Sat, Nov 19 2022

Project FAITH,

London, England, United Kingdom London, England, United Kingdom

  • About the event

    This year we are to welcome our VIP guests to a private event gallery featuring Project Faith - to fundraise for the children.
    Our guests are politicians, celebrities and Instagram/YouTube content creators, coming to enjoy fine art, good wine and quality cheese. 
    At the event, we will have live performances such as singers, dancers/acrobats or musicians - creating the next level experience for our guests. 

    The displayed artwork is by three amazing artists who are to collaborate for the greatest good. They are happy to create new artwork, matching the product theme of the brand, only if our sponsor is generous enough. That is optional, but it will become a specific theme representing your brand and products in subconsciously engaging ways. 

    We are yet to welcome our first sponsor for this event, and our team is ready to go above and beyond what we promised. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    We conducted a research where 35% of the participants suggested that they are willing to buy from a brand that supports a social cause. So adding extra value to your brand's image can be crucial in reaching more customers. Nevertheless, our event will take place a month before Christmas, which is a great time to give people something with that extra value that is good for the community.
    They will feel good when shopping with you : )

    Kris K

    Hey there, my name is Kris :) 

    Having a strong network of connections and experience in the public relations sector, I am here to help brands reach their target audience and retain new customers. 

    I am effectively combining event management with PR not only to meet my sponsors with their target audience but also to help them establish positive relations on the day of the event, ensuring more sales for up to four weeks after the event. 

    I am always happy to consider working with new business brands with a good mission and values. If you want some free advice, then do not hesitate to say ''hi'' : )

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  • 51-100 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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BE SEEN from Over 300K People

We have confirmed attendance from 20 Instagram/YouTube content creators who are chefs and artists. However, we are happy to consider inviting more who are to relate to your niche and reach your target audience. Please note- the content creators (influencers) will be encouraged to take pictures with celebrities on a backdrop with your logo or while holding your product. Those pictures will be featured on their social media, reaching thousands of reactions and comments. YouTubers will create vlog videos from the day of the event, which will go onto their channels by giving additional exposure to your brand.

1 available

Brand & Product Comercial (Video)

With the ability to feature an immersive experience at the venue, we can create an empowering video of your brand and product. Considering your company's mission and values, we are to develop an emotional and very touching story that will immediately create a connection between your product and our audience. This video, including all rights, will be given to you after the event. Therefore, you can use that on social media, tv or in presentations.

10 available

Photo-Video content from the event

A professional photographer and videographer will be at the venue to capture all the moments of celebrities and influencers interacting with your products. This can be a great asset for your website, future promotions or partnerships.

1 available

Interview from the FAMOUS

As guests, including celebrities and influencers, interact with your products on-site, our interviewer will face them with a camera and ask them questions. The nature of the questions will aim to present your product in a recommended way. The final video material can become the perfect #short for promotion on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, where it can reach thousands of people. It can also be featured on your website or in any future promotions.

10 available

Public Mention

During the event, we are to express verbal gratitude to our sponsors in front of all guests. This will give a chance to a representative of your brand to come out and say a few engaging words about your generosity. The event aims to fundraise for the children by selling paintings from independent artists. That is important as when you become our sponsor you are NOT simply buying PR or Marketing products but adding extra value to your brand - making people feel good when shopping with you.

10 available

Servey & Feeback

We can design questions and generate feedback from the guests about your brand or products. The questions will be based on your needs and aim to give you some quality data ''the most liked products, preferred brands or likelihood of recommending to friends and family''.

10 available

SALE on the venue

You can present your products on the day, giving you the ability to make direct sales or orders at the venue. That is a little freebie from us :)

10 available

The Telegraph & Daily Mail

Participating and being generous creates a story, but we will help you to enhance that story even further. This offer presents you the chance to get featured in one of the top UK newspapers. Please remember that hollow adverts are a waste of money. Therefore, we will wrap up your brand in an empowering story that will grab the hearts of many readers. People love brands who contribute to society, and we know that! Delivery of quality products and customer service is becoming highly competitive, so we suggested factors and asked the people about reasons influencing their decisions when choosing their brands. Surprisingly, over 35% of people aged 30-60 suggested a preference for brands that support a social cause. However, 80% of those did not know anything about the brands they are using - yet these are big names!

10 available

Extreme Boost - The GiveAway

When something is LEGIT & FREE, people tend to flee. That is a chance to collaborate with our influencers in a giveaway with your products. That will drag enormous traffic to your social media, leading to more sales every time a new product gets released. Be smart - play smart!

10 available

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