Mission Prosperity 2017

London, United Kingdom
Mon, May 15 - Fri, Jul 14 2017

Sponsorship Pitch

London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom

About our event

Help us to help as many needy children as possible, shouldn’t everybody have a better life with basic essentials? A Trip of a Lifetime is just one of the great perks available in our campaign. Our mission is to deliver aid to as many people as possible throughout Africa where there are still millions of children hungry and suffering and where more than 100 million people are at risk from blindness in Africa.

In the majority of cases this blindness is preventable and the World Health Organisation is busy trying to eradicate this terrible disease. The main threat is Trachoma which a is a bacterial infection that can lead to blindness but it is preventable and it is curable. Causes of blindness were wiped out many decades ago in the Western world and until it is eradicated it affects millions of people worldwide. There are large numbers of homeless children who roam the streets who need food and clothes. Hunger is slowly being addressed but malnutrition is still a large problem throughout the continent. Our aim is to deliver much needed supplies, clothes, pots, pans and cooking implements.

Our starting point is London and from there we drive through France to Gibraltar and onwards all the way down through the African continent to South Africa. Monies raised from our campaign will provide much needed aid to people in many African countries.

We support Sightsavers who work extensively helping many children and adults with sight problems, see again and improving the quality of life with permanent sight loss in Africa and the rest of the world.

Another charity we are providing assistance for is MSIZI Africa who run a feeding program for orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho who are in need of pots, pans and cooking utensils to assist with their feeding programs.

The money will be spent on purchasing the necessary vehicles and equipment to make the journey through various African countries. We will help with donations of clothing, cooking utensils and benefit sufferers with eye problems but we need your help to do this. Money raised will be spent mainly on a vehicle and fuel to transport the aid and all equipment bought will be sold at auction in South Africa and donated between the charities we are working with. 

The trip will be documented via Facebook sharing the Roadtrip’s progress as we travel across Africa giving out aid to our two main charities and others along the way. This trek across Africa is also being undertaken by RTR Industries who are looking into providing a long term solution to increase the transport links across Africa as this will dramatically improve African economies. RTR Industries will be giving talks to leading industrialists, businesses and government leaders on the effect of economies of effective transport links and how these can be dramatically improved.

We’ll make our way from London to Gibraltar across to Marrakesh, Morocco to Western Sahara taking us through Mauritania and on to Senegal. From Dakar, Senegal we will traverse to Gambia, Mali and Burkina Faso. Then we will move through Cote D’ivore, Ghana and on to Nigeria. Cameroun, Gabon, Congo, Angola, Namibia and on to our final destination, South Africa.

Before we leave South Africa, ALL equipment, trucks etc. will be auctioned and the proceeds will provide further aid to the charities we are supporting. If you know of any charities who we could assist in the countries on our route, please forward us contact details and we will see how we can help them.

With your help, we are going to change the outlook for as many children throughout Africa as we possibly can. So please help us to improve the lives of these poor children, let them see again and make them smile.


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Sponsors will gain visibiltiy throughout the whole of the documentary as well as the presentations that are to be held accross the journey with our sponsors logos being named and made visible on our vehicle, trailer or the TU 523. 

By sponsoring our initiative sponsors identify themselves as Innovative, environmentally friendly as well as forward thinking. 

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RTR is a Reinhardt Technology Holdings company and it thrives through its track record in the development of highly innovative and disruptive technologies by its founder to find solutions surrounding the problem of the ever increasing demands for crucial energy, Infrastructure and goods transportation.

Thorsten U. Reinhardt, the Company’s founder and CEO, started this development with his late father Gert J. Reinhardt in 2004 with the dedicated vision to reaching out to developing countries, which for decades have been disadvantaged with their limited infrastructure and its population’s lack of access to electricity and energy.

Without a breakthrough that will offer an alternative approach to transporting goods and energy across the globe the developing world will have no chance to keep up with its ever increasing demand while developed countries will suffocate on the increasingly congesting infrastructure.

Please imagine a new scenario. Imagine there was a way to utilise those natural resources, to harvest them, to mine them and then to move them fast across the country and beyond.

Imagine you could do so without building roads or investing in railways. Imagine you could bring power to the remotest villages and ensure that the poorer elements of your population could quickly get to work in a profitable industry.

Imagine electricity with no grid networks Huge containers containing tonnes of fresh produce transported to ports without a lorry or train in sight.

Imagine what it would mean to develop industry, energy supply, health and education WITHOUT the costs associated with a traditional infrastructure.

A country where new roadsrailwaysgrid systems and airports were NOT required to tap into its potential. Where energy could be bought to towns through a small box that was self-charging.

Where houses, farms, factories and schools could be connected without a grid.

Where supplies could be transported without an airport and where a developing country can become a benchmark for a new and better way to ensure economic development across the world.

This is what we at Reinhardt Technology Research stand for.

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