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Sat, Apr 08 - Sun, Oct 22 2017

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About our event

Rough Runner’s mission is "to create unique, awe-inspiring, challenging and inclusive experiences".

We are a new breed of sports event. Rough Runner merges distance running (anything from 5km up to 15km) and unique obstacles that runners have to tackle along the way.

But not just the regular, military-style obstacles you’ll see at every other event out there, that do nothing but freeze, burn, lacerate and electrocute you.

Instead, our obstacles are inspired by all those game shows we love - Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout, Gladiator, Ninja Warrior and more.

In just two years we’ve had over 30,000 people running our events, seeing double growth numbers at some events year on year. But we don’t want to stop there though!

A very ambitious company, we're also passionate about improving on and learning from everything we do, not just at the events but in marketing and sales. The better our sales, the better the events become, and the more awesome experiences we create for happy customers to tell their friends about! And, in turn, anyone sailing the ship with us will also be able to take advantage and benefit.

To help with our mission to grow our events to become some of the biggest in the market, we’re now seeking partners to get involved, where we can learn, grow and improve on everything we do.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Rough Runner offers an unrivaled opportunity to reach specific demographics with an unprecedented online engagement and following.

With double growth figures year on year, we not only have the eyes and ears of many runners and participants throughout the UK who have done, are doing or want to do our events, but we also have the eyes and ears from some of the most important social media channels having seen what we get up.

Such as Facebook, we have the Global Head of Entertainment whose reached out to us directly, and is supporting, mentoring and ensuring all our activities online have the statistics backing up all our campaigns to ensure growth, engagement and loyalty. 

We not only are offering the opportunity to be at the events, but just as importantly, work with us, with all our pre and post event activity that reaches huge audiences. That figure was over 20 million people in 2016 on Facebook alone of which over 40% had engaged with us.



Rough Runner Partnerships

Becoming an Official Partner of Rough Runner can include any number of things, which we can adapt or amend according to what we (as a partnership) see is working, or not as the case may be. Areas, where partners can get involved, include: 1. Sampling at events 2. Branding and/or running the main bar 3. Merchandise areas and stand 4. Catering elements, e.g. operating your own, branded unit(s) 5. Having branded displays, flags, barrier jackets for fences & banners for placement around the village (which Rough Runner will put up) 6. Introduction of any kit to the events that will add value to the event itself and/or the village area that participants will engage with 7. Owning ‘elements’ of the event, e.g. supplying drinking water or sports drinks as our ‘Hydration Partner’ Communications & Social Media 1. Rough Runner will work together during the year & promote each other’s brands via social media and e-comms. 2. This includes but is not limited to - a. Direct e-mail campaigns promoting our partners – sent by Rough Runner, offering updates & promotions on the latest products and/or news, including any comms on products that could relate specifically to our audiences. b. We would expect partners also to send e-comms out to databases promoting Rough Runner, including relevant updates, promotions and competitions 3. Social Media content on both our partner and Rough Runner’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. This can be competitions, polls, offers, deals, insights into products on offer etc. 4. Competitions/contests/giveaways to run monthly include prizes given by our partner and Rough Runner. 8. Rough Runner can easily push out any content that our audiences would enjoy seeing in general. 9. Rough Runner will integrate any partners on the Rough Runner website with a link directly to their websites. The Travelator and obstacle specific opportunities. There is a huge opportunity with this, given – 1. Photographic content a. Every finisher gets a photo taken of them at the end, with the Travelator right behind them, and at specific obstacles around the course. b. These are uploaded to Facebook after the event, and we encourage all our participants to download and share them, tagging themselves and their team members. We see huge numbers of these photos featuring as our participants’ profile pictures soon after! c. We’re now also planning to introduce a “live action camera” at the foot of the Travelator and at specific obstacles around the course to capture all the many triumphs and face plants throughout each day. The reach on this video content is incredible, given Facebook’s commitment to encourage Facebook Live streaming. 2. Video content a. The Travelator and other ‘premium’ obstacles feature largely in all commercial adverts we publish, with an investment of circa £500k per annum on FB video / ad content alone – reaching nearly 20 million people in 2016, and engaging with over 40% of them b. We also create ‘event videos’ which we again feature the Travelator and our other showpiece obstacles. These videos feature prominently on our website, as well as being shared and boosted on all of our social media channels, as well as emailed to every participant from the events. c. Participants also regularly create their own videos using action camera footage, which are shared and watched across numerous online channels

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I'm Jonathan, one of the founders & CEO of Rough Runner.

We're on a mission to create unique, awe-inspiring, challenging and inclusive experiences and are now seeking partners to help us achieve our goals - who we can also help by offering the opportunity to work with us and reach out to a demographic that we've created and who trust us.

In just two years we’ve had over 30,000 people running our events, seeing double growth numbers at some events year on year. But we don’t want to stop there though! A very ambitious company, we're also passionate about improving on and learning from everything we do, not just at the events but in marketing and sales.

And any partners we bring on board, we'll all learn and be able to improve on all our strategies as we develop.

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