Mon, Apr 24 - Wed, Apr 26 2017

Questa 2017,

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

  • About the event

    Technical fest 2017:

    Brief Note on Events to be conducted:-
    Papyrus- Technical Paper Presentation
    Papyrus is a technical paper presentation with its motive being highly focused on oil and gas industry. Research and Development are key to energy management and optimum utilization of the oil and gas energy resources. Through this event we encourage the participants to focus on the implementation of new technologies and work on the solutions of unsolved problems. The participants will be required to submit an abstract summarising the ideas discussed in their paper. On basis of the abstract, selections will be made for the final presentation wherein the paper will be presented to a jury and their innovations shall be showcased.
    Imagino- Technical Poster Presentation
    Poster presentation is one of the important events of the upcoming fest. It will play a crucial role in enhancing various skills of the students.  As important it is to structure and plan how one presents their story, it is equally important to practice it, as what is in one’s mind is often not what is actually communicated in the moment. It shall provide all the participants with the opportunity of exhibiting their innovations on a grand platform and present their ideas to a distinguished jury
    Energize India- B-Plan Competition 
    Energise India is a problem statement competition. The contestants will need to come up with solutions to the given problem statements concerning energy wastage.  They will be required to make a detailed plan as to how they intend to spread awareness regarding the issues of wastage of energy and how they will implement it.  
    Oratory - Amalgam of JAM and Debate
    To motivate students and enhance their oratory capabilities we are organizing an event named “ORATORY”.  This event will help the participants in the augmentation of their confidence and the development of their knowledge as the deal with topics that are related to their domain. The event consists of various formats that will test the speaking-skills of the contestants. This exercise will surely prove to be useful for the overall grooming of a successful and confident engineer.
    Chem Wars- 
    CHEM WARS will be an event organized by SEG in the Tech Fest- Questá 2K17.It will be a quiz competition based on chemical awareness and knowledge. This will be a team event with a maximum of three members each. It shall enhance the technical knowledge and the coordination of the participants.  Each team will be required to find the compound containing a selected element from random objects provided by the organisers.
    Mineral Bidding- Take your bid
    Mineral Bidding will test the team’s knowledge about the different minerals found in the earth’s crust and their specifications. The conduction of this event will broaden the perspective of the participants and serve to help them attain command over mineralogy in general. One needs to be street smart to win this event. One of the most exciting events, combining bookish knowledge with business minds.
    Aqua-Hunt- 3D Model Making
    This event is an effort for solving the water crisis in drought struck areas where the water-table level is very low. Such situations occur due to irresponsible use of underground water where it cannot be naturally replenished due to scanty rainfall. The aim of the competition is to engineer artificial methods to recharge the under-ground water table. Taking Jaisalmer (Rajasthan, India), which is one of the driest cities in our country, as a model city for the problem statement- Each team is to devise a plan for the rejuvenation of groundwater. An abstract will have to be proposed before the main event. Upon selection the competitors will have to present a 3-D model corresponding to their idea.
    App Fiesta- App Making Competition
    APPFIESTA will provide an exciting challenge for participants to design their own smartphone applications. This a competition that will benefit the competitors in general and allow them to exhibit their computing skills while applying their knowledge in solving real-life issues. It is sure to give them the know-how of dealing with practical problems by the means of technology. 
    Guest Lecture 
    For aiding our participants to expand the horizons of their knowledge we will be organising a Guest Lecture. This session will enable the attendees to interact with highly accomplished individuals who are experts in the fields related to Geoscience.
    Other ventures for the enhancement of the participant’s skills include the conduction of various workshops. These shall be organized to impart information on the workings of important software such as ArcGIS, LIDAR, etc. Apart from the software workshops, demonstration of using geophysical and geological equipment and instruments will be conducted. Attending them will enable the students to achieve a deep, meaningful and practical understanding of the subject. Tentative number of Workshops to be conducted: 3
    Vlog- Online Video Blog
    In this event the students will be making a technical video about their domain of interest and send their video to our team through Instagram. Testing the student’s creativity and knowledge about their own domain. This video will be analysed by a panel of judges and top three will be shown to the audience during the fest. The winning video will feature on our official website.
     Pixplore- Online Photo Exhibition
    We all love to present our creative side by clicking some amazing scenic beauty, especially the geology students. We may observe something in a picture that a layman may miss. Celebrating this ability, Questá 2017 will help students in exhibiting pictures, through an online event on social media. Photos can be from work field, excursion or any trip that has geological significance
    Who wants to be Richie Rich?
    ‘Who wants to be Richie Rich?’ is a competitive non-technical quiz based competition which takes the participant on his childhood dream to be a par biggest Reality Show “Who wants to be Millionaire?” or “Kaun Banega Crorepati?”  This event is a total rip-off the above mentioned shows sharing all of its traits including the helplines and the famous “Hot-Seat”. The event focusses on providing a comic relief to the participants while earning.


    Why should you sponsor?

    Sponsors should invest in our fest Questa 2017 as we are organising a national level technical fest. A fest which will enhance the technical skills of the students , there will be interaction between the students from many places at this platform. The students and delegates from different colleges will also appreciate the sponsors , the sponsor will also have a profit of publicity among a huge crowd.

    Aayushi Sinha

    UPES SEG Student Chapter (UPES SEG SC) is a leading student chapter for geology related streams in UPES. UPES SEG SC is affiliated to the International Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the field of geology and geophysics.
    We are a team of dedicated members at UPES. As far as the sponsorship is concerned, the valid expectations of sponsors from will be fulfilled and it will be taken care of by all the members of SEG student chapter


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