful in any manner. I provided the website https://ownleus.wixsite.com/owemg if you would like to listen. I'm not a musician or a rapper, I just love to do music and have a great following of listeners that provides me with enough support to do things like this. I have been with the company of WalMart for 14yrs so I am very good with people and customer service. I have been at this for awhile now and honestly the event it's going to be a success with or without a sponsorship. But I wanted to endeavor in bigger assignments, and start a conversation with more than the owner of the establishment. By doing this in success will create a better future for me, In better days for the older crowd that's tired of your 21 and up a club that stays open way past their bedtime thanks for your time.   

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    40% Male Attendees

    60% Female Attendees

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