Fri, Oct 20 - Sat, Oct 21 2017

Rails Girls Rotterdam,

Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands
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  • About the event

    Our aim is to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas. We do this by providing a great experience on building things and by making technology more approachable.

    Learn sketching, prototyping, basic programming and get introduced to the world of technology. Rails Girls was born in Finland, but is nowadays a global, non-profit volunteer community.

    Rails Girls events are non-profit. We don’t charge the participants and do not pay for coaches or speakers. Participants don’t need any previous knowledge about programming and there are no age-limitations. All the participants need is a laptop and some curiosity.

    The two-day event includes a lot of small group working and short focused talks on programming, design and web. No panel discussions or podium-talks - the spirit should be informal and hands-on. The more you can remove abstractions and add inclusivity the better.


    Why should you sponsor?

    RailsGirls is a 12-hour Ruby-on-Rails workshop for absolute beginners in the world of programming and web development organized by local volunteers. In the Rotterdam event of April we had almost 100 signups from which we selected 30 participants.

    The weekend event is free and open to all enthusiastic girls and women. Rails for Girls wants to empower girls to build the capacity and acquire the tools to conquer the last online frontier.



    Maartje O'Connor

    Hi! I am Maartje O'Connor, half Irish, half Dutch. I learned about Rails Girls via my Husband, who is a back-end developer for a long time know and was coaching every Rails Girls event. 
    I studied Leisure Management and really like to organize events. I prefer events with a little learning aspect or a good cause. 
    Organizing Rails Girls made me enhusiastic enough to try coding myself as well. I participated Rails Girls October 2016 and try to learn some coding ever since. 
    I really like the Rails Girls community as well. We have so many enthusiastic coaches, participants and sponsors and everybody is very helpfull towards each other. 

    Hi! I'm Mariel Venhuizen. I'm a master's student studying organizational psychology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and freelance as a project manager on events in the startup and innovation community in The Netherlands. I never thought technology was for me, but little did I know, especially considering how much it is a daily part of my life. I was exposed to RailsGirls as an potential way to broaden my network in the country and gain a new skill while doing so. 

    I attended my first RailsGirls event in Amsterdam and was sold. I enjoyed my experience so thoroughly and met so many awesome people I thought this would be something I would really like to be a part of. Devoting my personal time to experiences and organizations I am fond of has always been a constant in my life and so I thought why not to RG; where not only was I learning something new I was being exposed to so many different, cool people. After attending myself, I encouraged other friends to do so and hearing about their similar experiences made me want to be a part of the magic in organizing a RG weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing our work in action in October!

    Hi, I'm Sidney Liebrand and I am a front-end developer with a great passion about web development and I simply love to educate anyone who is interested about what it is to develop the web (or in general even!).

    I got involved with RailsGirls soon after landing a job as front-ender (with a Rails back-end), my CTO and I went to a Rotterdam.rb hosted at Firmhouse where I met Abbey, an RG organizer who was looking for coaches to volunteer. At that time I didn't know too much Ruby or Rails but had been working with the technologies for a few months and decided to say yes, I enjoyed the event a lot myself as I was teaching what I love to people with shared interest which I thought was absolutely amazing! Ever since I have been coaching at every RG Rotterdam, being there every time showed me that being part of this event, as a sponsor, participant or coach made an impact. Some of our participants actually help coaching at successive events!

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