Fri, Aug 23 - Sat, Aug 24 2019


Indraprastha Institute of Information Technol, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi, India Indraprastha Institute of Information Technol, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • About the event

    It is a robotics event where bots are expected to complete a maze in some amount of time. The rules and description is very unique and I woud recommend everyone to go through it before deciding anything.

    You are Thanos- son of Alars, the mighty Titan warrior, who aims to subtract half the universe’s population by snapping his fingers. Though, this is not what he intends to do now, neither does he possess any of the infinity stones. His priority is to reach Nidavellir, and build the mightiest blade in the universe, one that can match the power of all infinity stones.

    But, Thor- son of Odin is en route to forge “Stormbreaker”, a weapon even stronger than Mjölnir, his former weapon. Thanos must reach before Thor gets Stormbreaker forged (Maximum time allotted will be *5 mins per team*).

    Universe has 6 infinity stones hidden and distributed at different locations. Your task would be to reach Nidavellir as quickly as possible. You may choose to head directly to Nidavellir, or you may collect infinity stones on your way that may help you reach your destination fast.
    It is just a game of permutations. Decide for yourself which route to use for reaching the destination QUICKEST.

    There are 6 infinity stones placed in the maze-
    - Time Stone stopwatch ticks at 0.5x speed for entire duration
    - Mind Stone watch is stopped, team can calibrate (2mins)
    - Power Stone 5 manual resets are excused
    - Space Stone bot can be moved to any checkpoint
    - Soul Stone reach end directly & give up 2 mins, or resume
    - Reality Stone ending becomes checkpoint 1, i.e. the beginning


    Only 10 resets are allowed. There will be a penalty of 20 seconds for each reset.
    There are in total 3 checkpoints in the maze. These checkpoints will come in action only when the bot needs to be reset.
    In case of manual resets, the bot will restart from the nearest visited checkpoint only, one that has been encountered before, no time penalty.
    Teams will be given 2 minutes before the start of stopwatch for calibration.


    1. Max. Team size is 4. Participants can range from 11th class to 3rd year college students.
    2. A stopwatch will be running. Maximum time allowed per team is 5 mins.
    3. Team members can belong to different educational institutions. Bringing of ID proof on the day of event is mandatory.
    4. Participants are not allowed to see the maze before their turn. Violation will lead to disqualification.
    5. No wireless communication on the bot will be allowed. Violation will lead to disqualification.
    6. The team must start in the direction of the volunteer present at the event.
    7. The maximum voltage at a given point of the robot must be less than equal to 24 V.
    8. No registration fee will be charged.
    9. Bot should be able to fit in a 20 cm wide path.

    Registration link: Coming Soon
    Website Link: Coming Soon

    Stay tuned for upcoming updates about the event.

    For more Information contact-
    Chhavi Kirtani - 9599557292 - *****@****.***
    Daksh Thapar - 7838267878 - *****@****.***

    Why should you sponsor?

    Sponsors of our event will get immense publicity as the technical fest has 60,00,000+ viewership. The event RoboMaze will attract college as well as school students as we have special prices for best performance from school teams too. The benefits are as listed:

    • Total online viewership of 60,00,000+

    • Customized Campaign post attracting a reach of 40,000+ organically.

    • Logo on all online content posted in 1000+facebook groups and throughOSMs

    • Access to the database of 1.5 Lakh students.

    • Customized Online & Offline campaigns.

    • Flexes on academic building attract passengers across 2 Metro Stations on Violet line (Daily ridership of 2,00,000+)

    • Logo/ Branding on 1000+Posters, Photo Booths and allcertificates

    • T-shirts, Standees & Flexes over campus.

    • Product activation center/App Downloads

    • Interaction/Seminar time with students.

    chhavi kirtani

    Students of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, central government based engineering college.

    Contact Details:

    Chhavi Kirtani - 9599557292 - *****@****.***
    Daksh Thapar - 7838267878 - *****@****.***


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  • 251-500 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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