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Pump It Up For Platelets 5k,

North Boundary Park, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, United States North Boundary Park, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, United States
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The Central Blood Bank

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    You don’t know me, but I am your neighbor, your customer, your friend, the little boy giggling at the park, you can’t see it to look at me but I am sick with a disease called ITP. Something as simple as a bonk to my head could mean a life threatening brain bleed for me.

    Imagine: As a child... being excluded from childhood activities with your friends or being denied playing sports because a minor bump or cut could lead to life threatening bleeding.

    Imagine: As a parent… seeing your child covered with unexplained bruises, turning whole appendages purple or watching them bleeding uncontrollably from a small cut.

    Imagine: As an adult...waking up to a mouth full of blood blisters, heading to work with an incessant nosebleed, going to bed with a headache fearing it’s a brain hemorrhage you won’t wake up from 

    Imagine living this life with no hope of a cure EVERY day... This is reality in living life with ITP.


    Our event is a fun filled family oriented event to raise community awareness of ITP. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    I am contacting you today with hopes of having your company become a tee-shirt sponsor/supporter for our second annual 5k event in Cranberry Twp, PA to increase community awareness of ITP. The event, Pump it up for

    Platelets, will be held on September 24, 2017 at North Boundary Park. The Platelet 5k event will include a fun walk/run, raffles, food, music, face painting , pics with your favorite Disney Princess & Super Hero & more.

    Our event exist to increase awareness around ITP, to raise money to help families cope with the impacts this disease has on them and their loved ones, and to help finance research in hope for a possible cure. Last year, in our
    first (for Pittsburgh area) event we were able to be one of the most successful events in the US supporting PDSA. All sponsors of last year's event had their corporate logo on the back of the t-shirts, on all posted flyers throughout
    the community as well as linked via local radio stations, additionally all were individually thanked in commencement speech. The t-shirts are still seen around the community regularly and are great expressions of corporate philanthropy. We will do the same again this year to ensure each of our sponsors are recognized for
    their generosity and appropriately plugged for their commitment for making the event possible. The event itself is held in Cranberry Twp, an affluent northern suburb of Pittsburgh, this community is very well aware of what it
    means to be a sponsor and is sure to view sponsorship accordingly. Our fundraising goal (for now) is to grow more than 20% over prior year (target $7500 from event) and continue the growth trend to attract more participants and
    move to a larger facility with increased visibility. We have our next year location already selected and it can easily support 1000 runners plus spectators and guest, that location will continue to support expected growth curve for
    our next five years.

    All proceeds go to the Platelet Disorder Support Association (PDSA.org), an organization dedicated to
    enhancing the lives for people with ITP and other platelet disorders. This is a great opportunity for local
    businesses to show their community involvement and increase exposure while making a real difference for
    families impacted by this awful disease.
    ** We will also be hosting at the event a Toy Drive being directly donated to the Hematology/Oncology floor at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. **

    ITP , idiopathic thrombocyptopenic purpura (also known as Immune thrombocytopenia) is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks blood platelets. The immune system marks the platelets as foreign bodies
    and eliminates them via the spleen, the liver, and other processes. The low platelet levels cause a characteristic purpuric rash known as petechia, which are pin sized bruises all over the body reflecting the spontaneous bleeding
    happening all over below the surface. More severe bleeding symptoms include blood blisters on inside of mouth, blood in urine, uncontrollable bloody nose, or worst case intracranial hemorrhage. ITP affects almost 10 times as
    many people as hemophilia, yet most people know nothing about it. This lack of public awareness leaves many ITP patients feeling isolated and alone, and is the main reason why there is so little support for research on ITP and the
    lack of advancement in treatment. ITP is a growing but little understood health problem that most people (including some medical professionals) have never heard of. It affects individuals of all ages, sexes, and ethnic origins.

    We are offering four different opportunities for you and your business to be involved and make a difference. I hope you will take this proposal into consideration and take advantage of the opportunity to be part of your local

    Local Platinum Sponsor | $2,500
    Company logo on local event site
    Company logo on all e-mail outreach
    Company products and/or information displayed at local walk site
    Company banner on display at local walk sites (banner provide
    Company listed as a sponsor in local walk printed materials
    Company recognized during opening remarks at local walk
    5 free registrations for your Pump It Up For Platelets! team
    Local Gold Sponsor | $1,000
    Company logo on local event site
    Company logo on all e-mail outreach
    Company products and/or information displayed at local walk site
    Company banner on display at local walk sites (banner provided by company)
    Company listed as a sponsor in local walk printed materials
    Company recognized during opening remarks at local walk
    3 free registrations for your Pump It Up For Platelets! team
    Local Silver Sponsor | $500
    Company listed on local event site
    Company listed on all e-mail outreach
    2 free registrations for your Pump It Up For Platelets! team
    Local Bronze Sponsor | $250
    Company listed on local event site
    Company listed on all e-mail outreach
    1 free registration for your Pump It Up For Platelets! Team
    I would love an opportunity to chat about this event, to answer any questions you have or to share some of the
    results of last year’s event. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you for your time and consideration
    Kristen Tomczak

    Kristen Tomczak

    Hi, I'm Kris and my husband is Steve, we have 5 children. 4 beautiful girls and 1 very special little boy. My daughter Lani started this annual 5k last year as a senior project at her high school. She had such a great successful turnout, we are now turning this into a annual event to help raise community awareness about ITP. This is my son Cayden's journey with ITP.

    We wanted to do something special in honor of our little superhero Cayden and his fight with a disease called ITP. Luckily with the help of the PDSA and our wonderful community I am able to find an opportunity to do so.

    It was in March 2015 when we finally received the diagnosis that my then 4 year old has ITP. ITP, immune thrombocytopenia (also known as immune or idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) is an autoimmune disease. In autoimmune diseases, the body mounts an immune attack toward one or more seemingly normal organ systems. In ITP, platelets are the target. 

    It began a couple months earlier, he was sick for week after week and no one could come to any one conclusion as to why, other than he was unfortunately going from one virus to another with very little relief in between. As the weeks of one viral infection after another and endless fevers and colds and earaches and sore throats continued to drag on, my son's skin started to be covered in little purple spots that looked like tiny bruises all over his body, we would learn later these spots are known as petechiae. Right away I knew something was not right and took him straight to the Dr. to be examined. That Dr. visit was the first of many very scary things to follow. He was immediately rushed from office visit to get blood testing, it was obvious from the urgency that something was wrong but all we could do was wait for test results. We went about our day, expecting a call that everything was ok and nothing to be concerned about, yes the doctors prepped us for horrible possibilities but no one is ever really prepared. Finally, few hours later I received the phone call from the Dr. advising us to pack up and head immediately to Children's Emergency room. We heard that Cayden's platelet count was below 9000 that night in the E.R. My husband and I were hearing about a disease we had absolutely no knowledge of before this day and being told both sides of worst case versus best case, the testing necessary to ensure ITP and risk that may be leukemia. That night began a new chapter of Cayden's life, from that point on we had to experiment and find a place to get Cayden poked and prodded to test his blood and test his platelet count. After weeks of trying various offices we found the great staff at Children's to be best able perform this testing with the least trauma for a squirming 4 year old that does not like blood or needles. Every week for many months Cayden was at children's hospital having blood testing done and deciding the best treatment plan to try to recover his platelets.

    Cayden's went through multiple months of various treatments and was on meds constantly for hopes of raising his platelets to a safe level. Every time we would see a rise while on meds, we would get our hopes up that it was over only to see an immediate drop when off the meds. For weeks at a time Cayden was on limited bouts of activity out of fear because his platelet levels were so low even a bump to his head could cause a brain bleed we could not stop. Cayden was sick and tired of being sick and the constant visits to the hospital and in his good days he seemed like just any 4 year old boy and didn't really understand why he couldn't run and play. Going to the Dr. has now become a huge fear of his as he only really associates a doctor visit with being poked for blood testing.

    Cayden's ITP is well controlled right now and most days he is just a normal little boy, we can all recognize when his numbers are low just by his actions and to look at him. Cayden also can tell when he is low now and has told us he wishes he could have the energy of other kids playing soccer when he's not feeling his best.

    This is a disease no one in our family had even heard about before Cayden's diagnoses. ITP has now become a daily word for my family and even Cayden uses the word petechiae like it's a common word. My little superhero has a disease that has no cure. My family had such a hard time through 2015 worrying about Cayden and all the things that could go wrong. Cayden had no clue just how sick he was at times and for most days he always had a smile on his face. We were all very nervous at every doctor visit he had to go to, at one point his platelets were so low doctors scheduled him to have IVIG done but the day of treatment his numbers showed signs of improvement again. This disease is such a scary thing for us. It's such a scary position to be in with him being so little. But we all believe in him, he is a strong little boy who has a heart bigger than this world.....he is our little super hero

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