Sat, Mar 04 - Sun, Dec 31 2017

Project Lit: The Endless Dawn, Party

Los Angeles, United States Los Angeles, United States

  • About the event

    The Endless Dawn is an avant-garde party series that actualizes the Millenial generation fantasy of attending massive Gatsby-esque parties by transforming select LA mansion and warehouse destinations into nerve centers of cultural revelry. 

    The generational event interest presents a golden opportunity to craft a compelling event series. Accordingly, The Endless Dawn is in the making to exploit this timely opportunity with a buoyant continuous party narrative. Combined with the implementation of advanced marketing techniques, the series has been specially crafted to generate "a moment" that gains appreciable media coverage at the end of 2016. Additional to those reached online and in the press, the party series will gather thousands of Millennials at its locations.

    Naturally, these massive events will feature an assortment of entertainment. Special attention is being given in order to craft unique experiences. It's here while people are having fun at a party that a brand has their perfect platform to reach the Millennial demographic. By creatively implementing fun spins on your product we can enhance the parties whilst creating activating experiantial moments. Correspondingly each sponsor's product will be fittngly positioned to mazimize impact.

    The parties as cultural festivals of The Endless Dawn carry unique promotional power that's specialized for a Millennial audience.

    Why should you sponsor?

    "Marketers say they have seen more change in the past two years than in the previous 50." The Economist (Sep 13, 2014)

    Over are the days of effectively impacting a youth audience through television ads or a billboard. 84% of Millennials don't trust traditional advertising.* Instead, by partnering your brand with LitCircle we can cleverly construct a campaign at these parties that will gain your brand the coveted "on the street" attention proven to be trusted by Millennials. Whether through branded shuttles or a themed room, there's vast opportunity to immersively tell your particular brand's story.  Through these unique, immersive experiences your brand will gain activations among the Millennial attendees with a return on investment unheard of in traditional advertising.

    Your brand's impact is assured to be so high because 95% of Millennials consider friends their most credible source of product info** and 89% trust recommendations from friends more than claims by a brand.*** An experiential marketing program here provides the opportunity to interact with, rather than to, customers. That's so important because Millennials value brands that create an experience in which they can participate. A novel experience with your product will prompt shares among attendes across multiple social media platforms. These shares have the potential to produce a groundswell of social media activity.

    No other advertising channel can do that. The available product placement and on-site sampling opportunities are unparalleled. By turning your brand into something tangible and emotive you will have the opportuntiy to favorably influence The Endless Dawn's Millennial audience while leaving the attendees with an impression that lasts far beyond these parties. It's such effective advertising because it's not really advertising at all. That's precisely the kind of brand experience treasured by the Millennial age group.

    Remember that when you purchase a sponsorship package you're pledging to deliver such a valuable experience tailored to The Endless Dawn's audience. One wrongful product placement can ruin the entire event experience. For that reason alone LitCircle reserves the right to be selective in its decision on who to partner with. For the sponsors that are selected: the direct engagement and face-to-face experiences with your product will be an awesome opportunity for your brand to form countless activation moments with the Millennial demographic.


    * http://pprww.com/millennials-want-to-be-marketed-with-not-to/

    ** http://www.adweek.com/prnewser/how-do-brands-connect-to-millennials-anyway/72297

    *** http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cameron-jonsson/brands-marketing-millennials_b_8229188.html

    Jordan Nelson

    LitCircle is an event discovery app for local parties, film screenings and more. 

    Organized by New Technologies, Inc. the app seeks to be the go-to platform for event discovery. 

    The vision for Project Lit: The Endless Dawn is to epitomize LA's party scene with a series of events hosted at houses, warehouses and other signature LA spaces.


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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    30% Male Attendees

    70% Female Attendees

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