Wed, Apr 26 2017

Shlomo Artzi Live in NYC,

The Theater at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, New York, New York, United States The Theater at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
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    SHLOMO ARTZI LIVE IN NYC Israel's Independence Day Celebration.

    Help us help our chindren, All proceeds ofd this concert will go to social programs for underprivileged children.

    Israel’s Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut) is a day of great celebration held every year in late April or early May – on this day (the fifth day of Iyar in the Hebrew calendar) in 1948 David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, declared the country’s independence from the British Mandate. It was declared a full holiday in a law enacted at the Israeli Parliament in 1949.

    Across Israel, events and celebrations take place to commemorate its Independence – both on a national and local scale, with almost every city, town, and village, having some sort of celebration. Other than the official ceremonies, Israelis celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut in a variety of ways. In the cities, the nighttime festivities may be found on the main streets. Crowds will gather to watch public shows offered for free by the municipalities and the government. Many spend the night dancing Israeli folk dances or singing Israeli songs. During the daytime thousands of Israeli families go out on hikes and picnics. Army camps are open for civilians to visit and to display the recent technological achievements of the Israeli Defense Forces. Yom Ha’atzmaut is concluded with the “Israel Prize”; an  award ceremony that recognizes individual Israelis for their unique contribution to the country’s culture, science, arts, and the humanities.

    In 2017 a special celebration event will take place in New York City: Shlomo Artzi performing live on the Theater at the Madison Square Garden as part of the celebrations of Israel’s 69th Independence Day.

    Since the late '80s, Shlomo Artzi has maintained his status as Israel's biggest rock star. Artzi, whose high-energy tours garner a large and loyal following, releases studio albums every five or six years, each reaching platinum within weeks. Artzi’s summer live tours are synonymous with the historical Caesarea Amphitheater, an open-air Roman-era arena. In fact, "achieving Caesarea" has become, following  Artzi, a merit of success for Israel's leading performers.

    Artzi’s career can be roughly divided in two: the early days, when he became an overnight sensation, then spent years searching for his musical path, and, from 1984 onward, his current position, as stadium rock king. His transformation is often credited to the artistic alliance with record producer Louis Lahay who spent time in the U.S., serving as recording technician in Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run sessions. After returning to Israel, he taught  Artzi the basics of rock & roll, picked up from the Boss himself.

    Artzi was born in 1949 in a kibbutz, and grew up in Tel Aviv. In his military service,  he joined the navy band, which, like other military bands in the '60s, achieved success beyond military circles, with high-charting singles and albums.  He soon became the band's star. In 1970, while still a soldier,  he participated in the prestigious Israel Song Festival, with the ballad "Pitom Ahshav, Pitom Hayom" (Suddenly Now, Suddenly Today).  Artzi, dapper in his white navy uniform, came in first in the competition and became the national sweetheart, voted "Singer of the Year" by listeners of the Voice of Israel radio network.

    In 1992  he reached mega success: his album Yareach (Moon) sold over 200,000 copies. Four years later came Shnayim (Two), another successful double album. In 1999  Artzi released an album of remakes to his old creations, Ahavtihem (I Have Loved Them), including versions of songs written for others, and a Hebrew rendition of the White Plains hit "When You Are a King." The album reached gold before its release. In 2007,  he released Shfuim (Sane), again reaching double platinum within days. The album was preceded by the singles Ha'amiti (The Real) and "Iceland.”

    In May 2016, Artzi released his latest  album: "Katzefet" (cream).

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